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Cane Bishop just won his IFBB Pro card here at the North Americans. We have Coach Trevor on the phone and we want to get his opinion on whether if Cane should blast, cruise, bridge, or just come off completely on all gear.

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Dr tony huge of enhanced athlete dot com here with bodybuilder kane bishop just won second place at a national bodybuilding show. North americans, pittsburgh, pennsylvania now we're strategizing the next show, the next show's in miami, i will also be competing in miami will be awesome. Yeah, so we're trying to prepare bishop for the next show and bishop's been on a cycle for three years ? No break, almost four now. We talked to some really high level bodybuilders here at the competition who recommended that bishop take a break to re sensitize himself and let his body rest. And yet he's only got eleven weeks left to the next competition, so we gotta be really careful. We need strategize. So we've got trevor coach trevor on cell phone on speaker phone here, and we're going to get his opinion on whether we come off gear, give her body arrest or whether we bridge or whether we cruise at two hundred fifty milligrams of test or something like that. So trevor just predict preliminary jumped to the conclusion what's your first impression approach for bishop definitely coming off four years. You bran with my guest really ran everything that there has been in the book, so you know, there's a whole controversy over receptor down regulation, you know, whether it's, true or not, and then your receptors being formed, but from my experience from my client experience also when you've been on that long running all the compounds, or is to run, you're not going to respond, i think coming on for a short period of time, it leads coming up everything there's that route there's also doing, you know, therapeutic levels of testosterone to keep that you're not leaving, but in such a short time hey, rob, there might be like you know you found and that you are a god. You found the gold one sided. But when you have that bombing their training, they come right back. Thanks. Okay. So he can come off for a month. He's not going to lose any muscle cells. They're just going to shrink. And he congrats those cells pretty quickly when he jumps back on. So, what is your recommendation if i were to jump on ? Because as we had closer to the show, you know, the regiment changes on what type of supplements ? You changed you, you know. Actually, introduce your body. Yeah, you're going to respond press again. And i would also recommend taking a solid solid. We got from training, moving trains. But those bags back and i've seen trance. You have a time turn today and all the cardio. Your central nervous system is shot. Yeah. That's. Another thing, it's just started a cycle right now. Then you've been on for you. Like, from a cycle that your nervous system so shot you're still not gonna make any crew gets and that goes for muscle and fat for us in on the dying everything not gonna storm stand so how would you take that off ? Well, training. Dig your body complete break for that weekend with love from the gear and you're everything that's wrong. When you hit it, you could be taking less doses. You'll feel a lot better. You'll get better results. You're going to grow up. If you do it right with diet and not training and setting a body, having your body basically, what will be will be growing. All right, all right. What do you what do you think about instead of coming off completely ? What if he just went ? To a t r t dosage of testosterone what's the benefits and drawbacks of that, like a storm now oros arm or, like three hundred milligrams of testosterone, either one. I i honestly, uh, there's, not a whole bunch of research. Side read more health it's out there, but i'm personally will click song, right, mom ? Because you are going way up, down regulations. He's. So what he's saying, trevor saying he wants to completely re sensitize yourselves. That means not taking anything that stimulates the energon receptor is muscle, which includes no ce arms, no tr t dosage of testosterone. Okay, so, really, could critics number if you're taking a g ? Okay, do you think stopped again at even higher mountain in your own body. Synthetic trump. So i need to know. I mean, i need to introduce some type of quarters. So to get my cortisol levels back to normal, right ? Yeah, i know they'll be coming back to normal pretty quickly doing here. Your protocol. Right. Wait, cortisol. And what do you mean, testosterone ? Uh, take cortex. It's like it helps regulate your quarters off levels. So you he's gotta get his cortisol levels back to normal. All those things will be coming back to normalize your doing your pt. And so you could always take that there's always a benefit of taking that because there was a new low even for a person but two. And so you do have a lower course all can your body. But like i said that pvt you're nobody's going to come back to normal, your record assault going to start coming down like you're gonna have noticed, not you. Because they luigi is forcing our bodies. Produce gentle diplomacy can tell that so you could take something for your court unsolved, but it's not gonna be detrimental as much as you would think if you were to come up with no pc t. Yeah, but you're gonna have to ask you in control because i stopped going to be high. Everything is gonna be you. You be reset basically. Okay ? We're going to do a separate video on pct because that's its own thing. So let's, let's keep talking about how long you should come off. And then when he starts his next cycle, whether he should ease into it to start blasting. Like with these eleven weeks out. From the show and i come up first or come off for for releasing with seven literally weeks to do something, which is which is perfect because you're going to be your problem, your body in that time. So you're going to be prime here are spot where but you have things, but then your dosages won't need to be alive and at the same time, you know, usually hate lied about eight weeks, roughly is when you start adding those more of those covered reasoning that water on you got that guide keeping your dieting, you're you're keeping that down. You're not gonna have to be trying tow x your way this year you have that gun and get back to training surviving harris just summer so that way it's going to come out even there ? Should he be on any should also take a break from any growth hormone i wouldn't know girls, come on now i have been running real growth or for the four years also no, no, no it's been it's been inconsistent. Gh is hella expensive. Stay on that. Okay ? And how about growth hormone vs vs idea because i can from enhance athlete. I can get him unlimited i gf. Is that adequate or should he go growth hormone, or should he cycle between both of them ? You know what ? At this point, he's eleven weeks now he could do it for maybe take this week off from the training. Not good idea. Run the idea in the first part of this cycle for about three weeks or so. You mean you get seven weeks, right ? Yeah, so he was running about the remainder is only a fraction of it and then take a small break to give re sensitizing. You can finish the cycle with the idea. So it's a way to introduce idea oh, seven weeks out used i, jeff or use it during his pc tea also, no, because he's eleven weeks out, he would take a week off from the training like i would have had if during that week off train just so you don't work, then started started, jeff. In a week from now, we'll use it to help keep your muscle, hold your muscle while your testosterone takes down to zero and you think that way. Yeah, you're on growth, and if you're gonna have sufficient stops, you're going to hold on, you're going to retain that, okay, we're going to end this video, but that gave me another idea for a video we're going to do. Ah, video about how you can use i g f nd h gh to bridge between sarah it cycles and not lose any of your games. All right, yeah, that worked, partner. Be swollen, swollen, my friends of freedom, my pioneers of human evolution.

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