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Let's, talk about the culture here of steroids, the reader feedback coming from the people either fake or degraded over time. If you have a guy that knows no stuff, you don't want to share it too much. It's not refrigerated, but please don't injected in you. They don't even know the difference between carbs and proteins. When you walk into any gear shop and you ask for gear, or even looked like a body builder, usually the whip out. Some pamphlets like that. This so i have some examples and what's interesting is they actually have sar me's so here's a pamphlet of ce arms right there. And then we have a pamphlet of milan itan gf one lr three we have growth hormone, and then we have pamphlet of gear that has all the different types and usually if they don't speak english like the pharmacy, you just point to what you want. They say they haven't don't have it, and what we've realized is normally they don't have it like in stock, but they have some kind of local supplier, so you'll usually pay him that day and you'll come back the next day and pick it up pretty pretty standard is that because maybe they had to be raided or something. You think that's ? Why ? They don't hold a lot of stuff in stock. Maybe they wait to get the money. It's like consignment, almost like they wait to get the money. Then when you pay them, then they go pay the wholesale price. And then they keep the retail price. It would be simple business if that's what they do. We already know from terre in that in a pharmacy it's her hit or miss because something could be counterfeited even if it looks really. But you want to get somewhere ? Hopefully, if you trust from somewhere. I had this experience with palace we just bought sally's chris there had bought the same solace. He said that was probably a fake. We took we tried it. It was it definitely. I didn't feel anything in the gym. Usually take something cialis. Viagra was this side effects and it's a very bad word of its side effects actually show us you have some real stuff, right ? That's the one of the ways that we test gear when we travel the world as we overdose on it and we see if we feel the side effects. If we do, then we know it's real then we back down on the dosage. Actually there's a two step process. First we take a very little bit to make sure we don't have allergic reaction. Then we overdose on it and then it's like a military, right ? Don't you ? You shoot three times, then you'd land right in the middle of such i actually did a similar thing with equal parts. Have very low. Blood pressure. Normally and then i just opted for tested, and then i go blood pressure. I have pain in my head. And then i realized it's. Good stuff. Yeah. You test all your own gear here. You use your pretty much and you get a lot of feedback from the users. Of course. And as actually i used to joke with especially the new stuff psalms is father knew is that i said that i buy a cell is for you if you come back with feedback because i mean, you want to feed back your reed reed, reed reed, but the real feedback come from the people who use how you feel. So how's this arm's feedback specially for them care. Six, seven, seven amazing gears readily available. I mean, tell me some of the prices of the gear, and then we're going to get into liked if you have any of the exotic here. Prices first notes about ten on ten male two thousand bucks around sixty. Sixty bucks. So sixty dollars a ten mil bottle of test. How about a little bit ? Little bit more. Just just just more about trend. Ace trey. Nice demagogue to treat thousand bahts, it's ninety bucks ninety bucks ok, now in the pharmacy's out there, it's a little bit cheaper, but you're also taking a little bit of the risk that it could be counterfeit. You think it's a big risk, i think, is vigorous. I know what we have about the big risk is especially if it's off brand named there's a lot of these dragon, this dragon that somebody different dragon brands i've never heard of that actually have seen someone company and with the wild something floating around in it, does it please you don't need to buy from me, but please don't inject it in your eyes. I'm surprised how much you knew about growth hormone, the fact that you keep refrigerated and the fact that you've used it yourself and you've got your own blood work on it were pretty much the only western. So what did the safe alongs that dealing with this here in thailand, people coming off for us for reporting a trust and we need to know where self that's always it is. If you go to a lot of different shops around the world pharmacies and you buy growth hormone. It's not refrigerated. Sure, it might be real growth hormone. But if it's sitting out in heat for too long he's gonna degrade it had been it was really at one time that is degraded over time. And they the pharmacy oftentimes doesn't know that with growth hormone. Give me an example of a price of growth formed around roughly twelve thirteen thousand bucks for the hundred units. So four hundred dollars for a kit on my travels around the world. It's usually two, fifty two, four hundred, because that would be on the higher side. But then again, i've bought kits for two, fifty two, four hundred all over the world that ended up being fake, like more often either fake or degraded over time due to temperature and then it's a complete waste. So what i notice, i think people are willing to pay if you can show that you have read stuff, the problem is not if it's cost two, fifty, four hundred. If you really can't prove that you have raced off the gladly pay the four hundreds, but they really be fucking unhappy to pay two fifty push it. Yeah, people want quality, and they're willing to pay for quality if you injecting something. If we're injecting something in our body it's not just like, is it under dosed ? Is it really or fake ? It's also like is there toxic things in this ? That i'm injecting him ? My body is how good was their filtration ? What type of oil are they using ? That i'm injecting in ? My body says, but what are scarce ? Made it look like we're living here and forget thailand, maybe into bank roll, right. A nice night. There is ten. Twenty. Thirty thousand baht, right ? But it's coming here, andi, argue about two hundred bucks for a bottle. And they actually injecting it in in themselves is one thing. If it's on the dosed i mean that that's, not the world, right ? You just get not so much in it but it's a small metal. So or things like that you actually get poisoned. But they gladly pay too on about for a drink. Made for ten drinks with hand, ladies. But are you for me ? For two hundred bucks for that ? That sleep is surprising. Let's. Talk about the culture here of steroids. Most the customers are they westerners. Australian. European american or is the thai community starting to get into bodybuilding and warm, tight community starting teo training there come that for two protein politics ? Of course they're getting something that you need. So all this isn't just for looks like someone actually buys these powders there. I thought these were just like toe, like make this look like, you know, a real story and they coming to the protein powder on and they find some local deeble seller against some orm ethel testosterone tight china and taiwan the pop testosterone they know they don't do any pct they crash that lose their sex drive when they're scared there with the rest of her life. But it's been fantastic to be. I want to be in there for three years, but i see how the gym scene has changed asia's growing both man and women going to gym and hear when they see you training and you did have a little bit massive state like wow instead of back home, the slap in the face but definitely catching on. How about the growth hormone in the insolent ? How popular it the growth hormone in the end ? Obviously it starts. With gear, everybody starts with gear, and then they realized there's only part of the equation. The ball's gateway, then injectables, then growth hormone that insulin trevor approved it. Then lady boys come after all that the knowledge here, and then you see in the gym also is twenty years back. Maybe they've heard of the balls and testes on that's where lebanese incident i think maybe it's abode and grow from, well, insulin. Here you can't buy it over the counter that even you could possibly get underground like in the us. But that's something you got to get from the hospital to get a prescription for not that it's, hard to do, but it's like a huge hassle to find the hospital, go to the hospital, convince ability. I'm not sure, but i think also people maybe don't really wants to sell it first this sheep so they don't want you don't make money and it's dangerous for people that don't no one was using it, and it has to be stored in a refrigerator in this type of climate of this harsh over ? Sure, a lot of drawbacks to selling. Yeah, they don't even know the difference. Between carbs and protein, let me contrast that with some other countries. There are some other countries where insulin is readily available over the counter and it's cheap people use insulin instead of anabolic ce because they get that instant effects they blow up big. Yeah, maybe they're going to gain some fat too, but they get that instant full effect and insulin does build muscle and it is cheap. So it is like the poor persons anabolic alternative. Maybe the ball and it's a perfect stack, right ? Cost ? You're the dollar something and then you grow up. Where do we see gear going ? Or tell me something more interesting about what you think the future of gear in highland is. I've been a couple of shows and there isn't good thai border is coming up slowly, slowly getting better. Better master six seem to have a guy. I trained in east division one hundred and two competitors. So the show is growing and even the bar girls you see now you can actually go to gym light and then they go to work on that c t m ten years. Pretty much all the english speaking people that come through here get their information from things like enhanced athlete, right ? But then we have, like these the thai people or other people that maybe don't speak so much english. Where do you think their source of information is when it comes to gear and body ? Is there like a local magazine ? Is their local coach that's pushing certain information was interesting. I think mostly comes from some four hundred, they teach someone, but also our are like living like that that if they have a guy that knows no stuff, you don't want to share it too much because there are some guys good, but they know they have no idea. No, i call those in the service batch protectors. Well, what happens in america is you've got someone that really knows what they're doing, and it shows in their physique or the people that they've coached will use that reputation to get clients, but they won't actually give the clients what works. They'll just give the clients just enough to make a little progress. Yeah, but not the real secrets that's how it is with most all the big coaches and that's, the problem is that everybody's got like half truths. They really don't know that full secret. Obviously my job is traveling around the world is to get as much of that information out as possible not to expose other people's secrets, but so that we can all be on the same level and progress together instead of being held back by our own insecurities and and control of information so that we can all pioneers the evolution that's actually five game, right ? If everyone will know it's the same way you can't compete with then with and also progress faster. This is the message i'm trying to get out. You're going to help me do that here in thailand, spread the word tearing. You have your stack on your phone there, show us your stack. So this is a terrible lemming year a year in two months and he watches enhance athlete and he's building his stack based on what's available here what gear's available and what his current knowledge level is. Certainly all of this stuff is is available here. So let's, make sure we understand what's available. We got total of three hundred trans six hundred sauce and four hundred master own. And then it says how he does it each week we got some h g h r i g f in there. We got some tea for very smart that's. Um, provider and we've got some anna droll and you do use the insulin post, work out on days that you have lagging body parts and then carb up on those days. This is all available here in thailand. I know a lot of my friends actually fly to thailand to get their gear and then they bring it back home. And a lot of people will fly all the way from uk. Come here, get the stuff and bringing a legal in uk for like, three months or six months. Personal supply. What ? This personal supply ? That's premature. Only country in europe. What i know because everyone else this is like goto hell like if using steroids. So in really special bodybuilder in thailand. Come here. Real quick. Bodybuilder in thailand has his own youtube channel. I just want to know if you have anything to comment our ad or correct erica's a level of expertise earlier you were mentioning about people are willing to pay money for quality from your experience what brands which you say represent that quality. Before we had met attack, i have a pretty good reviews on that one. But that's that's not available here anymore now. So now pharma company has come here and we will happen about that really good reviews but that's pretty much an hour. The farmer pappy's come you see my test of my growth money there is good quality. Many people coming here for the quality because authority is becoming a problem in you, even in europe, europe before wass, like have a bodybuilder from turkey calling me i was like, wait, turkey was it was a shit before to have the best game and he calling me and ask you to buy a gift. So so something happening and it's too much fake news out there. What i experienced in colombia when we're buying gear is they were all named brand gear. When when the lady later model on the counter in another nutrition store like this, we ask if they sell gear. Oh, sure, there they all are on the counter and they look riel but they ended up being fake. So so they're name brand. Yeah, they're name, brand gear so it's like you can't always go by the name brand because i need someone good. If a company's going to fake gear, they're going to put a label on it. That is a reputable name brand not gonna put, like, some crappy. It cost him the same to put like a pharmaceutical brand versus like putting some dingy fake label on there. All these lazy boys are coming over here. All right ? They go to these corner pharmacies and they see the cheap fucking ipad catalogued ful l for farmer, full of many tech and they want to they want to take it on. But i say to him, you know that they come to the teller ship and they bring this up again the corner pharmacy get fucking flow under debo sixteen hundred. No sight we had. You know what you're getting, cause there's a leave a copy. You know, louis vuitton, there's, gucci. All these fucking fake handbags, it's. Just like the balls again. You're buying, you know, it's easy for some of the pharmacies. They're not doing it on purpose. They don't know. It's fake. They've got ah, wholesaler that's wholesaling it to him and telling him, it's real and they don't know anything about steroids and they don't know how to test it, and they're not the ones using and they're selling out the foreigners that by and go home with it who never give him the feedback on it. But they have these pamphlets, and so, you know, if you go in, you see a pamphlet and you just pick a steroid out of the pamphlet, you think you're getting like the one that's, the pharmaceutical one here, but you could be getting a knock off, but i mean, don't don't assume that they're all knockoffs were just saying that this is a risk some are and some are well, what i have seen honestly, iss that most people coming in, i've thought if you can inject something yourself, you have a little bit of reading that zippy print naturally, most people coming in and they have no idea, i tell you, no idea. They have heard what stare it is good to build muscles and you just say to me what you take i guess i go to the wall and you're gonna be small, they're gonna do it many people looking for guidance, tohave that's, scarce metal bit because they go to the corner pharmacy on where have they read it ? Maybe they have really from cc or whatever and what's that gonna take. So i really try. Teo asked guy where you at, what have done before and really try to make him a good advice. And so they're not fucked himself up. What about the pct ? What about, like clomid and nolvadex and xms stain on hcg where someone could get those from a pharmacy ? Those less likely. That was a good question. I mean, h g, we have having over next week. Chloe, we have a much haven't people. Okay, get so every pretty much everything here is available. Tony wanted a ce faras the pct. Those air, you know, cancer, drugs for controlling breast cancer, estrogenic cancers. The european manufacturers are imported to the pharmacy's here. So those air usually legit. Yeah. I mean, it'll be like, made by pfizer and that's available. Tto help educate your audience as well. We'll leave a stack of cards right here. Enhanced athlete and you can tell himto watch the videos, that's our homework assignment, then come by. And by the gear that we're discussing. In some of the videos, we swell in school. My friends of freedom find years of human evolution. Right ?

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