Acne on PCT? | Good or Bad? | Dr. Tim

Getting acne while on PCT? Dr. Tony Huge and Dr. Tim discuss why getting acne on PCT could actually be a good thing..

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acne on P C. T. I know most of my friends that they aren't cycle. They don't get much acne that come off cycle Do Pct and all of a sudden they get acne. It wasn't the on cycle, it was the off cycle. What do you think it is about the pct that's giving people a lot of acting. It's actually, in my opinion, a good sign, because that means that they have good testicular function. That means that they're producing high levels of inter testicular testosterone by the use of the and you'LL get conversion. Same thing tht yesterday I'LL introduce circular. So when you take in a Roman taste inhabitants, I could have any effect on that testosterone in there as faras blocking estrogen. It's gonna act peripherally so it's not income, and we see it a lot. Acne with the use of A because there is a high conversion to estrogen with

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