Bust Ed for Growth Hormone Pos Session ??!

I’m here with Samuel Jones, an NPC Competitor, who shares his personal experience on getting busted for possession of Growth Hormone! How is this possible if HGH is a natural occurring hormone in our body?

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Busted for growth hormone possession but wait, how is that possible ? Growth hormone human growth hormone, a naturally occurring hormone in the body that is now known for tremendous anti aging body building, fat loss, health benefits, a potential cure all, and the future of human evolution and it's, not even a scheduled substance in america ? If you go to the d a is website there's a list of scheduled substances that are illegal to possess, sell or transfer or trade and growth hormone is not on that list where growth hormone shows up, and i've done another video about this with a lawyer that i interviewed is it shows up in the united states code as being a substance that is illegal to sell or distribute, not to possess here's someone who was possessing, not with the intent to sell. Now with the intent to distribute a growth hormone, law enforcement found a way we'll call it like a loophole to make the possession of the growth hormone. Even though it's not a scheduled substance illegal now the punishment isn't very bad. We're going to go into that in a minute, but the way that they got someone on possession of growth hormone was saying that growth hormone is a prescription medication and the particular type that you bought. Where did you buy a phone ? Craigslist frank's list. So in the united states, we have craigslist, which is an online service where people can look up, you know, things that they want to sell or buy, and then you connect with the person you go and you pick it up, so he bought a modest amount of growth hormone. And how did the police even know to pull you over in the first place ? What happened is a unique situation. Uh, well, are you referring to the relationship ? Yeah, okay, uh we'll have saller relationship where she tipped them off. They won't admit this, but they were just a few blocks away from my house, and when they pulled me over, i wasn't even told what i was being pulled over before they immediately went into white is your car smells like marijuana, which i didn't have. So then they started to tell me that it was against a lot of transport marijuana, unless you're in love from two club yet i didn't understand why i've been pulled over. For having told me why they hold over you. So then i let her know that i didn't have a prescription from a doctor, but that i had not any in the car. So she said, i have reason to believe that you have more than what you're telling me because i had a prescription from a doctor that gave her problems cause to search my beef and did did any time did she ask ? And you deny care consent to do the search ? No, i was just that i have probable cause i'm gonna search your car, whether you like it or not, pretty much she said, please place your hands on the steering wheel with your prescription that i had from the doctor, proving that i could have possession if i even and just put that on the dashboard and then she escorted. Okay, so then she searches your vehicle and she finds a box of peptides like g h r p e moreland, all the different peptides that you find all the peptides website, some of which enhanced athlete calm cells, and i'm a shortcut this so we can get to the point. Uh, you she had to go to her car and call in the name of each one of these substances. Your supervisor ? None of the peptides or any problems, right ? Don't you have a hole but get milana tan ? This guy was like collecting a box full of peptides. None of them a problem. Checked with the supervisor. Checked with law enforcement. The only one in the box that caused the problem was the prescription growth hormone. That was this an actual prescription, like a prescription label on it ? Uh, okay. So the difference here ? Maybe that because this was a prescription medication that someone got from their doctor and for a prescription and then sold that prescription medication, it would be just like the sale of any other prescription medications so it's. Not that it was a growth hormone itself. It was the fact that it was a prescription medication. Who begs the question if you had bought cheap chinese growth hormone wouldn't have even been a problem because it wouldn't have been a prescription. Can you believe that ? All right, they found a way. Yeah, but then when you got to court, the police officers lied and said they pulled you over. For something completely different than his leash you a cracked windshield, which isn't even wasn't even on issue wasn't even on the ticket wasn't even the reason why he got pulled over. He got pulled over because his ex girlfriend called and said, he's transporting drugs like marijuana, and then they charged me. They didn't charge me for each age they actually went you're after me for possession of paraphernalia because i had insulin leaders that went with the pep times because you can't take the peptides without insulin, and so they went after me for being pulled over with cracked windshield and possession of paraphernalia. So the possession of paraphernalia we don't even know whether hey would've won or lost in court because he settled, all he had to do was take a silly class where you gotta set sit in a circle with your wits like drug addicts, which makes no sense because he's, not a drug addict, we make something very clear. This is not a drug addict whatsoever. This is a stand up guy, uh, he's using growth hormone for the longevity, the health benefits, the muscle building benefits, fat lost benefits, in my opinion most of us should be using growth hormone, and i think the tide is going to change on public perception in the media about growth hormone and hormone replacement. I should like a forever young aging bill creek. What ? Why are you in trouble for billy good like not causing trouble me like we're bettering your health. I got just one of those this's off that's it. We're both friends of street and pioneers of human evolution. I hope you guys appreciate that he shared his story because these kind of stories are hard to share all of us that come out on enhanced athlete and myself that share our story. We're subjecting ourselves to public scrutiny to further the knowledge base of our community and hopefully even for political reasons. Change the tide on public perception on these substances so that we're basing our decisions on truth and facts and not on media hype, because that's, the only way you can have true freedom and that's the only way that together we can pioneer human evolution, be swell in small, my friends of freedom fight here.

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