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Cussing, which is the worst part. And you could have because they make glue with cousin. Do you know that? Trust me, the most important thing is training. So I ask you, how much protein for bodybuilding and basically your answer, We're but we're gonna get into more detail. But your answer is proteins, not the problem. These people, all the people in the gym. It's not that they don't have enough protein. Okay, so and assuming that protein powders or sub optimal depends what type of protein you having? Any place where you mix in the program with Are you mixing the starch? A couple hundreds. Are you mixing with just vegetables? There's a difference. There is well in the efficiency off the digestive system. How long that the province there in the stomach to be digested? How you know all those things? You know, ten years ago, Carson was the worst thing you could have all of a sudden. Oh, yeah. Gotta have custom when I'm sleeping before I go to sleep, because I need to be prodded into releasing how one of many. How long does it take for a normal meal to be digested? That consist off. Beef and potatoes or rights would take at least five to six hours to be digested and absorbed, maybe ten hours. So what happens in the meantime? What do you have to drink on extra protein shake before you go to bed because you think I'm going to need it. You know, especially cussing, which is the worst part. And you could have because they make glue with cousin. Do you know that they make glue with cussing? And what do you think happens? Your intestines? If you're having too much milk, powdery products like this, he gets What's the word like you created film your intestines, which it helps absolve Joan of Nutrients to maybe seventy to eighty percent. Bless problem with Casey and also a problem with the wake. Isolate because it's just so quickly. But the problem is, is the product companies they they they try to create something new all the time. Listen, I'm a gym owner. I sell products. What I'm saying now is against what? As a businessman, but I'm truthful because I feel that if they're putting companies and the supplement companies had us in there in and actually as customers, we should be looking after as even more because they could sell even more products if we thought that what they're telling us is the truth and is not the not the silliness, you know, But they don't see that. They see. Imagine if they could create a product or other products. I'll be a lot more beneficial to us. We can get less of it, but it can make more profit out of it because they've been officially won't be wasted. Every show off and something new comes out. I remember one off years ago I was Argentina. And what was the I remember it was you and it was a new things. I mean, what is with the new things are little brother is having so many. I mean, once it's a day and everybody and then he was creating Are the next big you think this What happens now? Holly cell in creating people realize it's not the magical product that it's supposed to be. They you know, people have problems with their kidneys because of of creating water retention problems, you know, every shelf in something you will come on the market to try and entice us to buy. This is why I want people to learn to train more correctly because they're training wrong. They're not improving. They think if I increase my project if I take this supplement, if I do that, I would become better because eyes my nutrition. That's wrong. He's no more training by reality. Trust me, the most important thing is training. Nutrition, if you live in a Western society, is comes down way down the least for obviously, the better your intuition is. More cover ability will have more, but in reality, an overall picture. Everybody has enough protein, enough cops, enough nutrients to grow and recover.

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