Coach Trevor ‘S off Season Cycle

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Tom V Eijk

Great content however i have a litle confusion about the use of aromatase inhibitors.
Should you start taking them in the day after the first deca/test(E) injection or should you wait abit longer since it will take a time before your body to break up the compounts and an AI is fast responding?


Tom, you can always use google for such easy/normal/old/bodybuilding 101questions. Remember this website is mostly for the advanced guys like me.

Answer: I would take it a few days into the cycle. It does not really matter. That is the truth. What matters is you control the estrogen during the whole cycle. Too low estrogen for a few days wont give any problems. Too much estrogen for a few days just leads to water retention( bloat ). Killing the estrogen for weeks will lead to painful joints but this is not the case here 🙂