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Can you combine deca and trend? I'm Dr Tony Huge. This is Coach Trevor. First of all, the reason why some people think that you can't combine deck and trend is because they're both progestin sze. They both have progesterone side effects. And if you're if you're combining the two, then you're gonna enhance the side effects of the progesterone, which means things like prolactin buildup, which is going to kill sex drive. Obviously, uh, natural testosterone suppression is gonna crash completely, even on the lowest dose of either of them. So that's not going to get any worse. What other things they're gonna happen when you combine could potentially happen or what? People be fearing that could happen by combining deck. Kendra. Yeah, the gyno. Just all the prolactin issues. The guy know that you're not being able to get it up, and some people get it from decades so bad. Some people get it from trend so bad. And then now you're combining Teo. They're notorious for it. So if you're susceptible to that, it's, uh it's pretty bad, but and I've ran in quite a few times, is one of my favorites. And I never had that problem. Well, let's say why would someone run them together? Right? Even keeping in mind. This is not medical advice. This is for educational entertainment. Horses only the's a prescription medications on ly using a doctor's supervision even though they're both progesterone Sze based. Just look at the profiles of you, have a really good anabolic and then you have trend, which is it's an andro, an anabolic. They're very good together, even though they are the same. And that could cause some really bad effects. Just I mean, go for yourself on DH. Look at the profiles. Look at the side effects. You have trend, which can cause, um, electrolyte issues with the water and balance, too. And then, Ian Angela. I mean, these are a little small things. I'm nandrolone that causes some water attention joints, you know, causing fluid to go into your joint. So you kind of you minimize those effects. It's like doing wind straw with nandrolone kind of deal. So they kind of work side by side in a lot of ways. One for side effects and two for the game's on. It was probably it's one of my favorites still to this day, you know, running with a few other things. But now with the men I believe if I was to have done it meant would probably be a really good, really good addition to switch those two around. Well, I think the men kind of replaces the Deca because meant is so much more anabolic, but it's not. I mean, it is angiogenic, but it doesn't have kind of those angiogenic effects of certain specific ones to trend, so that kind of stacked together. We'LL do another video on that, but let's talk about dosages. I mean, do you have to reduce the dosage of either the deca or the trend when you're combining them? Would you run full dosage of each? Well, you would, I mean, for side effect. Reason. Some guys does that threshold. They take just one milligram too much, and that's their They're screwed. So you do wanna lower in that and actually, too, it's the same was running when you do Anna draw on Diana ball together because those air very synergistic what you also lower the dose and it would be the same thing with your trim blown and then angelone he do lower the dose, sneering and get a lot more effects. Now if you could handle it and you were, you know, experience. You could run him at the same dose is what you normally went. But that's not something. You just go right off the bat. These are things you you really have to learn your body before even trying it. And then you start low and you work your way up as results go on. Here's my experience with combined deca and try and tell me if you think my theory on it is wise or unwise, I figured trend is going to be the main anabolic and muscle builder. Trend's going to be more powerful than deca Trend's going not cause me to hold more water. So I'm gonna prioritize the trend. Gonna do Mohr trend Although that changed since then, I hate trend side effects. I can't stand how it makes me feel antisocial and grumpy. So I don't do very much Tran anymore. But at the time, I was thinking higher dose trend and just a little bit of Decca for the joints to lubricate my joints. It's not so much that I hold a lot of water, so I get moon face. Uh, not so much that I gotta worry about the extra progesterone side effects. So my dosage, if I could remember correctly or at least thinking back what dosage makes sense to me would have been, uh, three hundred fifty milligram. This is low dose. You remember guys, I do pretty low doses of this stuff. Three hundred fifty milligrams a week of trend ace. Fifty milligrams per day every day. And then just once a week Deca long acting nandrolone, Uh, and just one shot of two hundred fifty milligrams once per week. Deccan eight Esther names. Yeah, I know a lot of national guys and higher up guys. I'd do the same thing. They almost treated you. When you get to that level, you've been doing it there in their late thirties. Early forty's been doing their whole life just like two sausage, and they almost never come Often. Angelo and a lot of wrestlers do the same thing, too. They always stayed on an Angela because the way it made him feel joint wise. I mean, it really does take a lot of that stress up your joints and beating all the blunt force trauma from training for so long. They get aches and pains like you know, especially the wrestlers, but the pain's and they'LL run that all the way up until maybe a month out from their show. So that's always a staple, and it's always like the same. Knows what you're talking about. Two hundred milligrams, three hundred milligrams, and it just happens to be a staple, and they don't even use it anymore for the anabolic part. They just run it for that effect. And I know lots of people do it, and there's a lot of yeah, wrestlers and notorious for it and that come out in the open and talked about it. So that's actually really smart thing to do, because once they dry out, if you were running and say wind straw lot and doing all these dry gainers and things that can cut water when your joints start to hurt, even though it's a temporary thing, you're taking the water which lubrication out of your joints. So the joint actually is grinding over time, so over time we actually cause damage and which is gonna cause even more down the road they can be screwed. So, having that extra lubrication she takes at that joint grinding on itself away, too. So it's kind of a preventive measure and it's temporary and helping him, and you could push more weight. All right, the next question last question is how common you think that combining deck entrant is personally, the athletes I've talked to their either using decker or trend they don't usually use both. At the same time, they basically do deca during kind of the off season. And then when it comes closer to competition time, they switched to the trend. Uh, but it sounds like from you since you were doing decadent Tran. It sounds like you're working with other athletes that also combine it. So how how common is it? Well, I'll tell you right now, in the higher level, it's common super coming higher level. When you get under national level shows, it's you never hear about it, and everyone you know on forums, all these Internet warriors and just everyone you talk to will bash it. And it's not until you get to the higher level when people understand them that they it's it's you know, it's one thing that a lot of people do, but at the lower level, you just here because of ah to progesterone side effects. You don't do this, you don't do that. And you know, that's That's the rule of thumb. You know, there's all these things. You have to run your test higher on this and they swear by it's kind of one of those things. Okay, well, then why don't we just take a little bit of everything? Why don't we go Boston Lloyd style and just take everything you're talking about? Diana Ball works with the Ana droll and both of those or liver toxic. And yet there's some synergy stacking everything. There's certain compounds that have synergies together. That's what stacking the term comes from. They have synergies together. That's why you stuck certain compounds. You can'tjust act every compound and then what you going to do? It's just too much. You have to run so X amount to get in the fact you can't run that much. You just you spilt over. You're not gonna do anything more. Well, are you saying there's some Mohr synergy between deck and trend is there is between deca test or trend and master own or, I mean, they each have their own synergy, so you pick you pick which ones work the best, and then at the same time is picking which ones work the best you plan, you plan your schedule out. So you're going to run these? That worked the best. But you're also going to save the ones that would work the best together right after that. So when you're switching your compounds, you're never coming off those synergies. If deca the main reason that I would use decades for the joint lubrication. Um, because I can use other things that are better for building muscle and not have to hold on to that much water was now that what we realized How big of a water plays a role in health and also in the look of the muscle. So let me think first I got home, Yeah. Is there any other reason we would add deca to trend other? Any other advantage that it has beyond the joint lubrication that is better than the other steroids that could be used instead, like E Q or primo or anything else that's that's anabolic. Yeah, they would have their own time specific. You'd use him so primo and the trend could work together. Even though you say, Oh, train's going overshadow Primo. There's reasons you would run it, but you would run that for a show. You wouldn't really necessarily want to run that your whole offseason, because you do need to change the deca, and the trend would be much better for growing at certain points in time, depending on what you're doing and the and the way deca nandrolone is anabolic on the way trembles and bog has is a vastly different. So you're combining two vastly different animal Alex, one being animal again androgen, one being mainly anabolic, but they work differently separately, but they worked together. When you combine them, that's what this energies are, so you find what works totally different. But when they come together, they increase growth hormone insulin that deal so you're taking two separate things that work in different ways. But when you combine them to work together all right, guys, if you like this, go ahead and subscribe so you can see more of this stuff that we post and follow on Facebook and Snapchat if you dare to see what's happening in my personal life. I'm warning you, though, if you watched the Snapchat, you might be seriously offended. Be swollen. Sold my friends of freedom, my pioneer.

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