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This video is nothing about life. No, sorry, it's, just you that's. The problem with life, this video's nothing about steroids or bodybuilding, gets about lifestyle, it's about choosing freedom and choosing happiness. And i've got here some friends that have moved out of the country that are expats. I'm gonna interview him really quick about what it's like having left america permanently and whether they would go back. And i'm in a hypothesize that the reason why they also left america is for freedom and for happiness. So, let's. First talk, tio, let's. First talk to the swede three days. How do you feel ? You're happy, okay, where are you more happy now or when you lent liv back in oppressive sweden, by the way, guys and sweden for steroids, or so illegal that they can. If you post something on facebook that has anything do with body building, they can come to your house and arrest you and drug testing for steroids. Of course, i never use steroids, but i hear my friends have done okay. Here's, some bad stuff, right ? He's never used steroids. But this is more about that. This is more about the people. So so i meet this guy this back. It was famous, but i missed it because i don't fucking right so what ? Stay with me. Stay with positive people, but also, you're in a country that's free. You have more freedom. Oh, my god! So free three with restrictions. Crowded three streets and it can be the best country in the world. You get three drivers. Great. Okay, let's, talk. Tio let's. Talk to daniel, then we'll talk to josh. So, uh, okay, so right here, eric moved from sweden. To who ? Cat thailand lives in qatar now. Let's, talk to daniel daniel lives hey. Lived in bangkok for a while. He moves from santa cruz, and he now lives in northern thailand. That has all the benefits of thailand, but for much less money. Like that amount. How much is your rent ? Daniel ? One hundred twenty dollars. And his rent for his house is one hundred twenty dollars per month. And i'm not. You know what, he's ? Actually kind of shy about this, but i'll just say he bangs more women than most men could ever imagine. Okay, so let's, uh, tell us what do you love about living in thailand ? Would you go back to the states ? I would never go back to the states. I love living in thailand because people here most fun, he's going, smiling people in the limbs l o s is very happy. Positive people here but let's talk to someone who doesn't live in thailand. Let's, talk to retired military officer job. What do you tell yourself ? It was a first retired first. So what ? First sergeant was our first our general major. For starting to think these were like the names. I played video games with the military solitude. All right, so you left america. You move to costa rica. How did you even decide on costa rica ? I mean, i looked up costa rica. I was looking for a place that wasn't too restricted somewhere, not too far away from america. Because i sell my children back there. And i want to visit our friends and family. And i wanted someone that looked peaceful and beautiful. Costa rica is exactly that. Has all the nature of the beach is a lot of beautiful latinos and all kinds of another and steroids are illegal. Steroids are legal. Legal. Okay. Better much more conducive to abi. Lifestyle. Positive energy freedom. Absolutely. Just one small thing. One of the reasons i stayed in costa rica, and i love it so much. It's lived on a mountain at the bottom of the mountain. My neighbors barely have houses. They literally live in shacks. For the room and some kind of walls, i go down to the village about once every two days. I go down there on buying groceries or whatever, and then the most accepting people. Anytime i ask them how they're doing every day, total being grasses. What someone gonna want someone to tell you, the things that they appreciate. They're thankful for the life they live, the good life, thanks to god, and they live a pure life. It's, so beautiful. My house in america, out of three hundred thousand house. My neighbor has had up to million dollar homes, and there are assholes asking about their doing. Never had anything to say. I didn't appreciate anything, so when you saw, when you count your blessings, that's, what's gonna make you happy. Let's, go talk to kapu crow. Quick about. All right, just tell us what you love about tyler. What ? So it's a little different, the winner again, and i mean, this has, like, you can do it. Yeah, you know, but you haven't australian accent. Haven't i leave in a minute ? I live in sydney and funny before, like about greer. So does like one time i can't speak english, so that's, why a lot of people are wondering why is beginning, so you know this one, right ? What do you love about time ? What about you in thailand is i run here, my spierings, maybe in time. One hundred. My exam is life. If you want to see this. All right, so, marty manera, friends of freedom. We're gonna come visit you and she has the healthy food shop bythe would like to say a lot of people say that type. You both can picking the gate some people wrong. Okay, you should come here and you and you should trust them so you can find out if they can speak english or not. Because from thailand and speaking it's really fucking good. All right, let's, uh, but i am reading your comments, guys, and i'm finding him entertainment. I'm just responding to him because i was having content. But i'm gonna walk around. I'm just gonna pick. I'm just gonna pick a random tie. Geir girls, you guys can see, uh, whether she speaks english. Let's, go. Let me give you a little tour of this. Uh, like bars club type situation. You could see. This is a very small town on the very southern tip of of food. Cat thailand's. Alright, let's. See ? Let's. See, this is america. You say hi to america, your accent. Ok. You have to tell you already haven't actually get english accent, so they want to hear, like, if thai people have uh, what type of accents ? So how about just say hello, my friends ? No, from america american, thank you, thank you for saying that. So the type women are so they're beautiful, they're so friendly there, so happy and most of them speak english, but it's pretty rudimentary english, so you can't have, like, a really deep conversation. But you don't need to it's, just very sweet, loving communication. I've been a look, a just a couple of your guys questions. Oh, and answer him if i could slide, uh, love you long time, yes, thankyou, jasio says, hello, hello, grab them by the. I want that saying, i don't know how many, but could find that. Have you heard that ? Have you heard the trump saying, grabbing bythe, you heard that saying, grab him bythe, okay, yeah, but you heard people talk about that. What does that, what does that mean ? You can't. You can't save everybody. Positions. What ? His position is different. His position is ulysses. Is the president getting okay ? But i could say whatever i want until i become the president. I have to start. So i press okay ? Because you do you think, do you think that i could ever have a chance of becoming president given videos have done ? I think some of the videos coming maybe decrease pablo escobar almost right, colombia, you have a chance. Chance president the united states a chance and this girl is a best world this world. Listen, i'm gonna tell you quick scroll story and i know you guys comments all if i can read, go back and redo my world later she has a pet squirrel that crawls up her leg and hides nuts in her hair like heights, almonds inside her hair. Go on, then tries to, you know, store the nuts there so she didn't come back and oh, my god, is that an almond ? Did i just find an almond ? And you're just i'm just gonna say one more thing. Bill clinton smoked weed and admitted it before it was ever legal and he'd have a prescription on he got a big second president. Okay, we did have a very special request. They're going to take very seriously. Mike says he wants you to suck my nipples, so there it is. On what a perfect way to close out this video. My friends. Ok, ok, another girl was stuck with him. We'll see it's only fair, it's only fair. Okay, your turn. Here we go. Oh, oh, my heart, like get it hard before you suck out you like tio, you're just teasing me, she's, teasing, teasing, and, oh, my god, now this is getting serious. You don't. Do you realize i take viagra before i go out at night ? Be swelling swole, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution. Okay. So my pants. I can't believe it didn't show in my pants. Yeah, i guess that's old to make conclusions is the pants. All right, now, get any video.

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