Cane’s Corner | Trust the Process | Life of a Bodybuilder | Part 1

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It's six fifty a. M in the morning, we're here at sacramento's airport, get ready to go to dallas. Europa. I'm dressed comfortably. I had like my shape, because, honestly, i liked it sleep when i when i travel, so people can't see me, you know it's bad enough. I'm already fucking big, just kind of laid back like that and go to sleep. Community it's. Terrible. I used to. Taking my priest walked on the plane with loaded there. Ready for takeoff ? My baggage didn't make it out of colorado, but it will be here tonight. You just got here. Get this car, get my food in the refrigerator real quick, what's gonna go back really quick. Probably like three hundred. That five mils a day already has sit down one third of a cup of rice, courtney. Jealous. Hotel keys. But go upstairs. Put this food on ice. Is there one here in dallas, though ? The time is, i believe nine o'clock it's, pretty dark outside, but we're still in california times it's seven man and words. We're just here, kids done right now, and i can write about dallas europa's. It's gonna be awesome and it's going to happen. And i believe this is going to be the competition to show. That defines me as is a high ranking two, twelve competitors and that's what we're here to do to compete with that. No.

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