Bodybuilding Breakfast | My Tricks to Staying Lean

How do you turn an American breakfast into a Bodybuilding breakfast? These are my secrets and tips to optimize load to build muscle and performance, not fat. I use three supplements always when I travel that I take with breakfast.
As Americans and having an overweight problem, we eat a lot of fast digesting carbs, sugars, and bread products which is a terrible way to start the day because you destroy your insulin sensitivity, sky rocket your blood sugar, and take your energy levels down throughout the day.

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This is my secrets on how to turn an american breakfast into a body doling breakfast. American breakfast ? Well, unlike most countries in america, we start out with a whole bunch of red products of pastries and sugar. I mean, most countries a very light breakfast, but here in america, where everybody ends of being overweight way, eat a lot of these red products and sugar and fast adjusting carbs, which is a terrible way to start destroy your insulin sensitivity skyrocket your blood sugar and that tank your energy levels down later. So there's some tricks i used to mitigate that damage on help actually absorb all of these carbohydrates and sugars into mosley's. I'm going to show you three supplements that i have with breakfast. First, i bought some apple cider vinegar that i'm traveling with. I just put a little shot of it in this mixed it with water with some stevia and tastes like kombucha thistle help my digestive enzymes. This will slow down the the carbohydrates breakdown so that fast carbs become a little bit more like slow carbs, and it replaces drinking juice, which is one of the worst things you can drink in the morning because juices just jam packed, full of sugar and oftentimes fruit toast and or high fructose corn syrup, which is the worst type of sugar for your body, causes most damage to liver and causes the most damage to your insulin sensitivity, causing it to make you get fatter, easier in the future and harder to put on muscle. Next i use the slim pills. Slim pills were designed to take these sugars and put him into my muscles instead of into my fat cells. It also slows down the digestion of these fast adjusting carbs so that it's more like a ate healthy, complex carbs. I can eat something like a waffle or a muffin, and my body will think that i ate like a multi grain, organic high fiber muffin instead, even though i hate this white bread that it's really unhealthy, so a little shortcut will treat you a little secret while i travel. Next, i take the or list at the or less that is a fab walker. So i am going to be having milk that has fat in it. Maybe having yogurt that has found it and i'm eating whole whole eggs that have fat that we do want a little bit of fat but that's way too. Much fat that's. Not exactly. The types of fat that want milk, fat and egg fat saturated fats are not really the best type of fats for a bodybuilding diet. Usually want to stick with the more mono unsaturated polyunsaturated fats. So this is especially a meal. And i want to block a little bit of that. That corliss, that one tablet blocks about twenty five percent. Last thing besides slimming pills, the orla staff in the apple cider vinegar is a little bit of physical activity right after the meal. I know that our parents always told us not to go swimming after we eat, but the truth is, and science says that if you do a little bit of physical activity right after you eat you keep your blood sugar, lower your insulin response lower, keep you more insulin sensitive and push those carbohydrates and those nutrients into the muscle instead of fat. Not everybody has access in a hotel like this to some weights that can pick up, but it could be a simple is just walking or choosing the stairs instead of the elevator right after eating, you know the counter argument that is also that it's not good to get the blood out of your digestive system because you need to buy one justice proper digest and if you're going to be physical activity after you eat and even moving blood at justice system and muscles well, my personal experience, the benefits getting that blood into the muscles, just nothing extreme, but just enough to tip the scale towards being anabolic and putting nutrients in the muscles instead of fat outweighs the benefit of having blood in the digestive system for that short of time after a meal. Hope you enjoy these tips on how to basically mitigate damage on american breakfast, or make most out of it, and turned it into a muscle. Building experiences. A fat building and metabolic damaging experience. Be swell, asshole. Friends of human evolution.

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