Coach Trevor ‘S Knee Injury

In this video we’ll be talking about Coach Trevor’s accident that caused him a knee injury that has affected most of his bodybuilding career.

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Spot five plays. So that was forty five for rebs. Just remember going down seventeen fights and instinct has put your other leg out, and i woke up in the hospital. So let's, talk about coach trevor's knee injuries prior to the injuries when you said, is it eh ? A result from heavy squatting and things like that ? What i will say is maybe when i was nineteen or so twenty, i've got my first started feeling pain in the knees, but that's because, i mean, even in high school, when i was training with those power lifters mark bells group over there, woodland, i was in high schools squatting, i spot five plays, so that was forty five rebs. And then when i started using gear, six places by the highest ever went to, but it was every single workout, and i would do front swat's after a lot of hacks waas so it's all all squat, and yes, it did get some knee pain, but when i started wrapping them, you know, the longer i wrapped him, the pain would go away for a long time. And it wasn't until we're training with damn where did would have you do ? Multiple sat super sets with heavy weights that did actually start getting some knee problems then, and this was right before the accident, but it had nothing to do. With the accident. So the heavy squads i could see exactly where and how those a grade the cartilage inside there. And i mean, you're getting paid to rapping is one of the biggest preventive things for that. But what happened in the accident is going down some stairs. Probably has taken out. A lot of goji is because they were dickies pants and converse. You know, if you've ever watched a marble, but the pants went under my foot and taking the trash out at seventeen flights of stairs and i took a step and a being happened. And my right leg riley came in, and i just remember going down so fifteen flights and instinct has put your other leg out, put my other leg out. And then that one came forward and i woke up in hospital and that's what that was from. So i have nothing to do with the swat and one need pretty much. Almost every ligament was torn, and even the quadriceps tendon tore off it. So it was completely detached. And the other one there's ? No. Karl aage is a half centimeter left. Cartlidge. So that's, when you hear me talk about knee problems. Aside from squads, they will do it eventually and it's just a constant wear and tear that, if again, if you're wrapping, especially those thick, heavy robs, you're really not taking away from lake development. You're just saving your needs. So if anyone tells you differently, it's not worth new problems, always with them.

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