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Beets are one of the primaries of investigation among researches when it comes to interesting studies in nutrition and health. Carey Nosler goes in depth about beets, its many benefits, and how it can be used to improve exercising and aging brains among adults.

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How do you carry nacelle, er, health and longevity researcher for enhanced athlete and as faras interesting research studies go in the field of nutrition, beets are one of the prime areas of investigation for many reasons, several of which we'll talk about today drinking a big group juice supplement before working out actually makes the brain of older adults performed mohr efficiently, mirroring the operations of a younger brain that's, according to a new study by scientists at wait force university. Now, of course, the ideal here is not to get to the point where you're losing your brain activity as you age, but to do the kinds of things that are going to keep you cognitively healthy. So perhaps be fruit juice taken earlier than when the person is older and experiencing some kind of brain declined would be the best course of action, according to the scientists. They knew going in that a number of studies that show that exercise as very positive effects on the brain. But when we showed in this study that they did compared to exercise alone, adding a beet root juice supplement to exercise resulted in brain activity that resembles what you see in younger adults, no, the study was called beet root juice and erica genic aid for exercise and the aging grain. It was published in the peer reviewed journal of gerontology medical science. This was actually the first experiment to test the combined effects of exercise and beats a gn frontal brain networks thes air things in the motor cortex and secondary connections between the motor cortex. In what they call the insulin, which supports mobility, they looked at several folks, thieves were people fifty five years and older who obviously had some kind of issues with their with their brain. They drank a supplement called beat it, sport shot and that's, just one of a number of new beet related products that are on the market. Because of all this kind of research, you confined dehydrated beets. I use a dehydrated beet powder from germany before i exercise, but you'll find several different company's making something that uses the active component of the beat. That amount of beet root that that they took contained five hundred and sixty milligrams of night. Tricked on. I say that because i know right now if some boats are going to say oh, nitrates, nitrites, they're bad. I tried to avoid them and all my products. Well, when were talking about dietary nitrates as you eat a beat, for example, that nitrate enzymes in the mouth work on it, they produced nitrite, which then produces nitric oxide again, if you're exercising, if you're trying to be healthy heart health, nitric oxide is one of the keys in terms of helping that to happen, and because they do contain a high level of dietary nitrate, this nitric oxide increases blood flow in the body, all areas of the body multiple studies have shown it can improve performance of people in all age groups, not just older people. There was a soccer team, i believe, the world cup soccer team last year that attributed his success to a beat supplement that the whole team took for the whole season. Combining b group juice with exercise delivers more oxygen to the brain creates an excellent environment for strengthening, which called the soma toe motor cortex, the beetroot juice group at much higher levels of nitrate and nitrite than the placebo group after exercise or it's going to stick around in the system to do what ? It does, yeah! Opened up the blood vessels, help help circulation and guys, i might add that the whole idea of nitric oxide release this part of the erectile dysfunction drugs because it's not just opening the blood vessels in the brain is going to be doing it for off. The whole body study was supported by the translational science center of weight force university. Receive funding from the national institute of health. So sum it up. We mentioned again. Drinking big fruit juice can increase blood flow to the brain and older adults. A daily dose of beetroot juice significantly improved exercise, endurance and blood pressure again. Nitric oxide opening up the vessels when they're constricted. It's harder for the blood to get through so blood pressure could go up electric oss i can help it go down of these elderly patients had heart failure on dh it improved again their exercise endurance at more oxygen coming to the muscles to be used for energy consuming whole beats, improved running performance among fit adults again, we've been talking about people who were sick but among fit adults. It also showed improvement. That was according to two thousand twelve study. In the journal of the academy of nutrition and dietetics, beetroot juice help chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that copd increased their exercise time. And finally, as we said, blood pressure dropped after drinking beet root juice, according to a study. One thing i might add here again, with drinks, bigger juice drinks. It doesn't matter too much what's going on in the mouth, because, it's, that conversion is going to take place later on the body. But if you're eating beets and trying to get that nitrate conversion, uh, advisable not to use some type of anti bacterial mouthwash, because they're going to interfere with enzymes that actually helped convert that nitrate in tonight, right ? So a beneficial food that can help you with exercise and keep your brain from aging prematurely looks like good stuff happening with beets. I'm carrying on solar health and longevity, researcher for enhanced athlete. People.

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