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Intensity is the sole key reason people achieve the best results. It's. Not that we want to get stronger. We want to get bigger, pushing your body to the limit and also beyond its normal limits. You guys want to know how coach trevor recommends increasing workout intensity since the beginning of bodybuilding in any sport, any sport, any performance sport intensity is the sole key reason people achieve the best results or the best at what they do. And when you say intensity, it's pushing your body to the limit and also beyond its normal limit that's how your body adapts and gets better it's how your cardio gets better for sports like emma or boxing or people that do marathons or triathlons because theoretically could start eating itself and then die that's your body thinks so it'll repair to get stronger and stronger. And when you talk intensity in bodybuilding, the growth of new tissue there's it's been argued and debated for so long as heavy weights, the best light waves and contracting. Each one has its place in bodybuilding. Now, intensity is that key factor, no matter what anyone says, when you push a muscle to failure and they've even done there's ah a ton a ton of research and experiments done where they can hook up the electrical stimulation of the muscle inside the muscle and what is happening during every contraction. And when it gets to that failure and the activation of fibres and in that tissue increase more and more. And then even when you can't do it, forced reps and things that's called going beyond failure. It shows these peaks at skyrocket, and it literally does this. And as this happens, that's what creates your body's response to recover and get stronger than before ? So in bodybuilding, it's not that we want to get stronger. We want to get bigger so that contraction is one of the key factors and getting bigger and the more you can push something to failure and body building, you can sure you can use heavyweight, but that contraction is going to make cause damage in that cell. Your body then recovers that sell bigger and bigger that's what causes it ? However, most people and i think ninety percent of population that just goes to the gym and works out. If you watch them, how many people get to that point and then go beyond ? And then are those people ? How many are eating correctly and dieting correctly and sleeping correctly ? You have a very few people and that's what the bodybuilders are today. Is what you see. Intensity is the most important thing when it comes to the gym and growing new tissue even strength, however, intensity cannot be mixed up with dangerous lifting, because intensely could also lead to major major injury.

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