Cary Nosler on What Type of Water to Drink | Tap Water or Distilled Mineral Water

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All right, i'm a lot more. You know, that filters through the water, but out of state what's going on. Nah, malu confused on that area i have seen again, some research that shows alkaline water could be very good. And personally, i do like water with naturally carbonated water, which kind of action that regarded as well in terms of the ph those i think makes sense, you know, other that you've got to go by, how you feel, you know, if you're doing some of the things we mentioned before and that you're having promised digesting food and you're using all the alkaline water it's kind of like well, especially if you're really it's, like again symptom removal, you know what ? You're taking away the problems created by what she knew, eh, yes, yeah, so you could take away the problems that come from what you've done by alkali zing something, but that doesn't necessarily mean that that's what you want to do, so do it, diet first and then see if that other thing works. So make sure you're getting a plant based diet. Primarily have your protein and your good fats. No way we're gonna drink water throughout the day as finding killers just everyday people. What would your ingredients before optimal water temperature of water ? Having lemon. Well, what tense ? There, here's something for you in between meals. If you drink cold water, you definitely will burn more calories. Because again, what somebody's got to do when you bring in the coal, you gotta heat it up. So there was a guy i worked with arthur jones, the nautilus guy. Uh, eliot darden, his publisher, rosa ellington had a thing on drinking cold logic. So much cold water between meals to burn more calories. Yeah. It's weird how you like, i do, like high. I've been to europe, i've been to the mineral springs spas and the europeans air. We've done a lot of research on that so high mineral water every guys used to sell the distill one said apple stick i turned out to be hokum. You know, that was that raw minerals from the body, you know, good mineral water is really the way to go. Usually get that stuff, but, uh, trader joe's, i'm in german water or something carol scene or something like that. I don't know what about incident. If you're not using an alkaline filter, something that outlines our allies is put a little baking soda. And you get to say that results in a lot cheaper here, about six thousand dollars machine no allowed, we had left to work with lemon and baking soda has been used by you. Some europeans for cancer prevention problem is, watch out when you put the big hook lemon with reaction team, which watering at the government's going, you know, the license visit from but i think taking baking soda throughout the day special if you're on a high acid food program watch approaching that makes a lot of sense, but it's still not with the digestion of tween, right ? Right ? Yeah, i think that makes sense and baking soda let's buck trying to be free or even a big thing of natural lemon juice or something in the morning. Well, i see you got my limits over their ex. Squeeze my lemon and put in the water sometimes mineral got mineral water. I don't have a big sort of i don't know what about people that they want a drink, water that you drink water while they eat what's best to do it roots and those people are either taking too much soul. You're eating too many process food just this it will, because they're eating foods that make you thirsty. You know, if you're eating that much water is in, you know, like a carriage, you know, whatever you're eating natural food, you get water. If you're not, yeah, you'll be thirsty will be dehydrated. A lot of people are behind you. Yeah. I interviewed a guy from iran years ago. What ? What ? Call your body's natural need for water wasn't a raining and envy that was imprisoned by shaw. Has been jules while he was in prison. He was taking care of other prisoners. All he had was watered your stable water. A lot of them got better. So that eighty percent of diseases, i mean headaches. People out throughout the day. Like everything your body's. Seventy percent water ? Yeah, mostly portis drinking caffeinated drinks, you know, drinking enough water. Especially today, you know, inside with ambient temperature. It's control. You know, in a way that the hydrate to takes water away from your body. What about drinking too much water ? Oh, you have to die. All right, try to, too. But how about just a little too much ? Yeah. That's. A fetish if you have that desire. And you just have to keep drinking. Have to keep drinking, not satisfied. Something else is wrong. So what ? Something's not right, let's, put it that way. You but here's a thing. As you get older, your inmate understanding how much water you need goes away. Older people don't know when they need more water, so you need to consciously like drinkwater on schedule. You should have more yet because you just don't have a thirst. The thirst impulse is gone, no that's. Also, why you need more protein years ago, because you're not going to have this much use. You drink the mineral water when i can have daryl steam that's, what i like to do, you drink faucet water like a filter, and i got a little thing in there, like a brita filter. Pure exploring, a little better breathe. It's got a silver membrane stuff to kill the bacteria it's. Good, but i used to get the other stuff. I got to calm person, but if i have a good builder, this is where no.

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