Build Big Biceps | 4 Exercises with IFBB Pro Cane Bishop

IFBB Pro Cane Bishop is going to show us 4 exercises he implements to build some big biceps:

1) Seated Dumbbell Curls
2) Cable Curls
3) Dumbbell Concentrated Curls
4) Single Arm Cable Curls

Video Text

Bishop, show me and the audience how to build bigger arms. I've been bombarded several times were coming for me, and i'm gonna work on building bigger onto bishop guys. No. Why, like kind of doom is coming for exercises. One seated dumb bell curl to cable girls, three dumb bell concentrated girls and then forward next single on cable cross. I'm gonna put these on their music. But with these for exercise that's going to four sets its actual size each exercise, the rep count range is gonna be in between eight to twelve. I know you ask me why, but everybody talked about building arms, yet their numbers are way too high there. Like twenty reps and things like that. The way to build bigger arms is heavy weight. Lesser reps. I know people talk about what ? About the definition and bringing in it. Well, that's where the diet comes into play, if you could actually build, that must untie it. Then your muscles rule. Show the braking, alison that the separations of like the muscles on how they look that's all based on diet has nothing to do with your high rep counts on your range. All right. How long do we rest between a set ? That's ? A good question. Because we're going eight to twelve replica on extremely heavy. I would say no more than a minute. We're like development, biceps, it's, about the contraction, it's, about the concentration. You know, sometimes people get caught up on like free weights. But honestly, what we're trying to do is just get that squeeze. Volumizing muscle and development. Game arranged between eight and twelve. How do you know what you're feeling when you decide to stop it ? Eight or nine versus going all the way to twelve. If you feel yourself actually been able to go thirteen, you probably had another like five or ten pounds on it. Because you want to struggle and barely making twelve. You actually want to stop around ten ? If you make it it's well, that that's, just something you just force me like a force to wraps or not. But you wants the actual rep to stop around eight to ten. So what's, the last rap of every set look like is it is that you try and squeeze through it trying to push through last wish for when you hit the end, you say, okay, i failed and then you drop exactly always goto tell your guys to try and develop them off. Like actually building it's always to failure. If it's some you already do it, it's not gonna raise your stress levels high, you know, they're for there's not gonna be any change. Everybody's not going concentrated curls now, one of the techniques i like to use it's a twist of the wrist attorney. My poems outward. What that does create a tremendous contraction at the top. Helping separate the break. You, alice. It actually hits on the floor arms as well. Why come straight, girls ? Because you brace your elbow up against your leg, which takes the shoulder out of places. A lot of people use a lot of shoulder, actually get a crow gun. But here, it's braced here, so now you don't actually use it. If this wasn't here, then i'd be using my shoulder if you could notice my shoulder, but because i brace it up here, then it's, all at the bend of the elbow to develop the mice, and again, i like it. Twist the risk, get that peak. Tank concept of concentrated girl. Just embrace that elbow takes his shoulder out of play. That way, all you have to do now is work on the contraction of biceps and that controlling it's on a cable. They're all the way down on lee up full extensions. You stretch out that myself, lengthen it, see a lot of guys, they shortened the motion, and they don't. They wonder why they have small arms, a quick review of what we just did, it's for exercising, seated dumbbell curls, standing cable, crows, seed it, concentrated dumbbell curls and then finished off with cable. Girls sing along one arm, cable cross that's. All you need for exercises for set seriously comes traded between eight to ten reps. Seriously. High intensity to build the muscle and always work on the contraction is this. We'll complete our warm workout with dr tony hughes, please sure to stay tuned for more to come and always remember, guys, think outside waiting.

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