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Clenbuterol for women, you all know that. I'm not a huge fan of computer. All actually, like dnp and other fat burners. A lot more. But clenbuterol is extremely effective. There's, no doubt about that. Especially when someone reaches a lower level of body fat to get stage ready. A coach norm here is very experienced in helping athletes obtained the physique where they could go on stage, compete and win in bikini physique and bodybuilding competitions. I specifically want to know how clenbuterol use works for women, like how effective it is, what kind of dosage they use, what kind of protocol they used. And if it's generally being used on the stage so real quick, this, please. If you guys were gonna do klen, please make sure somebody's paying attention to you. You have a coach that understands what they're doing and knows what they're doing because it is very dangerous supplement to be using. I use it quite frequently for a lot of clients. Women not usually more than twenty milligrams. Micrograms michael grams. Yes. Thank you. Um, usually two days on one day off three weeks at a time. Take a couple weeks off, reset the adrenal glands and go again. That protocol is a little bit different than the standard. When you read online, usually you read online, you take twenty micrograms per week. One. And we to you ? Goto forty. We threw up to sixty as far as the lower end of the dosage. But you do the two days one day off, but computer also has kind of a long half life. So even on that third day, it's still gonna be in still in there a little bit. But you think just letting the dosage drop a little bit's enough to re sensitize a little bit, but also and in a way, it is a little bit more, but by the conscious thing also, because this is an expect expensive supplement skipping that third day also kind of helps lengthen out how long you can use it for you know how it also might help is because you said the adrenal fatigue, one of things that beautiful does its really tax. The nervous system makes me very anxious. Makes my job tight, makes me tense. And i could see how taking a day off every couple days kind of let you refresh and it's a little bit of a mental things like, can i have to take it today ? We can kind of relax a little bit. So you think the difference between men and women is that women take a lower dosage ? Can you just relate what a women dosages versus a man's does justin, your extreme for female would be forty micrograms for men one hundred twenty oh that's a huge difference three time hood of that three times you'll remember to the body weight difference. Okay, it's about body with two hundred sixty pound bodybuilder versus one hundred ten pound bikini girl. Do have you noticed females cramping on clenbuterol ? Yes. Good topic, actually. Yes, you can. If you're not keeping your electrolyte, ty not necessarily your water and take with your electrolytes. Yes, you will. Especially in your feet. All right. So, clenbuterol, the reason why i don't like it as much of dnp. Another fat burners. I don't wantto put too much strain on my heart and also my nervous system to things that gm don't affect. Are there any side effects that are more common ? Are more specific to females than males when it comes from natural ? Not necessarily the cramping aspect for the women, especially in their feet. Other hands get a little tight, but again, like you said it. Doesn't put a lot of pressure on the heart. It does, which are on the water from your body and that's. What you really, really have to have it's not an androgen it's, not a steroid, so it doesn't have any masculine izing effects like that. So really the anatomy difference between a man and a woman. The only difference is really the body weight. Body suffering sounds like crazy, especially since clint is and a lot of medications for counter medications for colts there's a bronchial diet leader. So pretty much all of the information we present on clenbuterol for men applies to women so you could watch the other clenbuterol videos. The difference really comes down to the dosage, and then his protocol of the two days one day off. I assume that was the same with men. Just i do the same exact for the for the guys, so, really, the dosage is the main difference. So females if you're watching this, watch my other clenbuterol videos because then you'll get all the rest of the information about how male and female usage of clenbuterol is similar and subscribe for continuing ongoing advanced bodybuilding chemistry to pioneer human evolution. The swelling school, my friends.

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