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We're in the middle of our athlete meeting on some of our athletes. Have some injuries. Coach Trevor's going to give some advice to couple of our athletes. A caution came Bushman emails that has injuries on the use of TV five hundred, BP one five seven as it specifically relates to their injury. So right here, a cautious aesthetics has injury in his elbow. Can you describe the injury and coach troubles have treated? Yeah, so anytime I'm doing anything all behind the neck or skull crushers, I get this tendonitis in my elbow. Like to help relieve that. How would I use BBC one fifth e End of TB tendonitis would tell you I didn't know you said tendonitis. If you had, like, something like a separate, like a mild terror, something. The BBC is good when you put it in the area. But what tendonitis? It's the TB five hundred's going because yours is the ongoing information is gonna get worse. So the TV five hundred's what's going to help that the BBC still will, But that's only if there was actual, like micro tearing and ligament around there, so I would do the TV five hundred actually for you. And now when you don't doesn't need to, carry already has. So you can do that one anyway, what I do so I don't have to do that locally. Radical question. How do you reconstitute it and how much does he take? One ml water. So that would be ten milligrams. So every ten thousand syringe would be one milligram. And we did the video. When I talk about the studies studies, when you do the conversion tables for horses and humans, it's a lot different. They recommend anywhere between three to five grams for humans for loading plays for the first four weeks, but actually has to be double. So needs to be closer to, I say, eight to ten but six to ten grounds for your first four weeks milligrams. Yeah, milligrams. And then after that, you run a maintenance, and that's the important part because you'LL feel it go away. But it hasn't fully recovered. A lot of the inflammation goes away, so you feel better, but you still have to run it consistently. I'd say at least three to six months, but that that's the loving phase you're doing the high dose after that it's like two milligrams away, three millions away, specifically for tenant and ligament tendonitis. What kind of nutrients could he take also to help rebuild it? Who goes to me? Animism? Khun Joy in boron Those air, any of the standard joint really stuff. But when you're taking them, you're not doing the two three you know, grams of the conjoined and all that stuff. It's You want to take a least eight minimum eight grams of that stuff. Whoa! That's like a handful of pills yet well, Dave's products, like six grams, seven rounds per serving. Yeah, you have to take a Yeah, that's a lot of pills per serving, because it kinda like how he describes it would be like taking a scoop with two grams scoop of protein. But I don't do anything That's your building block to recover it so you don't have your building blocks. You can't recover it, no matter what hormone our signal you're sending to repair because it doesn't have the building blocks. So to read, to do it during the TV five hundred treatment should be training he differently. Like should we do more high? Roughed it out? I would definitely wrap it. Anything that takes away the information that's not non steroidal anti inflammatory drug. It's going to keep, you know, when you wrap with the elbow is taking the pressure off the joint when it's at the most extreme on it with way. So that's gonna help with the inflammation to assumes you get that taken care of, then he can recover. Okay, Right now, King Bishop also has ah, injury. He dried out a little bit too much. So I'm running a They expel seven fifties, which everybody's know. I've been doing it with leg drugs. I don't want to. I have, like, that whole water attention thing. What I've noticed since I've been doing it because the way I've been pushing lately, because again, we're still like, what, thirteen weeks out from New York? So I've been pushing pretty heavy because I still want to develop some areas. Needs have been taken a hit and like my elbow on Pulaski, you see, any time I do back or biceps, it takes if I can hit me when I was doing like chest yesterday, like when it comes a full extension, that hurts. So this is as far as I can extend it. If you look and look how I can hyper extend out like won't go any further. That's why people talk about is your own cutters for shows. So the run cutters, like sixteen weeks out for show. But you dry out, you circuit injuries, and that's why I tell people I have mathletes do more like hard drugs. That was a lot more water attention because you're trying to look good to dance show. Uh, you know what? I look good. Up until that day of the show, most people looked great before showing them look horrible the day anyway. But it's that water intense. That's why there's such good for strength builders, that water attention, things that cause any type of food retention, even if it's not cite specific and things like nandrolone and inside joints. It takes tension off that. So if you dry out too much now, is these air going be ongoing? Should he use the TV five hundred the TV five hundred when you're talking about posing? Yeah, uh, I think I should always be on something like that. Um, a few times out of the year, at least, but years is a long Am I going to run it for you? You nearly three months or so, because there is more. You know, there's really not much side effects have linked. It's a certain type of cancer. Ah, development of, you know, a certain type of cancer, but that it's it's it's it's old subject itself, So anything in moderation. But yours is just trying out issue and you're too dry and you're doing so much work in the jam and leave your body through someone's trauma. If there's no water, there just joins grinding and grinding. And then same with ligaments and tendons. They start trying out. So unless the elastic and TV five hundred makes some more elastic so it would help but hydration and I would limonene directs right now. Okay, so how many grams and how? What? We don't know how long. So how many grams a day? My gun or harmony? One of my taking milligrams Tom any Yeah, a day. You know, I started. You start. It's, uh, it's a weekly thing, but I would say do it daily for your loading place and daily, I would say just a million a day for your first four weeks and a day because that's loading. That's only seven grand millions. You mean like one hundred? I use attempt. So you do a tense there'll be ten shot and a bottle you do one shot it tend to say insulin ten units in his tenure and senseless so much ten ticks yeah but once you see injured explaining in the most schools i'm gonna draw they tend to change tonto the tragic attention you have one and by seems and then get more sodium, a lot more sodium right now. Because if you do more sodium might blow your first week. You're not trying look good today, so just get some water way be swell. So my friends of freedom find years of human evolution, Theo.

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