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Maybe up to six hundred milligrams of most, i don't know, came bishop, but i'm pretty sure is a cool guy. What dosage of testosterone you way back in the eighties, i prefer much more powerful. Anabolic to run is like throwing a thousand minutes. We are here in the evil layer to discuss the bodybuilding dosages of testosterone and with me i haven't f b b pro bodybuilder and on the phone the evil genius who are goingto weigh in on the ideas of bodybuilder dosages of testosterone. So first let's, talk with this mystery i f bby bodybuilder now mystery body builder. We know that we hear huge dosage of testosterone being used in body building, but the enhanced athlete theory of using testosterone is to use it as just a foundation because it is not the most powerful anabolic. We need testosterone in our body while running other anabolic ce because we needed to convert the estrogen and ght, and also some of the physiological benefits that testosterone has outside of the androgen receptor in the muscle cells. But as faras the androgen receptor in the muscle cells, we prefer much more powerful anabolic store run and just run the minimum amount of testosterone so you'll find a lot of enhanced athletes running on ly two hundred fifty milligrams of testosterone recipient aaron and date per week, maybe up to six hundred milligrams at the most. But we want to know what. Do you think that bodybuilders air using as faras testosterone dosages ? And then we're gonna have the evil genius chime in on dosages ? I don't know cain bishops, but i'm pretty sure he's a cool guy, but from what i've been told that the general the dose it's, the guys in super heavy weights and the guys you see in the open, they normally run up anything over one thousand of milligrams a week to ah, anything go upto like twelve i've never heard anybody go like two thousand mix, i think that's ridiculous, but i think the book, like the actual, like borderline there's, like around a thousand, makes now. As for myself, we'll talk about that later. Well, like i said, the enhanced athletes run about one to two ccs per week and that's it and then after that, add the anabolic ce on top of that, our evil genius. What i want to know from you is why the dosages vary so much and if it's individual specific so, like, someone might respond really well to four hundred milligrams and someone as bishop and i were discovering the other day bite need a thousand milligrams to even ? Get the same benefit that someone else gets for four hundred milligrams. Why do you think that is evil genius ? Well, i think science is pretty well elucidated that two rewards degree, so i'm not really promoting this as my opinion, but this also jives very well with my experience and that is or julie it's dependent on their starting baseline testosterone. I don't want to make this a real long talk really quick. The american medical community consider somewhere between two hundred eight hundred nanograms that's the leader all normal. So if you take those two scenarios, you take somebody the high at eight hundred nanograms protest leader and they took, say, a dustin on its product everybody's, familiar with two hundred fifty milligrams of testosterone that might only give them circulating plasma off about eight hundred kilograms, so in essence, they're giving themselves hr team. They're replacing their natural testosterone with synthetic exogenous testosterone, so they're really rather obviously not going to get a super physiological. Where is you ? Take a guy on the very low end. He's naturally down in the two hundred anagram for dust leader, he takes a dustin on. He could taint hundred all. The sudden he said four times a physiological level, so the same dose for two different people could have wildly different mint. In fact, based on where they started. All right, evil genius. Tell us if you can. What dosage of testosterone you run ? I personally typically run between two and six hundred kilograms told use testosterone very much. As you said, i was different wording but the very same principle. I used it as an hrt. I have used it to replace the natural testosterone that i'm no longer baking because of work to do of the intricate it's good for as you said, astra productions, one of the major was some tht production and it has a lot of emotional and sexual characteristics. Very beneficial. But i don't use it as my growth drug. Use that as my poor little support drug growth comes from real anabolic agree. Alright. Now, hypothetically, if someone doesn't have access to really anabolic sor is afraid to make the leap away from just testosterone. What kind of mega dozing dosages of testosterone you think produced big muscle results. And then also, do you think the more muscles you have, the more testosterone ? You need. And do you think that it really is a huge variants in how much testosterone someone needs to see a massive muscle gains ? Well, my first remarks of that would be. Just don't be that. Don't rely on testosterone. Wouldn't be my first that statement, but if we're in a situation where that happen, i've seen in the world and particularly the royal strength sports i've seen doses of highest three thousand milligrams week, we'll recommend it don't like it, but i'm aware of it on. And of course, like everything in the world of former mohr typically works better, but unfortunately, mohr comes with a boat load of side effects. The more testosterone you take, the more estrogen you're gonna make it eventually you're gonna have estrogenic problems. The higher your red blood cell counts gonna get on eventually, grand problems there and on and on and on. So to really simple capsules statement get more work better, but more generally makes more problems as well. So do you. But subscribe to the theory of that, our androgen receptors get totally saturated, and anything above a certain amount is totally useless. Or is there something outside of the androgen receptor that the testosterone is doing to still contribute the muscle growth ? Or i mean, if a two hundred pound bodybuilder takes three thousand milligrams, i mean, how much can their body really uses that ? I've heard that very argument, doctor borssen, back in the nineteen thousands was big, the proponent of that idea that you there's actually saturation point and of course, they're really is mathematically, the whole tissue only has so many receptors, but the reality is that so many so many more than molecules of and you're ever gonna consume you would die of some shit before you actually reached a real saturation does the problem is well, before you get to that, he would have side effects to the point of you being in forcing you to stop. So i don't really believe in that sort of saturation thing or any of that. On the other point, dad, way back in the eighties was complete believer in the idea ofthe alternative mechanisms to the action of testosterone. He generally believed in something called surface translocation where rather than being mediated by the androgen receptor, testosterone was somehow able to communicate with the nucleus apart from the receptor, i believe he was right, but i don't believe that's elucidated by science and then for a secondary beckett is going to keep in mind. Inversions are very powerful, almost, and they have all sorts of downstream secondary. Effects they have sexually useful in metabolism and effects of one other hormones like estrogen and all of those who have roof vectors and growth components. So, yes, it has lots of other actions outside of just binding it to receptor stipulating multiple growth. Okay, let's, wind up with one more question for the f b b pro bodybuilder in your circle of pro bodybuilders. It sounds like the testosterone dosage is being used are probably less than a lot of people think out of there, probably less then a lot of amateur people, a lot of keyboard warriors would have you think you are talking and bragging about taking massive doses of testosterone ? Is that reason ? Because they're using other, more powerful anabolic ce, and they also believe that testosterone is just a bass is the is the enhanced athlete theory the same theory that they subscribe to, but they just not to the same extent because they're still using higher dosage of testosterone. Yeah, actually, you'd be surprised, like how low the dosages really argus people look at their size and automatically considered or assume that they're, like, actually taken really high doses to get that way, but like evil, gene said, like it's, based on like a anabolic thatyou had the androgen it supplements that you actually cope with, you know, our couple them with those are the kind of things that i can actually helped develop the growth as well as the exercise of particular work outside. So you so you don't think of testosterone as the main muscle building stare over half ? No, no, i've never used that one. But testosterone is generally the steroid that people use is a first or second cycle and often times with no other anabolic says that's still advisable and this is not medical advice is entertain education purposes only. But is that still generally advisable to use just testosterone for first few cycles ? Yeah, you'd be surprised you could go that route, but you'd be surprised how many bodybuilders, really honestly relying more on insulin and and in g h honestly, to get that size, it really has very little to do with testosterone. All right, all right, guys, if you like this comment below, if you like the format, if you like evil genius and you want to hear more from evil genius also, let us now. And if you want to know more from the secret underground, i have. B b body builder. Let us know to be swell in school, my friends of freedom, hyeon ears of human evolution. Just from here, tom. Never looking back.

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