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To eat or not eat before bed? This has been such a controversial topic in the health, fitness, and bodybuilding industry for a long time. Most people say not to eat after “7pm” or don’t eat carbs after a certain time. How much truth is there to it? Or is it just a myth? Guru Ameen explains.

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Professor here is from here for my three. Thirty extra credit appointment. I'm ready for you. You're a mean i'm trying to be a body builder. Do i eat before i go to bed or not ? Actually, a lot of people say you should need before you go to bed, but i recommend that you should have food before you go to sleep, not right before you go to bed, but maybe within depending on how fast you digest your meals within thirty to forty minutes before you go to bed, sit upright, make sure sure your food is digest so that you're not sleeping while you're trying to digest or your foods, you know i'm not going down properly, you know, its gravity and everything else. So sit up, right ? Make sure you get everything nice and our last, and while you're digesting your food, you kind of unwind your brain and get ready for the next day, stuff like that if you don't and if you wait too long, then you wake up ravishing in the middle of the night hungry, and you're always craving carbs, so this is a really great way to prevent you from kind of like breaking your diet or also to keep a lot of muscle to put on. You as much as possible you can't get away with just drinking a shape you have toe, you know, get in the protein and the the calories, right. So she's already taking growth hormone and insulin and gear. But let's say that she was natty let's say she wanted to optimize her natural growth hormone production. A lot of people would say, don't eat before bed that way you don't spike insulin that way, your natural growth hormone pulse comes out right, and you don't want any cards before you go to bed in that instance. So you still want to eat ? You just want to have protein and fibers car so protein and veggies you could even have. Ah, honestly, depending on how lean you are, even a whole leg, is it that at night, you know, a couple whole legs or about tonight, it's not the fact that's going to get you into the cars like you said, so that is true. The last meal should not have complex carbs and unless you're bulking, okay, maribel now for her, who is on gearing growth hormone ? Can she have carbs ? Right before she goes to bed ? Because she doesn't. Need a natural growth hormone spurt ? Because she's already taking supplements to raise their growth hormone, right ? And if the carbs or complex it's fine, if in the end this instance so that's that's where it changes, but again sugar, you don't want to do, because then that causes a spike and then the crash, and then the crash is while you're sleeping and you're something you could do to do that because you're sleeping. So if it's complex carbs localized, he makes slow burning the cars and you eat them with protein so that they don't just burn by themselves quickly and leave you. Then it will carry you through the night into the morning and keep you anabolic while you're sleeping. Traditionally, the largest meal of a bodybuilder's day is the post workout meal. How does the dinner meal the meal right before bed, in size of or macronutrients compared to a post workout ? Good question where if you worked out in the evening, then it's based on the work out and if it's, based on the fact that you worked out that you need the requirement, you have to eat a bigger meals so then your your your post workout meal is still going to be your biggest, neil, whether it's dinner or not so that's at that time and and if you did work out and this is you end up eating dinner and dinner, you have to go to bed, then it has to have cards he has to have. Everything has to be a full complete it's kind of your biggest fear, okay, and then amount of protein before bed, let me giving amount of graham's assuming someone's eating six to seven times and a frequent meals, but but the last meal, the dinner meal is the last meal before a fast while we're sleeping, maybe for eight hours. So how many grams of protein do we need before we go to bed ? That's an interesting question and it's you can't you can't eat all the protein at once, which we're gonna do another topic on, you know, eating, eating one meal a day, needing all your protein and wants so you still want to use, you know the carbohydrates, the fiber and if if if you have good fats to spare the protein to spare it throughout the evening so i would generally say at that last meal still keep it between one point eight for body builders who are taking growth and insulin and everything else that we're doing still take between one point, eight and two grams per body way of main protein that's over the whole day. So what if what if someone didn't meet their macros for the day ? They're going to just pile up a cz much protein as they can that last meal to make up for it, they're gonna have to. Okay, you do look a twenty four hour period of time, you and you can you have to steal ? Like you said, you still have to get in there. You still have to get this the two grams of the one point, eight grams in there. But if you can optimal eyes it you could do it best to where you can, you know, get the spurts of gf one throughout the day. Been spacing out throughout the day is better but if you can't, then you have to eat it in one meal you have to eat dinner meal have mohr less fat than the rest of the meals during the day if it's the workout was in the morning, less that's. If the workout was right before you go to bed, then you're going to need more because you have to spare that protein throughout the evening. What are you saying that the ingestion of fats with the protein will slow the digestion ? Absolutely, and that way you don't go all night not having protein being assimilated ? Exactly, and cars don't do that carbs, they they don't really slow down. I mean, if all food absorbs down the absorption of any other food, but in essence, cards will kind of speed your metabolism up. For the most part, even if the old water they do that fats, don't they ? When they absorbed with the protein they actually make it absorb so that the protein you're getting the most of it. Okay, so in summary the meal before bed probably thirty minutes or more before bed to allow digestion so you don't lay down right with the food, just hitting your stomach and to have protein and fats. Mandatory carbohydrates optional carbohydrates, mohr important before on gear. Less important if we're not, and most important, if you just if you just work out if you, if you worked out and and then you're going to eat, then you have to have complex cars be swell. In seoul, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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