B6 and Progesterone | Prolactin Killer???

Question from a fan here in London.. Megadosing Vitamin B6 can help negate the effects of Progesterone based compounds and possibly be an alternative to Cabergoline?
Coach Trevor explains the concept and if there is any truth behind it.

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A question I had in relation to Prolactin. Normally from anything that is nandrolone based, Let's say in this case trend. Progesterone. Very sorry. I I heard that mega dose in vitamin B six can help negate the effects. Is there any truth to that, and is there any science behind that? Make a dusting, though it's just like vitamin C with the half. Five megadose ng has to be massive amounts and very frequent meaning every thirty minutes and the amount from an exogenous hormone that you're getting very minute. That's for natural, or people who have natural conditions. I would say higher prolactin levels. It would help on DH. That's taking, saying every thirty minutes you're getting massive amounts of this stuff, just like Vitamin C is in any accident. But if you're taking mass amounts and Angela, it would help. Maybe a couple, maybe a few points. It's nothing that's gonna fix anything whatsoever, kind of taking wind strong for product, and it will help. But it's not gonna get rid of prolactin problems, so it really doesn't. It doesn't really appear as a alternative to something such as cable going. No, no, never You will side the side effect. But if it's a natural condition, it does Help helps, actually, a lot with regulating that, but again, thirty minutes you're taking mass amounts, which isn't hard for vitamin B's. My experience with that is I started taking B six when I was started taking Andrew alone based compounds early on, I thought it would help. It doesn't hurt to take another vitamin smaller amounts. But when I did the research on it, and this is just second hand, because this is me researching, just like you would be researching on the Internet, it's that it would take such a high dosage so frequently that it could reach a level of toxicity. Water soluble vitamins like that. They're kind of in and out of your body pretty quickly, and for something that we're tryingto block receptors and and minimize prolactin. And that's happening twenty four hours a day and be six isn't only any of you temporary relief from the problem, And prolactin is something that, like builds up. And so it's not really effective enough for the tight. The levels of prolactin that we're dealing with Kabir Golding is, and I just it it goes back to Trevor's theory of when you start introducing these drugs, even though something like a B six you confined a medical study showing it significantly helps with this issue. When you start introducing these drugs near it, such supernatural levels, the's studies don't address that those levels. So a lot of these herbs That air, like saw palmetto in reducing the conversion of testosterone to DHT, is extremely effective for natural testosterone levels. But when you get to the level of super physiological levels of testosterone, it's not quite as effective. You've got to use something like a ah finasteride andan. I ask quickly, Where do you gauge super physiological levels of testosterone? I mean, would it be something as small as a TR dosage? Or are we talking five, six hundred plus maybe one grammar test, plus someone so full term is super physiological levels Means anything outside normal. Okay, so taking anything exogenous that's going to give you a level that's outside of normal, basically.

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