Bostin Loyd vs. Dr. Tony Huge

These are the differences between Bostin Loyd and I about our quality of life and how we see things.

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All right, we have boston, lloyd versed tony hughes debate those have to be what it's just comparing are different choices of lifestyle. I was going to say just a joke, but we got some questions we're in compare the lifestyle, you know, his approach versus tones, approach and a lot. Actually, we got probably fifteen questions for him, so we'll start right here with girls. This is a pretty big you go first, dear my vehicle, my girls. All right ? I've never been able, like, sleep around justcause i'm like, well, first of all, the first thing is i'm going to be uncomfortable sleep around, just like every time with the new girl it's like, stressful, like i'm gonna have anxiety attacks on women with a few different chicks can have always been the relationship type kind of like how girls get attached when they have sex. I'm not trying to say i'm like an emotional, you know, i'm like the girl in the relation, but if i'm gonna have sex with somebody, i'm probably going to be looking for more of a relationship for me. I like variety just like food or anything else in life i like. To switch you up frequently, but i liketo have long term relationships to sew my ultimate situations that have multiple girlfriends and just go between them all. I don't really like chasing girls unnecessarily. Well, it's fun to throw it in there, especially when your guy friends chase girls and see how good your game is. Yeah, that's what ? But mainly it's ah it's every with every girl it's a different adventure, i get experience different things in a different way with a different person in different places. So actually, i really like what i'm doing now if a different girlfriend, every country that way, when i go to each country, that girl can show me around and teach me about that culture and it's just the whole cool experience. Can i get bored if i sleep with a girl like too many nights in a row ? I just get bored so fast i've ever been facebook official with a checker ? No. Yeah, actually see baby mama right here. I put him in a relationship with her. O well, i know that it's on facebook. I'm sure other girls love no it's. Cool. Yeah, actually. That's it's. Really interesting. What ? Kind of just like when i had my daughter, i thought it was gonna kill my game. But actually, the more you've got going on with other girls more increase your game. What's. Weird. What about family life ? Thank you. First first, my my mom been stepped at and step mom and step dad. So for they all moved to mexico to jakob oh, and to deport of the art. So i go visit them in mexico, but home in sacramento, i have a stepbrother and a half brother and, you know, cousins and stuff, actually, to my cousins i work with, so i keep them close and, uh, other family's kind of distributed the ground. My grand parents are all dead, and then i have a daughter. And, uh, you know, when i when i do stand stockton with baby mama, then it's, like we are a family unit there with two stepdaughters to and for me, i have no, no, no, really family contact except my direct parents. Well, my were spread out. I'm not close. I don't talk to my director ban on a basis. In fact, i hadn't even seen my grandpa for fifteen years until i went to new york this lost past year, and i saw my cousin's, but no real direct contact always do. I'd just like him know we're like, you know, you know what ? I want to talk, and we would fine, but i just besides my parents and they're both in california. So i really see them maybe want to hear what nationality are you, my mom's, full italian, my dad's french in german. You know those those from my mom's full italian too. And the rest is a european mixture. Just keep it simple. But french is on there as well. So we're similar nationalities what's the the question now, here's. A good one. Religion. I have no religion. I guess my family is a roman catholic. Italy origin and baby mama is catholic. So there's. A lot of catholic influence. But i have been to church a lot as a child, but, uh oh, and then baby mama makes me go to church every once in a long while to catholic church. But other than that, not much contact with religion in general, i do freaking love buddhism. I mean, i really love the buddhist philosophy and the people that practice buddhism is just more of a philosophy than a religion. And maya, my dad's like super dark progression, sony's in town. If he wants to go with me to go to church with them, i will. And he did force museum kid to go, but i'm completely against organized religion. I would like to sam agnostic, and for people, i don't know what i'm not sick is. We do hope that there is a higher power, that there is a heaven and that there is a ll that. But i'm not going to believe in faith where it's, like, you know, like, i'm not gonna put all my hope that through this in that it's no, i'm just saying, i hope there is, you know, an afterlife. Yeah, let's. See what about pets ? So i got four dogs and now an outdoor cat start. Start kissing every work, stress out the dogs outdoor cat, four pups. I love him to death. They're like they're like my kids go home and i just get so excited to play with them. And you and i were i work with them all day long. I grew up with cats and i love cats. Dogs are okay, but they kind of hassle me a lot like they jump on me and stuff so yeah, i'm a cat lover, which i get a lot of crap for but i'll actually learned how to make love to a woman by learning howto play with the cat not in a sexual way just the teasing the seduction back and forth of how you tried to get a cat to love you and want to be on your lap you want to be at first you have to, like chase it and pin it down give it love and attention had to learn that pushing forward and met, creating that magnetism and that's kind of how i used my game with women too, i think. You give somethinto hole on that one, you know, you love pussycats, everybody, your thoughts about i'm having children, i have that i know of one two year old little over two year old daughter and two stepdaughters, and i do probably want other children, but i have to figure out where and under what circumstances and with who baby mamas, the most likely candidate. But, you know, there are a lot of candidates, so the interview process is going to be rigorous and e i don't like that. Ok, well, you have a good head start, ok ? My parents wanted me to be a but we'll get into parents passed away. Boston your approach. Two children you want kids ? At least i don't want a crazy amount of kids to max. I'll be happy. When i was an only child, i'll be really happy with one. And that, too is doable. But if i was to out on the point girl and if i just had to pick one as much as i would like to have a baby girl, i would probably want to have a baby boy. So he experienced like stuff that i went through like hopefully training for bodybuilding shows, seeing him get in the gym in like i wouldn't like my hair like i started young my parents when they owned the gym itself, so kind like same thing like they set my career kind of, you know, with nutrition thing and everything like that so that they'll be cool. Did you make him wait until he was eighteen to take ? You don't think so. I'm gonna give callie's arms. She supported that. So i started lifting were very low dosage if she wants to if she wants to get into it. It depends if if if the kid wasn't competing, i probably would not advise it. But if you want to do like a teen show at sixteen or seventeen out, bottom run like little bit of our winning last week, what about your family ? Support you, body building everything you guys do emotional sport, my my whole state. My family, like my parents, is, uh, very nervous that because they never saw what i was taking before. But now that i'm going public with everything makes him really nervous about the whole bodybuilding thing. And they think it's extreme do you know ? Their standards for what a good body is is very low, and i'm so far beyond just like most people think we're freaks, right ? They see us in person like, oh, everybody stares, right ? Yeah, it's true. Well, my parents are kind of like that, too, like, oh my god, your muscles are so huge, it's not natural, but they do trust me too it's an extent, i've made a lot of really good life decisions, and i'm in a really good place, so i think they see that there's some endgame to it, and they know that i'm doing what i love and that i'm happy so that they're happy about that. For me on that, the question was what, again family, whether they're supportive of what i would say, my parents are both body balloons, so as much as they confiscated my drugs before i was legal age and all that stuff going crazy on me at this point in life, very supportive, i mean, they're not they're not like us up to see season shit like that, my dad's, more of like all you need to lower your dosage is, but but they're supportive of what i did for sure. About what ? About travelling. What do you do it ? Traveling ? The difference between you two i've lost didn't go first. You traveler, you have, first of all, do you have a passport ? You don't have a passport. I can't travel. I stress out like i'll be like i'm standing my program. I'm gonna eat like six mils train and literally it all goes to shit. I started bingeing on fast food. I get stressed out like travel is the worst thing for me possible. I'm going to, you know, it's something you gotta learn how to adapt this lifetime traveling. I'm gonna teach you how we're going to go on a cruise something right here all the way like that for my training's over them. Let go for fun. But you gotta get your passport for mexico. You do ? Yeah. We'll just do it now. You actually could do it with the birth certificate and other things. But just get your passport. No hard, eh ? So i am really into travel. I really like travelling the world, experiencing all these different people and other cultures and especially teaching people in other countries about bodybuilding. Nutrition, the chemistry. Of human evolution. Back when i was a lawyer, i couldn't travel that much couldn't get out of the office very much, but i grew up traveling to look teo few main places like mexico, many times tahoe. Why things like that, you think you'll ever get tired of it traveling ? No, but i might stay longer in certain places. It's. Tough because, like i'll look forward when i'm in sacramento, look forward to being in thailand, when i'm in thailand will also look forward to being in taiwan. Then i'll kind of crazy. We look forward to being in sacramento. No, yeah, a little bit. There are certain things i love about being in the united states and being home, things that are very comfortable, mainly my today, something that shoots water up your eye. I have not found one anywhere, that's, as good as the one i have at home. So it's that's like a really good quality.

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