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Do we need to eat carbohydrates for breakfast? Let’s ask the expert Coach Trevor. Although it depends on people who compete and the average person, this video will probably be more geared to those who compete or are into bodybuilding. The reasoning is because Coach Trevor says to go by the way you look (vascularity, fullness, etc.)

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Do i need thio eat steroids for breakfast ? You go by how you look if you look great, if you're full and vascular, don't have the carbohydrates, so your breakfast isn't as important, nor as extreme as it would be for someone else up eight, twelve hours, or who has a fast metabolism the best times they get carbohydrates, which should be your post workout. Amy chills us staying young. Greetings from what town, er, birmingham, england do i need thio eat steroids for breakfast ? I mean carbohydrates for breakfast go by how you look and that goes with anybody that never do a diet where it says x amount of carbohydrates to stay x amount of carbohydrates that day you go by how you look if you look great, if you're full and vascular, don't have the carbohydrates if you start softening up your vascular ity is going away that's when you would have the carbohydrates and you know how much tohave the longer you do this but there's also the point where you have too much carbohydrates, you lose your vascular parity that's the term spilling over, and you need to know what the difference is when your muscles are as full even when they're spilt over versus being flat and nothing no water so retains what are covering the veins that's when your flab so in your flat had the carbohydrates when you're full or you start spilling over, don't have until you get back to that point. If someone carries a lot more body fat, it might be harder to see. In the mirror, though, right ? Yeah would then a better way to be able to tell if they're full or have enough carbohydrates stores teo maybe pump up a little bit, maybe flax, and see if their muscles feel full, since they can't see it quite as much. I never even thought about that, but that's really probably a smarter way to do it. Just put on the same t shirt you wear every day. If it's loose on you, then you know you're you're flat and if it's really tight on you know you're spilt over if someone's bulking and they want to air on the side of caution, should they just plan on having carbohydrates every morning, whether they're full or not ? Bulking ? It defers to your metabolism, so if you have a fast metabolism, usually carbs or quite frequent and a lot of fat too, but those would be more frequently have slower metabolism. You don't need a cz much, and it depends how much sleep are getting even it for maybe six hours of sleep. So you go to bed, you wait, i don't know beef sam and whatever, you still have that when you wake. Up so your breakfast isn't as important, nor as extreme as it would be for someone else up eight, twelve hours, or who has a fast metabolism because the faster your metabolism is, the more you're doing them or drugs you take, then your metabolism is going to come directly back to your your breakfast because you're taking all these drugs and everything's going haywire. But you had eight, twelve hours or a fast metabolism that's burning up so much your body senses that we'll start to slow down that's when breakfast will make or break you another theory, as people say, you should eat your carbs in the morning, you need that for energy and they say, don't eat carbs at night because it's just going to turn into fat as we know from kyoto diets, blood sugar isn't your main source of energy. What's in your blood isn't the best form of usable energy glycogen is so the best times they get carbohydrates are the best times to super come to se a muscle full of glycogen that should be your post workout so the more you could fill up your glycogen, the longer gonna have energy stores. When you start having sugar, your blood glucose does this you get that tired up and down feeling but it's the muscle glycogen, that's your energy so keeping your blood sugar stable is more important. That's why, kiddo ? You can have good energy levels on taquito because it's not blood sugar you're not worrying about how high your blood sugar's your body. Well, we'll fix that for you. Okay, so got it on ly have carbohydrates in the morning if i look and feel flat because otherwise, my carbohydrate stores were still full from the night before, or even the work out the day before, because when you have carbohydrates, post workout, your body can absorb so much more and you could cruise the whole day on just those glycogen storage that you had post were work out if it was done correctly. Sometimes when you're too flat, we've experienced it, too. When we're in philippines, you have to add this much more fats for those carbs a stick. So otherwise you get to that point where i talk about having twelve on the grounds of carbs a day because there's not enough fat for those carbohydrates to stick he'll start burning through him too quick. So sometimes when you go extremely flat, you have to have increase your fats with the carbohydrates. Be swollen, swollen, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution. Trevor it's only used love fan stay true to the badness. Nobody came out last way. Get away! No, get your way.

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a good video, can yu post ssrms cycles