Building a Massive Back with Bad Form?

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Video on how to build a massive back using bad form. Thanks. Now we're taught toe have good form on every exercise to prevent injury until isolate and work muscle. Better back is the exception. According to me, watching some of the top pros in the world work out behind the scenes of how they work their back and also Coach Trevor's opinion on how to properly execute it back workout. So this is not the site in time taint. Same Sorry. Saw hottie alert over. They're not the same type of, uh, work out form that we would use for Morse muscle groups. That back is kind of an exception. I'm gonna show you a little bit of the form for when we work back when I watched some of the biggest pros behind the scenes, this is not not on video. I'm talking about behind the scenes walking, watching some of the biggest frozen world workout. Usually, we would weigh pull down, kind of consistent, the whole range of motion squeezing, contracting, stretching. When it comes to back. Though, if you do that watch, I can only come down this far losing about ten percent of the range of motion. Wait a lot. My experience, pros, really big guys use heavier weight when it comes to back, at least for the master builder thiss type of form you some momentum. Pull it back. It's a memento like that. They may have been short range of poses, but they're trading. Get that full range of motion, at least on the contraction part C. I might not come all the way up. That's full stretch, and this is the full contraction bottom. But I definitely want to get that full contraction, at least for part of it. Part of the sentence. So this is what it looks like. This is what it looks like when the pros work out. It's not this slow contraction, so I hope that helps you understand, because when you watch the workout videos pro, if they're actually doing on camera what they actually do, then then you'll notice that they're using a little bit of momentum and have your weight. And we had just had a comment. I'll read comments. Yes, Coach Trevor said, it's good to use momentum with back. Don't use strict form. That's true now. There's some exceptions, Of course, Once we're done with our our mass building exercises, some of our compound movements, then we're going to do some isolation movements for the back because you might wanna hit the traps from a certain angle. We might want to work on the rear delts, so you might want to focus on some detail work. But for overall mass development for the back, according to Coach Trevor and according to the top So bodybuilders I've watched they use a little bit of momentum, Thank you guys for the comments during the video and the swollen school Friends of Freedom Pioneers, Human evolution.

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