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Baking soda, is this the cheapest and most effective pre-workout? This is something that supplement companies do Not want you to know! This is one of the most powerful performance enhancers I have EVER experienced. I don’t take it everyday, or often for that matter, but i’ll explain why. I’ll give you some background on how I first got turned on to baking soda when I was 15 years old.

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Dr turning you doing hand sadly, dot com. I'm gonna tell you about one of the most powerful supplements you're never going to hear about because no big supplement company can make money off of it. It's the truth it's the reality, but this is baking soda costs almost nothing. This is one of the most powerful performance enhancers that i have ever experienced. Now i don't take it every day, and i'll explain why, in fact, i don't take it very often, and i'll explain why. But here's how i first let me give you some background on how he got turned on baking soda when i was fifteen years old and i was weightlifting and reading every book inside, including the medical book on how to perform surgeries so i could understand how the muscles work. Bones, tendons, ligaments i was i learned that when we work out, we burn carbohydrates, part of that metabolic process spitz off lactic acid that lactic acid actually impairs physical performance. That's the burn inside the muscle it's the after effects of burning carbohydrates, which happens after about six wraps, you know all the way up to forty or whatever what happens ? Is your body burns a teepee for the first year of something heavy and fast switches over to burning carbohydrates to make more mtp you're really high reps like cardio you get in the fat burning zone you're burning fat no lactic acid build up more so for the performance increase for the when you're burning the carbohydrate range, which most weightlifting renting most sports you can think of other than like endurance stuff, which actually does help endurance to baking soda, i theorized a time because it's, the most basic compound, would cancel out the lactic acid burning muscle, thus improving my performance. Well, when i was fifteen years old, it was at the doctor's office, and i asked the doctor, i said, what if i take baking soda to neutralize the acid in my body and increase my physical performance ? Because weightlifting very hard at fifteen years old, the doctor said, don't do that, you'll die. They will throw your body out of balance have a whole bunch of of reactions interactions in your body, and you'll probably just die. We'll have some serious side effects that maybe really scared of taking large doses many years later, since i was reading all the medical studies, having to do with physical performance and muscle, building a stream fat loss as a hobby. My whole life, they started doing studies on baking soda, and athletes were taking very high dosages. I remember seeing a study when they were doing about forty grams. That is a heaping protein scoop of baking soda. I mean, normally a protein scoops twenty five grams, but baking soda is much heavier, much more dense. So a protein scoop of baking soda is actually more like forty five grams, twenty five grams approach. So i tried that i tried forty five grams with stun cannon out of baking soda, and i had the worst diarrhea you can imagine. I mean, it just went right through me. I was not capable of working out at all. So it wasn't a performance enhancer. It was a performance decrease. Er, i think i started experimenting with different dosages of baking soda. And if i just took a small amount like this, i didn't really notice any effect, right ? A couple great. Like a gram or two. I noticed no effect. The reason why is this is only enough to neutralize the acid in your stomach. So pretty much this much gets to your stomach and gets cancelled out by stomach acid it's not even gonna make it into the lower intestine or getting absorbed in the intestines and you take too much. You're not gonna be able to absorb it. It's just gonna go right through you so here's about how much that i could comfortably take. I was out getting diarrhea, it's probably about five grams, maybe up to ten grams, maybe ten grams, i would say of baking soda doesn't give me diarrhea and is an extreme performance enhancer. Here's how you're gonna notice the difference let's say you're on rep number fifteen and normally it's burning so bad you got to stop or the muscle just isn't contracting is much anymore because the lactic acid build up his impairing performance. We'll set of getting just fifteen wraps. You need twenty reps. I mean that's. What a twenty five percent increase in performance. Seriously, it makes that big of a difference. Uh, the other recommendation is to take it with enough water if you don't take it with enough water. It's gonna give you a stomachache, it's. Going to go into your intestines and create a bunch of gas make you feel bloated, so it's important to drink it with a lot of water something you might be thinking is, well, baking soda is mostly the main ingredient in baking soda's sodium, isn't that going to cause you to hold water and your entire body to float ? No, it doesn't. Your body actually doesn't pull the sodium out of the baking soda, at least not very much of it. In fact, if you took a heaping teaspoon of baking soda and compare that to just a little bit of salt, taking actual salt your bodies, and so are four of the sodium from the salt than the baking soda. So just thinking forget this baby's ot even has anything to add sodium ? Just think of it as an acid buffer in the body. Now, don't take baking soda when you're trying to digest food because in order to digest food, you need that stomach acid breaks down. In fact, it would be unhealthy to buffer the stomach acid. Have your food go into your gut going to your lower intestines without being digested, because then you're gonna have all kinds of allergic reactions to the food your food's not supposed to get that far down without being digested. You have leaky gut. We're gonna have some serious gas problems, the bacteria in your intestines going to start breaking everything down that should have been broken down, way higher in the digestive system, so only use it on an empty stomach, pre workout and start slow and work your way up in dosage and stop when you get to the point. When you're having diarrhoea and stuff, try it, you're going to love it. This is the stuff i live for. I don't like playing into the supplement companies scams of promoting things like bc a's or like fat burners that don't work, which pretty much drives the entire industry and it's a big scam, and by not using things like this and going to the store and buying stuff that is just a blatant scam you're supporting basically ignorance you're supporting, covering up grace supplements like this that are actually more powerful than anything you could buy from a supplement company and no offense to the supplement companies. I used tons of protein pattern myself, there's a lot of products that i do love. But the truth is, the majority of supplements out there are complete scams. So use the ones that work, because by what you use, your supporting that type of company, or supporting that type of product, even though making so distract sickly three, you're not really supporting anything by using it, and water is practically free. The other important ingredient, the swell in school, my friends of freedom, my pioneers of human evolution.

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