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The number one question i’ve got on Snapchat is what is the best first anabolic cycle would be for beginners. We go to Coach Trevor for his expertise and what this cycle would look like.

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Dr tony huge of enhance akeley dot com here with coach trevor talking about beginner steroid cycles because this is the number one question i've gotten from snapchat. You guys this week what's the standard and or recommended beginners steroid cycle trevor smaller you start with from the from the beginning, the better you're gonna have down the road. If you're starting with two, three, four compounds are doing high doses from your very beginning. What do you have to do later on ? You know so the least you can get away with the better. And i remember my first was just one military est a week. I put on fifteen pounds weight one mil is only two hundred fifty milligrams. I did it once week that's all i could afford. And i was eighteen, eighteen, eighteen and i went about fifteen, twenty pounds in the first four, five weeks. And i had the same workout style and all my weights went up every single week and my diet was regiment. Everything was regimented, and i got great results off that. How long was the cycle ? You was about ten weeks, it's. All because i got two bob. Two bottles. I saved other one. So, yeah, i was ten weeks cycle, and that was it. I didn't know what i was. I mean, i knew what i was going to have the funds, and so that was going to be my base. See how it went, see if i wanted to do something the future and i would just say, the less you start with better. What type of testosterone was ananta test anything. Okay. And did you inject once ? Once you see, once per week. Okay. What side effects did you experience ? Or could someone expect to experience from one ml of test for, you know, even at eighteen, eighteen and a half, i got mean libido went up. My aggression, not so much. I mean, you feel little sometimes, and but the strength was the biggest thing. Strength was first thing that went up and it went up every week. And i just started getting fuller and fifteen, twenty pounds, getting fuller and stronger. Yeah, i think that's. Most everyone should get that you're on something really and it's your first time. If you're not getting that effect, your diet's not regiment training's. Not right. Or you taking ? Some that's not what you think it is. All right, but those air effects, those are all good things. What about the negative things ? What do you experience ? You know, i didn't and i was prone to acne. And i swear i had it really, really bad scars from it. And i never even got that. I was on in high school. I had to go on. What is that can't think of it. Accutane. Accutane had to do that twice a night school. So i never really got acne after that. And even when i started running it, i never got it until i started messing with higher doses of testosterone basis. I'm not controlling my estrogen anytime i asked her agent was up. I always started breaking out. So the first cycle ansel aires ? Like, did you need any estrogen blockers ? No. And you know what ? I messed up, too, because it was a money issue. I should have been doing it, but i wanted to do it and make that choice of you know, this is something i want to do if i'm gonna be comfortable with you doing the rest of my career if bodybuilding was even the career when i get into so hee, i didn't even post op no post cycle therapy, and that was my first mistake. Teo was just doing it, but second, i didn't do ah post cycle and the only thing that really happened i did start getting some bad wait after and i started a nighttime job and i started getting a little chunk here. It was just the emotional, emotional side of faith, and that was the hardest thing to deal with. And how long did it take your body to recover and start it's about testosterone production again ? You know, i didn't do the lab numbers at that point, but it was about four weeks from five weeks when my head kind of came to better because i was getting those up and down crashes, you know, you had a red light at one second trying to kill someone, and you're crying, watching a tv ad with puppies and sarah mclachlan talking, but that was just me, you know ? I know people that come off fine that never posted, you know, that was just my thing. So estrogen is something you always needed control on, i think. That's why i didn't get side effects on mine my first cycle because i was only doing a hell of a test and so it's getting slightly more than now is produced naturally, not too much more estrogen. The online forums usually recommend five hundred milligrams of testosterone is a first cycle and maybe a kick start with the first month of de ball at between twenty five and fifty million. What do you think about that ? I put on fifteen pounds solid just off the military. And why would you want to take more ? You're not necessarily going to grow that much more. Your strength goes up so fast, you know, if you were to take d ball, you're gonna put on extra way might put a little more muscle, but your input that much more strengthen. So you go from naturally bench and say to you twenty five fer revs now you're benching three fifteen in a couple weeks so the stress and strain that puts on your shoulders your body something's gonna happen, you know your body can't grow, it can't grow it's ah it's ligaments and tendons you know strength at the same rate, your muscles are so if you keep that up for too long, those things kind of come back. And if you're putting on that much, why do you want to gain that much weight that quick ? Everyone's really focus on the short term ? Just grow, grow, grow, but then you start getting the big ways because you've got to eat the part too. So if you're trying to put on that much, you gotta eat the part way starts growing that's where people mess up i think this is funny because here's the guy that's taken thirty unit three vials of growth hormone per day mass amounts insulin many, many grams of beer and he's saying that the first cycle is one ml of test for weeks. That's what i do so you're really into the idea of starting really low, and then what ? Each cycle after that increases ? Yeah, i mean, why ? Why would you start that high ? It's it's there's ? No point and then you don't know your threshold. You don't know your side of someone shouldn't start with grown shouldn't start with insulin, so you want to do him in and increments you can always track your progress you can always track their side effects you always track these things so if you start on three, four, five compounds you don't know what did what you don't know what's causing this water you don't know what's causing this to grow and everything else if you don't incrementally, you know the effect of everything you put in your body because everybody's body is different and you need to experiment with how these compounds working your own body. And how are you gonna know if you take them all at once ? And even i give advice and you know everyone truly everyone is different. Khun give you my advice that one in ten one in twenty it might not work on that person. So that's up to you you'll know how it works, but you've got to take those steps. It seems like you takes longer, you know, to figure it out. But then ten years down the road, if you're still doing this, you're healthier, you know it works. You know your body. You could do anything in conducting orchestras your body once you know how all these things worked in your body. So all right. Disclaimer, this is not medical advice. Testosterone prescription medication only, taken under the supervision of your doctor or not recommended for advising anything. This informational, educational purposes only swell in school. My friends of freedom, title of human evolution. All right, god. Welcome.

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