Coach Trevor and Bostin Loyd | Done Competing??

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Why ? And they have different reasons. Doesn't boston, lloyd or coach trevor want to compete in the bodybuilding competition ? Well, let's, uh, boston go first. Well, my mean reasoning is i mean, if i had to for marketing or whatever later down the road, i would have to be my my physique would be really advanced. I would do it, but i really have no passion for, like, the whole putting on the trunk shaving. I like the process of the prep and getting down there and knowing your step onstage with people in your have to be at your best, but for me, and i don't even like to play the political car because, yeah, there is some politics involved, but it's, nothing is most people think in my opinion, but saying that i just don't just note not unusual like no passion for me. It's a waste of money for me, honestly and it's kind of dangerous for me because i go crazy. All right ? Trevor, why do you not want to compete anymore ? And i prefaced that by saying trevor and i were talking on the way over about how i get anxiety when i think of practicing law again because i could write i'm gonna keep my license intact, but i really like my lifestyle. Retired better than when i was practicing law. So then trevor said that the thought of getting back on a bodybuilding stage gives him the same anxiety. Why trevor ? Well, original last. I was kind of taken out of it with health problems, and it was probably like the hardest saying to come to terms with and then once i came to terms with it now its exact opposite. Now it's, like, i want nothing to do with it. And i remember any time i put on weight when i start training with them are eating. I remember how, you know, disgusting. I feel how bad it is to be bloated and eat, forcing food down all the time and doing injections. And so that just gives me anxiety of being back on that routine and that schedule, or you have to be selfish and you come first and, you know, every morning has to be this way. You can't go see family without bringing your food. I'll do it the questions, and now i'm at the plane, you know, that gives me horrible anxiety, thinking about it, and i was just so far removed from it, even the passion. For me is gone. But i get the live vicariously through clients now. So i get to see them succeed. And that, for me, is a lot better helping someone else to win, you know, i know, for one hundred per cent percent fact they would never do good on olympia stage would get destroyed if i could ever have made it. So what would i do it for ? You know, there you do it for nothing to make no money. So what do you think i look exactly like you like, if i can't be the best at something or not even make any kind of first of all, never make me say it anyways or, you know, whatever becoming a pro now is easiest shit. It seems like i feel like we try toe it wouldn't be that hard, master, especially masters. They're like top two in each possum, and we could eventually do it. But it's from there from there and then they're getting like dan away, it's like one hundred thirty five pound guys to programs of national it's a fucking joke. So but i mean, to ever make money and be good like you be. A good pro, i think that that comes down the genetics. I just don't have it. You have to do it outside the sport. You can't make it just through competitions, like unless your filly's area. You know, the nineties were paid you one hundred thousand dollars almost just a year for a contract, and then you're doing fifty thousand dollars photoshoots monthly. You know, nowadays, you could see all that stuff online, it's not the same for me. I'll compete because i like getting on stage, and we'll bikini and having people clap for me and take pictures because that's, how i get down, be swollen full, my friends of freedom, find years of human evolution.

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