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Building muscle beginners basics now you guys watching this ? This is a serious beginner stuff, but i'm making this video because they get a lot of people that are asking me, how do i build muscle ? And i go look at their facebook page and it looks like they've never even lifted before and where do i even begin to tell them how to build muscle ? I mean, we deal with more of the advanced side of body bill because we're the ones pushing pioneering human evolution and taking body building to the next phase. That's gonna bring in the next decade of best bodybuilders in the world that's our goal and also to pioneer human evolution to take it to an advanced level for making bodybuilding attainable for anybody but we've got to learn the basics first in order to build muscle there's gotta be a few key components. There's gotta be a breakdown of the muscle there's got to be proper nutrition and then at a certain point supplementation and or drugs but it's really the training and the nutrition first and what i read and rest of course training, nutrition rest so let's go through each one. Of these, just in a very basic way, the training uh, coach trevor does a lot of coaching calls with you guys. Uh, enhanced athlete dot com people sign up for the coaching calls, and he gets a lot of people that are talking to him about building muscle and what what do you find after you get through this ? What do you find that doing wrong with ? So for the most part, you know, when you start, when you get this money calls and you worked with so many people, usually your mindset is always over into the drug aspect or maybe different diet things they could change, so you're my kind is always glued to that because problems always seem to be in that area, a higher love, and so you treat all your clients, sometimes you start treating them the same, and what happens is you get some of that calls and they're not making any progress, but they're taking all these compounds and you're treating the this person because you skip step one because you're so used to this that you skip step one and you move right along, okay ? He's taken all these right ? Maybe. The drugs are fake know they were really okay, well, now we get to get this lab works. We have check on this diet, everything is perfect and you're sitting there, man, what is wrong ? And then it finally comes up because it was the last step or it was actually the first step that they were missing. And i happen to skip that step because i assume everyone has to step down before the diet before their drugs and all this, a lot of people still don't, and that is the training and i'll find their training maybe twice a week and it's two times a week, they do jump rope and or or some form of cardio and then push ups and some body weight things like a, you know, cheating, pull ups and stuff like this. Body weight squads are sprints, and they're wondering why they're not getting big or they're not losing weight properly, and it always comes back to this. So training is the most important, you know ? Then you gotta take care of first that i get that a lot of people trying to train at home, doing push ups and sit ups and then taking steroids head, wondering why the steroids aren't working. See what type of training you need is is you need heavy weight. I mean, you see a lot of bodybuilders using lightweight but it's lightweight to them and it's after they've already established such a strong foundation of muscle, so to start out with it's usually best to start by increasing your strength and build the foundation, which means you probably need weights now. There's some body weight exercise like pull ups, you could go really far with pull ups, building it back because you start out, maybe you could only do to pull ups then the next week you could do three or four and then you know you progress before you know it, you could do thirty pullups you khun still build muscle with thirty pull ups flowing, you're staying under thirty reps. Usually you could still feel muscle, but the problem is with push ups. I mean, you should be able to do hundreds of push ups after enough practice, and at that point, you're not building any muscle. I mean, look at any of the guys that went all the push up competitions. They're very skinny, they have the endurance, my muscle fibers, they don'thave bulky muscles doesn't build muscle to do a ton of pushups yet and i will say to for beginners sure, going heavy is a good thing. And because when you get on hormones, your strength is gonna skyrocket. Everybody will tell you about their first cycle, how much strength you're gonna gain, how much she'll continually gain if you're doing it right so you might be benching two hundred twenty five pounds before you start, you can easily get about four or five and within a year. So depending on how you're doing your cycles so that's just gonna be a given through hormones. But i think even before the heavyweights is just learning that mind a muscle connection and that's something that needs to be hammered into everybody's head because there's so many people that train intense and hard but can't develop body parts because they don't know how to contract a specific body part, and they're using secondary muscle groups. And i see this more often than not, a even in professional bodybuilders all the time with their chest development or their back development things like this, they're always compensating somewhere, so giving that mind the muscle down and then gradually start increasing the weights. Once you have that down and that's the best way to do it the frequency of hitting each muscle, i think it has to be for beginners twice a week. I don't think beginners can really work the muscle hard enough. They have enough of a mind muscle connection to do enough damage toe warrant on ly training a muscle once a week. Yeah, and i'll use that concept for the same thing, the damage. And then i'll also use that concept for the mind. The muscle, the more frequent they could train a muscle even if they're overtraining or not. They're still getting more time in the gym or contraction, so all that stuff adds up. I would say the same thing would be better for them to do twice a week while they're not taking sores on learning these contractions in the mind of muscle concept. And you said the wrong thing you do is work the full body only twice a week, so even a beginner should probably start with the trains, but at least two upper body, twice a week and lower body twice a week, at least four days a week would be yeah, i would still tell nobody do that, but if you had to choose, i would do that to people don't understand what it takes to build muscle. We talked about it all the time is adaptation your body's ability to adapt to it that you get stronger and grown kids. This workout happens again now if you were to do a whole upper body workout by the time you're even done with your chest there's absolutely no way your grip strength any you're a teepee stores and glycogen stores, everything sodium electrolytes are going to be replenished enough to actually do it back. Work out, you may get through one, but your intensity, your ways, your reps will be cut down. So how were you able to take your body past failure by doing it ? All you're doing is just maybe burning calories by going with emotions at that point, so i've always stick to one two to muscle groups a day tops, so if you're doing chest, maybe do secondary muscle group that was involved in something like that and when they're doing. A set they should keep in mind that if they're just doing what their bodies capable of now, their body isn't going to be required to adapt. Your building muscle is the adapting teo two, requiring the body to do more than it concurrently do, which means training to failure. Even a beginner, in my opinion, should be training to failure so they do as many reps as they can they cant do anymore. They just hold the weight they hold that they can't get any more. Ok, that's failure now is lying that to most beginning actually are taking it the feeling they're the ones that usually over trained the most. They have no injuries, these guys, we're pushing weight, they can't do they have the spotters force wrapping ten fifteen red. They're the ones actually trained harder than anyone else, even though you know, we look at it and laugh because the guy's doing more than kid lifting, but he is also taking his body beyond failure, and what happens is with these guys. Is there just over training ? At that point, they don't have the hormones, nutrition, everything else to grow, but you don't see a lot. Of guys doing things like that anymore because injuries start developing at least better toe overtrained than under train. In my opinion, at least then you're going to make some progress, whether it's leaning out. Yeah, but then what happens over training actually affect your the fat loss, the cumulative effects of fat loss in the hole ? You know, if you're trying to preserve muscle into a show and start over training, your body goes the opposite way and you will start breaking now. Tissue quarters all goes up fat storage starts to hang on there, but at the same time, you can still get away with losing weight while over training. Just not when you're twelve writing about the beginner, though. Oh, for sure for a beginner better toe over, train and develop those concepts in the gym now. Next nutrition uh, i think usually i'm seeing people not eat enough protein frequent enough. They'll have some giant meal of protein, which protein certain types can take a while, but i guess someone could have a beef meal, chicken meal and that does take many hours to digest. But the problem is, we also got all overnight we've got eight hours of sleep. So if you have that big meal before sleep, and then at the very least, you got to have a breakfast that has a lot of protein as well. But what i noticed, anybody who makes fast progress it's frequently ? Yeah, that's their number one, aside from training, when it comes to a diet issue, that's the other thing i run into guys don't need frequent enough, and i don't care if you're poor. If you i'd rather see somebody under heat but eat more frequently, then having enough calories and everything else but only eating two or three times a day. But what do you think about this concept for a beginner, a rule being donated meal unless it has protein in it would be better to skip a meal. I i always did it so especially and like through ice when i was really putting on weight and i realized how hard how much food i had to eat to grow. I just told myself as long as there was protein, whether it's, you know, twenty five, thirty, thirty five grams of protein, i don't care where it came from so i would get a pizza and add, uh, piece of chicken do it so i'd eat a whole pizza that maybe had forty grams of protein and then thousand grams of fat, whatever else, but that was the staple because it has protein ionic care what it was so for the beginner, um, high protein and then carbohydrates and fat what is much as they can handle it trying to put on size or if they're if they're kind of fat and then they just need to cut the carbohydrates and fat back is all it is is, uh, depending on the person's body type, you'll know the person's by type not have too much carbohydrate, especially when natural guys are usually thicker or fatter. Have bigger bones usually tend to do well on that higher fats and lower carbohydrates. Very skinny guys with small bone structures tend to do better higher carbon, lower fat wait, skinny do better on high fat, high carb high card. Okay. Yes. Okay, exactly. Car for skinny and low carb for fat. Yeah, and so protein is always way. Always talked about always is a constant. Just have the protein every two three hours and as long as that's there you do your other calories accordingly, depending on your body type and your training in the day as faras supplements. First supplement anybody should be looking at is any kind of meal replacement that makes up for missing meals, so things like protein powders or even protein bars just anything that makes getting calories in for convenience. Yeah, that's when i tell people the same thing when it comes to most supplements like that it's on lian to supplement to your diet what you're not getting and most people's, their biggest problem is nutrition. And so what are they missing in the nutrition, vitamins, minerals, protein, meals ? So anything that goes along along the lines of that supplement should be added. So multi vitamins the depletion of minerals during training is when your natural on your training like that over training is a real thing. You have to really be replenishing all those vitamins and minerals from training. And if it's not in their diet, they have to be taken that in. And if they're skipping meals, they have to be taking some form of nutrition of macronutrients. So i think this pretty much covers the first. Six months of training, someone starts training, they need to focus on their training, their nutrition and then just supplementation to make up for calories. They're not getting in from food. Teo, get calories more frequently and that's it that's. The first six months after that, we start looking at supplements. And then after that, we start looking at things like steroids. But it really you could grow so freaking fast if your diet and training is on point that you could barely grow any fast. Tron steroids ? Yeah, and it's true and the other thing. The other thing i'll say about training people always ask what's the best way to train that's something you start finding out as you train over the years you will always find different techniques and how your body is responding. But i will say instead of doing all these things in magazines, just see what's always been done and been proven effective. Watch the blood and guts video during it something like that and throw your own little things in there. See what works and what doesn't. Because that right there should be a principal. When you talk about intensity, you should watch that. Video. See what he does. Emulate that same intensity, but throw your own little things. All right, guys, mohr, beginners, basic videos to come your way. And obviously, we're gonna get right back to the advanced body building stuff. But we've got to bring some of us up to this certain level so that we can all understand something more complex, uh, concepts. He swelled school, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution. Aah! Booth. Never. No! The short side. No.

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