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Doc showed a huge of enhanced athlete dot com here with tony f b b pro who owns this gym here. Flex appeal in miami. Awesome bodybuilding. Jim, thank you so much for creating a bodybuilding gym. He's, also a judge for the npc shows. And i am so curious how the judging works because i got tenth place in nationals yesterday, which is incredible out of forty three guys. First national show dieting for only three weeks. So i know that this is what the judges are looking for. A classic busy. I just have to improve my posing a little bit and lose more body fat. Obviously, i need to diet for a little bit more than three weeks to get top three national show. I know. I know this already notes overcoming my issues with that. But the scoring is i noticed the first place gets a five and the last place they all get everybody over, like place twelve or fifteen. They'll all get like eighties. Well, the first thing we have to get. Five it's final scores, ones by everybody. So they take the top off the no. You end up with five of their seven judges. Okay, so study johnny, you could be a different number, though, with this, who would always look out for the highest number, take the middle five. And then and then are you scoring each pose or giving just overall score ? After you see all the poses, we look at all the poses and based on what we feel, the division the standard is for that division's. How we judge and symmetry. You have your condition, you know, opposing your color and everything takes into count how it is very subjective. It's like, because you're comparing who you think should win. To what ? The gold standard of the mr olympia ? Yes. I mean, what i do is aleka, who won in the mr olympia. Obviously, that is the standard now, because he's the best in the world. So we take that take that back to just share when judging. Okay, based on this guy who upon this stage ? Well, he resembles this guy. That one has the best in the world. So in my head, i used that as a example. That's how they're not you can only judge the best of what's on stage at the moment. So we have five fat guys, which on the fat guys is the best of all and that's how i see the judge looking at me and then they write something down. What are they writing ? That it could be ? It could be they could be the number they didn't get the number the first time around, so they look at you and then they go down, write down the number could have been you were for them in second, but then you saw this guy, i mean it get him again then as far as me, i have a scratch and there's so many guys that we can't put anything i don't think the official sporting until i'm for sure, i know that you miscalculated this see anything ? That wasn't so i'd do everything in a scratch so i could change things and they always go back forth and also it's, just so many athletes that you have to make sure that you remember what you did because now with the crossovers and with different divisions, how khun first thanks, pete second in obvious and then secondly, first in the same likely class and, you know, with a scratchy with keep score that way you can kind of backwards at home. This can't be right. You know, some some places that have really stuff like that happen and you don't want to make that kind of thinking that you have athletes were like, how'd you beat me a novice and i'd be chewing lightly. How does that work if you beat me and one, you're supposed to beat me in the other because they're comparing us, you know ? Yeah. So does love at first sight exists between the judge and the competitors. I mean, is it a case of first impression when there's so many competitors do you just do, pete to certain ones just pop. And then you write those down and you got like, this is the top three or does it take time to formulate that after watching if everyone is on their game, it can take it. But again, it's the best man on stage so he can stand out like sore thumb as soon as you open your god, this isn't good. Turn around, he's got the best back. He's got the best conditioning he's got the best colleagues. Got the best of everything, it's. Gonna pales in comparison to, to win everybody, you know what i mean ? So at a regional show, i imagine it's easier it's like, oh, there's first, their second there's, third, right, but then at a national show, everybody's, everybody looks good. So that's, where details count, like, you know, all right, all things being equal, you'd turn the guys around while this guy's calves are like, yeah, simple is that can mean a difference and points this guy's colors crap. I really couldn't see his definition that it come with a deeper color under these lights, and maybe it would have, you know, been a different outcome, because you can't see color of your washed out. Can we cut to be washed out ? Color makes makes you look more defined because cuts the color makes the cut. Actually, dr mixed the muscle protruding further. Is there any kind of meeting commit ? Trevor asked questions. Is there any kind of meeting that the judges have to kind of calibrate you ? Teo say, all right, this is kind of what we're looking for. This is kind of what went wrong with judging previously, this is what we're trying to do this, but we do have a meeting once a year on in the meeting with discuss things like that what's happening, this can't happen. Well, this happened over there can happen because it just discredit our those meetings to occurred just to make sure that we're all tightened as a union, as a group of judges that nobody would do. What does it take to become a judge ? An npc judging ? You know, you have to test judge test, judge several shows. And at the end ofthe that that maybe five, six or seven shows a test. Georgia. They look at your scores and compare them to actually do it is if you're on point. But they selected to be a tough one to five. Then they give you not. He started calling. Just show. I got to two questions. One, when you do, do your meeting beforehand ? Do they go over the criteria saying this so we're gonna be okay ? It's more conditioning ? This is what they're looking for in the future or we're focusing more on, you know, aesthetics or this or that ? Well, there hasn't been a meeting as of yet, but i've been where they said we need to look at it but they do say this's the standard just what we have to look for because this is what you know, mr olympia bikini men's physique classic is what has been chosen to be the best in the world so all we have to go by is by that stand so it's still kind of apples, oranges maybe a judge likes a certain physique look better on someone else's like, well, this guy's more condition and maybe not the most pretty busy vice first and that's why we have seven judges, texas ? Because we have a deadlocked three different ones. And then and then last thing the dream town. You know, a lot of shows its ban ban and i've seen that happen actually getting last place and someone who deserves the overall and it's the goaltender, the coal chine where they looked like a statue. Yeah, i haven't heard of that in a long time. Yeah, i think that somewhere out in the west coast, they they actually banned that told me where that went, you know, squatting because that's risky because he looks really good with and where are we can't use it so i wouldn't use anything that's, not that's, not the standard or the let's say the mpc sponsored ten for our show is so so, so use the actress virus like chance getting a little place in because, you know, using somebody else in the group do do you usually see too much shiny or not enough shining just if you had to pick one of the other than what i've experienced myself and what i've seen, a lot of that get sometimes so dry that their skin absorbs attend thee the oil shine. So if you really really try and you get it gets absorbed, it looks like you didn't put enough so just it's a matter of look, check me. How do i look ? And someone told me what i was backstage getting my ten when i was peeling off like feet if you want come off and they say so, dr there's, no fluids really see from you so that's dry with short out things that want. But the dry you are, the more it absorbs into your skin. So it need more of do you think if you're not really in the best condition not to use that ? Because that or too much was that reflects ? Yeah, yeah. Effected the scoring. So the average scoring for each class looked like but some between four and sixty for first through tenth place. That would give me an example of what is the score of thirty four mean, how could that possibly be calculated ? If we get rid of the lowest hires, take those five. What kind of numbers ? Or each one was coming up with the numbers. It could be like let's. Say there's seven judges they were given to the location of the house. You have five if we judge someone. Three, two, four, two, one. Now you have the numbers. Not five or eight. A little higher, but everyone else was scored. I know where the new so their number gets higher. You just adam up, adam up and a person with the lowest score is not necessary because you scored low, you lose it's kind of opposite network. Okay, so with that many, there must have been more judges that this competition, the nationals i believe i could be mistaken. But i believe it's ten judges that i heard her count names and they were ten names called believe they rotate them. Ten judges in morning think judges in the afternoon intentions they did for classic sir class which and every other class or something like that. They kept switching the judges out consistent. But you should know you don't have a radio parts it's off it's it's um, big mix you don't have anybody's favorite it's my theory that i'm that i need to hit my pose pretty quick on stage, not transition because there's, especially at nationals. So many competitors on sage. I need him when they're looking at me. I need to be opposed about doing a slow transition. What do you think about that theory ? Even were my everywhere me. I hit my best poses that i know i looked the best that so they see my best without a second to know. Because if they're gonna rush me off a sense some guy walking in halfway through my thigh american attack guy walking on stage, transition slow and fast enough to get through without looking block your children we all know that the judging is done, like ninety percent of the prejudging, but i feel like it's one hundred percent. I've never seen them really changed their mind unless maybe it's the top three or maybe the top. I've seen them change your mind where they had to re judge a whole class the weight of the heavy so it does happen, you know, not often, but it does happen, so i always tell out his lip man, don't go out after prejudge it and have a cheesecake, because if it's close between you and this guy, he goes out and gets slaughtered. And now he looks twenty pounds over what you did in your sharp he's not then it would look bad if he's a winner, he doesn't catch you good as he did when he was yet it does the judging are you done ? Judging at the prejudging after they walk off the stage ? Or do you sometimes are thinking about it ? Afterwards, you look a picture way always i always think i always think after they don't always think and i always have my scratchy and my regular shit, you know, because you just never know, so don't get rid of that she till it's time that show's over time to go home. Then i crumble that she's doing it because you never know it's almost like a good strategy would be to have something that really makes you stand out in a good way, but then also not be missing the other things, so you'd get there first to get the judges first. Attention, you got it, and then there's, no flaws. So you don't get doc have a good way to think about. Yeah, but you know what ? You can control the only three things posing condition incoming, the rest is out of your hands. If you screw one of those things up, you don't win, then you're as long as those three things are done, florencio the rest of you. So how much is posing like the art of posing come into it versus like if you took a still shot up just that the peak posed the peak contraction like the transitions, how much is that come into play ? Well, they don't they don't score posing anymore, which is sad, but although they don't score score, you definitely want to look smooth, transitioning as the same thing. That's goes scoring anyway, so just no, you know, you always doesn't matter what they're doing. I wanna look my best in doing it on there. It doesn't take that much effort to do it right, and you want to be known for that even though they don't support he's got great posing, i want to hear from him, i want to begin who knows where i noticed that the national show, they had us come out during prejudging and do a forty five second routine, but i thought maybe because it's classic it should be little artistic that's what i'm talking about, but it turned out they told us right before going on stage, they just wanted you to hit the mandatory classic poses and get off stage. Not even necessarily use all forty five seconds, not necessarily get artistic with it, but with classic physique just because you don't have to focus on crazy transitions or heart to it there's still a way to hit the each pose each body building pose in a classic way a little bit of classic variation and just i don't know if you collective judge classic yet, but just is that your impression that the poses should be just a little different than bodybuilding on classic side ? In my opinion yet because let's call it what it is if it's classic that immediately i thought back in the day so this to me is a regular bodybuilder's. This to me, is a little classic. I would choose what that is. If you're going to go ahead and you want a spade a spade let's, do it let's. Do it let's. Get trunks with a wider hit. Not a whole short in my day and again, this is all yeah, guys, this is all all tony's opinion here. Okay ? Each judge has its a little bit of subjective how they judge it. I just wanted you to hear from the inside what's going through a judge's mind when he's judging because i was very curious for myself. A lot of competitors aire also wondering what's a judge thinking when they're looking at this competition. Any last second ? Questions forever ? No, no, all right, guys, thanks for watching. If you're ever in miami, please visit flex appeal. You will love this gym equipment, here's amazing visit tony here, very hospitable and loves sport, love, sharing his knowledge and, as always, be swell in school. My friends of human evolution, but

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