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Coach Trevor had me take a specific test protocol (10 units of Chinese grade HGH) and then get blood work done 2 1/2 hours later so he can analyze the report. Coach Trevor explains how his test protocol of HGH works and the reasoning behind it.

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Dr tony huge of enhanced athlete dot com. I've got my lab results here. I got my growth hormone tested after taking chinese h gh injectable peptide h gh riel stuff. Now, trevor here knows how to test your blood stream to see exactly how much h gh ends up in your bloodstream. Because you can't go off milligrams. You can't go off. I use there's a lot to do with how it's stored how it's processed h gh is a very complicated creature. Trevor, you had me do a specific test protocol. You had me take ten units of chinese h gh and then go have my blood taking exactly two and a half hours later so that you could check my lab results first of all, before we disclose what my lab results are and what it came back as from the chinese h gh and guys, i'm also going to tell you guys how to get this h g h in the future. But i'm first testing a whole bunch of different sources on my own body before i could make any recommendation to anybody about h gh sources. All right, trevor, what is this testing protocol ? About just forget my results. How do you how does your testing protocol work ? It's kind of a standard. So you set a standard when the peak times of it is in your blood. Roughly two and a half hours is between two and a half. Three hours. Times of what ? The growth hormone. Okay. And what was what ? A retesting for exactly a growth hormone serum. Okay, and that is an actual test. I got done. The test says growth hormone serum. And then it gives me a number because one of the worst ones that people talk about, they say i'll check your idea. Bubbles sure. That's a factor, but what also comes into play, his carbohydrates, insulin. All those things affect your idea, and people say, take checking idea which will tell usually because gh breaks down into it and and it's also harder to pin point in time because the h gh has a specific curve to it so you can pick two and a half hours at a point in time and have it a standardized test to compare it to another h gh versus the i g f fluctuates. Yeah, it's probably the least. Accurate blood test. You could do that test for it. So gh serum is tried and true, and you use that that protocol to enough hours. That way you do it ten different times on ten different products. You still have that gold standard to enough hours. Ten, units. So you're going to get a number, whether it's a good number or not, you have that same number and that's, usually a peak time to now. Three hours. Okay. Now, what would the number be if i didn't take any growth hormone two and a half hours before the test. Zero two, i think zero point three or five, basically zero. Okay. And why is that ? I mean, don't we have some natural gh and our body at all times ? Yeah, but then things affect it has counterbalanced hormone like insulin. Any time you have carbohydrates and food in your system that changes right. Such released impulses and the majority of its release in your sleep. And when those things of insolence president you had carbohydrates that number's shut off! Yeah! That's, why we do the test in the daytime while we're awake that while we're sleeping because otherwise our natural dorthe roman would poles. You have any idea what the normal growth hormone pulse number would be ? Zero to ten ? Because when ? When ? The last times i've gotten it done minor up to think it's one point five on your max number so the fact that they put ten is pretty cool. They're probably just saying it's not unhealthy to have growth hormone that high even though i had a growth on the roman that hasn't happened slowly. I'm no abnormal because actually units to measure, if you see right there on those i've seen as high is upto one yeah, the number we're going by here is in g per ml in jeep er ml alright, i'm going to disclose what my number is after taking ten units of chinese growth hormone it's five point nine so you weren't very impressed when you saw the five point nine ? Why, harold ? Well, i mean, so if we compare let's, just use it as another standard. Use the farm grade right now just be your other gold standard and i've gotten it means high, literally. Exactly ten times that number off the same fifty nine versus my five point nine. And then other generics generics so unlabeled, you know, stuff from china being a high in the thirties, thirty three being the highest, and then on some other, like blue top ones. Twelve, you know, and the somme are zero, but when you're talking about generics ranging anywhere between that so i feel like we should put on the website enhanced athlete dot com some of these results that we've tested each growth hormone, all the different sources, because because we've we've had fizer, we've had pisa, we'd have the nord a trope in we have various different types of chinese that we've experimented on. We should probably report all that data, but that'll be a larger project. Maybe for the book that were right in the anabolic matrix. All right, we noticed that my you know what ? Let's, go ahead and show the numbers so people know what we're talking about here. So right here we see the growth hormone serum five point nine and my g f my insulin like growth factor was four twenty nine, which is double is it's exactly double what my normal growth hormone is. So it did double my gf so even though the chinese growth hormone at ten, units was nowhere near as powerful as the farm grade. It certainly is a substantial aiming a substantial effect of my body, too, right ? Yeah, so i mean, i mean double the range what you'd probably be at i mean, zero on your growth hormone during that time. So you were a five point nine, so you're already that much higher than you would be any time during the day for that period of time. And then your idea of being over double normal value and who knows your judge would even be that high in the normal value, so it could have been forty, so you're still getting a large benefit from it, he will know is way under those. For the last two days, i did sixteen units of this chinese growth hormone as an experiment and my grip on it. It almost feels weaker. It feels like it's harder to grip the weight and it's kind of a king in my in my wrist joint, i noticed when i was doing dumb bells on the incline just the weight was kind of crushing in my hand, kind of pulling on the tendon no, these are all signs of the growth hormone working. I mean, sixteen units of chinese growth hormone, even though it's weaker than the pharma grade is no joke, right ? Yeah. So if you've heard of people talking about it, you start low and then work your way up on dose because the side effects side effects mean exactly what you're talking about. Said people on farm great to starting at one unit they're going to, so you're roughly just jump right into about two, two units, maybe three of farm grade a day out of nowhere. So on top of that, the water attention would know this too. You're getting all those effects. So this carpal tunnel in these heikki hands is this a second ? If someone doesn't have the money to go, get lab test on every week like i d'oh is kind of feeling the carpal tunnel, the cramping up in the hands and wrists and the swelling of the feet. One way to tell that the growth hormones working no, the swelling, not so much the carpal tunnel feeling. And once people have experienced it, you know what to look for ? Because there's a difference. Between your hands going numb and swelling and hurting versus the actual carpal tunnel feeling and the same with your feet swelling vs, you know, the actual joint pain that you would get from it. So there's, you know, once you've experienced it, you'll know what to look for. So a lot of that to the water attention just causing him to be worse. So you're getting the effect of it from the growth in that same time, all the excess water attention too, so combination. Okay, guys, don't take anything without dr supervision. This is not medical advice. This is not to encourage any type of behaviour don't do it. We do. We are professionals and everybody reacts differently to these things. These there are personal experiences are personal experimentation, but we share with you guys with sheriff, with our friends, we share with our family because we hope that the information that we uncover helps you and we also absolutely love getting your feedback. You guys wouldn't believe how much i am learning from you guys, the fans. We're falling in love with what we're trying to do with enhanced athlete be swelling swole my friends of freedom. Pioneers of human evolution

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Kal Ai

tony youre great man, im a beginnner and have only done a cycle of test, im leaning towards mk677 what do you tink? i want to gain mass and im skinny

Luan Potgieter

You guys should test pureraws hgh. Very good price and I have had some good results on it.