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Back with Bart at Muscle Factory here in Bangkok, Thailand. He’s going to share with us his Deviated Septum Surgery experience, how it felt to have a deviated septum, how the surgery went, and how he felt afterwards. He got the Deviated Septum Surgery from his younger years during Boxing.

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he just had surgery for a deviated septum. And you tell us what it felt like to have a deviated septum. And then how the surgery went. And then how it feels afterwards. I'm Dr Huge here with part of muscle factory Jim in Bangkok, Thailand. One of my favorite gyms in the world. What did it feel like to have a deviated septum? Well, uh, I had a deviated septum from my younger years when I was boxing, so I had my nose broken. So when they put it back in alignment, basically the little bone collagen bone, it's in the middle doesn't go back into alignment. You always have, like, a bending. So whenever they're eighty histamines play up, you get the sinus. It just clogs everything up. For Mei, what happens is it just kept clogging and then got infected. And over the years of twenty years, I have nothing but pull ups growing alone inside my face. A ll here had Constantini. It's in my ear for twenty years I've put up with it could only have the sensation of breeding through one nostril. On average, we breathe through one nostril more or less, but may I have a just a heavy, constant feeling on one side and I didn't know what it felt like to breathe through two nostrils, so I just decided I had enough. I got the point. I just couldn't even sleep because I didn't have sleep Happier apnea. But I just wake up because I couldn't breathe. So I just said, That's it. I'm going to get it done. So I did. The surgery was a very simple procedure. I noticed you have no scars around your nose, which is where the surgery takes place. So how did they have any idea what I went through the back through the sides so that the skies here because mice, the polyps and infection was actually behind skin here. So I always had this really baggy eyes that everybody kept saying all you look time. Oh, no. And then I had a really deep lines, and it was just a lot of crap leftover just sitting there. So even the doctor told me that he'LL give me a mini facelift because by Tommy cleans everything else. I've got so much excess skin, they cut off five inches of skin because that's the amount of excess skin that I have accumulated over the years through this infection. While I noticed your skin smoother and tighter, I thought I was just cause it was swollen swollen, too. But it was a combination of both. Yeah, I'm excited to see how how it looks with heels. Roughly, Is there gonna be, like, three weeks a month back three weeks. But well, the doctor Norman tells you about six weeks for these top operations. But with my protocol ofthe healing, I figured in two weeks because I already went back to the doctor because for two days I had these tubes in my neck. Here you can see the swelling here, and that's where they drain the blood. And when I went back to me was really shocking. How fast on it recovered. He's like, hold, that's what are you doing? So I got this particle that I'm using Run now and it's It's working. All right. In the next video, we're gonna cover the advanced protocol for accelerated recovery from surgery. In general, skin conditions in general, but especially his deviated septum be swollen. School friends, free to pioneers, even evolution

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