Building a Thicker Back | Aaron Reed

Aaron Reed is going to give us a TIP on how to build a THICKER Back. There are so many different angles and variations that can be done to train your back. GROWWW!

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The only way I can hit my back is by going so heavy in my arms can do it. Building a thicker back with Aaron Reed. He's got a tip on how to build a thicker back, first defined, thicker back. So we know exactly what we're looking to build. You know that middle of the back, you know, there's a lot of exercise that back is so much muscle there. There's something different angles that required back. We're talking about that thickness. Talk about the middle of the back in the middle of the lower latte. But different, I guess, along the spine is how do we build it? Heavy dead Listen heavy rose. That's it. I mean, if you want to grow it, you want to grow it to be bigger. That's what you need to be doing because for years I didn't do dead lifts. I had a lot of different back issues. When I was in my twenties, I used to do a sumo stance, dead left. And it's all about numbers because, you know, when you're young, you just want to be the baddest dude in the gym. In your mind. It's like I'm the strongest on the battle. So you know, it's all about numbers I used to sumo and all that. Just give me a huge ask. I mean, give me a huge ass and actually help me build my lower back, which is good now, Um, but I wasn't doing a traditional dead lift, which a traditional dead left will put so much strain on that spine of your back. That's where you want it. And as long as you stay tight, it's very safe. People think that it's it's not. You have to stay tight. No matter how hard you pull you stay tight. You're okay. So we're talking Hedley. Heavy dead lifts. We're not talking about, like an isolation exercise. Is it more about the weight that you're lifting, or is there a specific type of format it's gonna develop back? OK, well, I will answer that question by saying this as a tall athlete, I know things are a little bit different for me. Um, I don't know how it is to be an average sized dude or a shorter guy, but I know that if you look at any tall athletes, they typically are either arm dominant or back dominant. I think about that. Like most tall dudes, you have a real big back in no arms or they have ruled the arms and as much back. Okay, so for me, I was very armed, Dominant. My back was always good, but I never felt like it was one of those backstreets. Holy shit. So, uh, the only way I can hit my back is by going so heavy in my arms. And so that's what I do. I go so heavy that it's all all my back. I used straps, take my arms out of a little bit so that I could focus on my back. Ever use traps? Absolutely. Absolutely. You know I'm real big on always giving credit where credit's due. You know, I worked with Ben Bukovsky for three months about three years ago, and he taught me how important it is to direct attention with your back, You know, So straps are great because they take the I don't want to think about my grand first of all, so shops are awesome. But, you know, have you Dr Tension down with your hands, you use more back. You drive tension out with your hands, use more back. It's just that straight pulling motion releases a lot of arm. So they're still, you know, the dynamic of trying direct tension. But now, when you go super heavy with your dead lifts, all you gotta do is have your feet right. Interest are pulling shit. Yo yo u will grow your back

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