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Overcoming cerebral palsy with lifestyle and supplementation i'm here with my friend of freedom, and we're at the body power expo in england. He was just explaining some of the supplements and lifestyle changes he made toe overcome cerebral palsy. As you can see he's staying normally fit, he feels good. How did you get to this ? And where did you come from ? Tell me, before you discovered how'd it ? We'll call it cure. Cure it. What condition were you in before you implemented the secrets you're about to reveal to us ? Well, about a year ago, i was diagnosed with trunk and maturity gland, which basically wasn't doing his job, so i suffer with fatigue very badly all the time they want, and they basically told me that was from cerebral posey, and that wasn't really anything they could do about it. It just wouldn't do his job. So about maybe three months ago, i start using m k six seven seven because i knew it would. Well, i hope it would maybe make my church gland activate. What bitch ? It's ? No, i've been a million times better than i've ever seen in my life from simply using that. Alone in such a difference and there's a couple of their compounds, you're going to tell us that you've used but tell us about like you mentioned your balance, improved your strength, your stamina. So tell me what you felt like before. What was your condition before i was always was i was always just a much week of virgin of myself now when i was young, my balance was terrible. I trained and trained on my balance go about then when i hided charms into my training, i was stronger, my balance improved and just my lifestyle a lot better, you know, from from austrian or the muscle on the main thing for me was i suck so bad with fatigue that i would use him maybe a hundred milligrams of caffeine in one seven that would just about weight male on that was simply because my patrol glam wasn't working ana soon within maybe two or three days the m k six, seven seven i'd wake up and i'd be ready to go. I'm just no, i needed my energy improved by everything from training and even like the feel good back up because i've got more energy. It was like my everyday life improved. I'm you know, they told me at the hospital they believe it was down to my several posey, that i have the issue. So, you know, i believe that it would help anyone else with the same issue. Yeah, the reason why we're doing this video is because you were telling me it was like a testimony like, hey, i use these likes arms and in case it's stolen these enhanced at the things that enhanced athlete karis and i know it sounds like a sales pitch. My intention completely my intention completely is that i know that there are other people suffering from the same thing because they reach out to me on my channel. Tons of people with various diseases and conditions. Ask me about how research chemicals might be able to help their condition. But it's, not medically vices for any medication was only let's. Talk a little bit more about the protocol. Tell me the dosage you took of the coral growth hormone on of the austin muscle. And if you used any othersarms to help you get over cerebral palsy ? Well, with m k six seven seven, the first day i took three on, i was insanely hungry, and i took it in the morning. It was like it was a good feeling because i wanted to eat, but then i couldn't stop it. I then watched the video of yours said you could also take it in the evening, so i was taking it in the evening after i'd eating a meal on, i wasn't got hungry and i sleep really well. I lowered it to twenty milligrams and i've been taken twenty mill around ever since i find i've increased that a few times, just experiment if i took four, he wants by found that made me a bit tired the following day, but twenty for me was the spot where i can wake up and think, okay, i'm ready to go and i haven't felt the i'm ready to go feeling but a number of years. Caffeine, all sorts of different stimulants. What working for may with austin muscle i was doing tuas well, so twenty million grounds they found us in the gym. It was more so. I know it isn't known for like strengthen creams, but with my condition i'm no mena be a strong as saying somebody that's able bodied, even though i consider myself able bodied and i don't look at myself as having a disability, but the fact is i'm not going to be a stronger as everyone else mannix or just gave me a little bit of that system on, and i know if i was maybe increase those or use a difference on which i plan on doing that, you know, of my performance will improve ten boat it's almost put me at a level where i'm level playing field now with everyone else, even though in my mind, i know i look at myself the same as everyone else that's things that other people can do bad to me for that reason and it's, like, made me soft catch up now, you know, and it's really hard to change a lot for me. I wouldn't just random they come up to you and tell you a story like this is legit truth. I've never met you before. This is nothing but the truth. You know you haven't asked me to do say there will do this that's my experience, you know, i think personally because i know of the disabilities and the issues i have, i believe it would work for anyone else if i can help one other person, you know, maybe that is twice and i am or maybe slightly back in mission and i are then i've done, you know, i've done the right thing that has made a massive difference my line so thank you, that's what it's all about. So you see, you share the same passions ideo helping people improve their quality of life, and i genuinely do believe that it will do that. My goal, my goal always was from when i was young is the show people with disabilities you could do the same thing as everyone else. Maybe you'll do it slow up, maybe or, you know, maybe you were in a race and you finish last fact is you entered the race with everyone else. So if i can give people advice by this has changed my life and it works for them. Maybe it might not even work as well. But if it works one percent ten percent, i've helped that person just like you want to do with bodybuilding and finishing lifestyle if i could. Do that for people with disabilities, because if you look at me, you wouldn't say, oh, my god, unless i walk, you wouldn't say god that that guy's got a disability, so just walk. Different. I'm still the same. So if these people can live the same life as i do and, you know, fit in with everyone else, then i've achieved my goal so well. I think i have anyway, let's hope so. Thank you for that, and be swell on swole, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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