Bulking Tips for Busy People | Aaron Reed

Aaron Reed is going to give some tips and advice on bulking up for the busy individuals such as working class americans or students!
Remember, Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail!


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Bulking tips for the busy individual in a working class American student. I'm Aaron Reed, World's tallest bodybuilder. Coming at you live from power Blast GM BANGKOK, Thailand The best advice I have for you. If it's tough for you, get your calories and is the same advice I have for my clients. You have to prepare your meals ahead of time. If you're trying to run around between class or on a lunch break and get your calories in, you will never get there. You will never get there. It's just like when you go to the gym. I'm not going into the gym and just gonna figure out Oh, I think I'LL train leagues there. Oh, I think maybe today all train biceps and maybe some Hampshire. You know, I have a plan, a prepared plan. Execute the plan. So bulking tips the best. The best advice I have for you is prep your meals. Aiken, all my meals in one day on Sunday takes two to three hours. If you need help with that, uh, you know, you can always message me. Check out, eat like aaron dot com, uh, or you get my book a train like aaron dot com either way, but you have the day, uh, you don't want to get yourself with a meal prep service. I can't release right now who I'm getting a partner with. But here soon I'll be partnering you able to get my meals nationwide. But the best advice I simply have is prepare your meals. You know, um, if you want a bull, gradually increase your calories. Don't you know that means spread your meals out? Five meals a day, six meals a day, two shakes Stay consistent. Keep eat the same food every day and then gradually increase them. If it gets hard to the same boots, start using different sauces that air. Okay, if you're having a car meal, you can have a little bit of catch up a barbecue sauce because sugar and sugar is okay. I don't make sure yours and bats. If you are trying to eat like maybe a turkey and um, uh, mixed nuts meal, then you could have some type of a male based sauce. They will add a little flavor. You could always put soy sauce or salt some pepper, you know, But you did say meals all the time. That's the best advice I have for you. You're the first right train hard state focus got Make them game, son.

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