Coach Trevor ‘S off Season Cycle

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So let's give him some dosage. Just a wild example. Two hundred fifty milligrams. A test for weak divided up into two shots. Um, if they're going to run a deca What we were talking about, like five hundred milligrams. Which one and Roland feel appropriate? O r. Let's pick it just a deca. Seems like more people have access to deck at which the longer version of nandrolone than the NPP, even though I much prefer and be myself. Forest much as you can, I would say about five six hundred million so that it's usually top four hundred. I mean, when you're getting good things for hundreds usually find five to six hundred euros circuiting a little bit more water attention, though from that. So by mixing compounds you can't get away with taking less of each mitigate those side effects. Would they alternate between, like, a T ball on a tee ball? Yeah, depending on what they're injectable is, too, and how they're running. Or are they doing a pre workout? Or they using it more like it wasn't injectable Where the space it through entire daytime. More people have access to D ball on its super cheap. So let's use de Bellas example to fifty Test five hundred deca. How much D ball in what time of day twenty thirty five. Probably pre workout would be perfect for that. Just want today. Yeah, just once, when you're on two enjoyed will compounds are gonna last that long in your system, you're gonna have steady blood levels of it, so there would be no reason to run down in about that much when it's just going to a Roma tie's too much, I assume, with the minimal conversion that's happening from testosterone at only two hundred fifty milligrams and deca five hundred milligrams, we probably don't need an aroma. Tae's inhibitor like XMS dinner. Do you think that starting to reach the point where we need a low dosage of it? No. Anything along lines of half a milligram of like interim index or a half a survey, which is twelve point five millions of extreme a stain every other day should always be in there. I have a lot of athletes that run tea and even on their blood panels. A lot of estrogen gets converted in certain people, and doctors will prescribe point five milligrams of a river next three times a week minimally, and that keeps out a healthy level for them. So I would always recommend that keep s urgent, at least healthy, because there's going to be minimal conversion. But again, a lot of people start producing too much, and if you're on Diana ball, you're getting an A student. A strategy a lot, a lot more than you would testosterone. So by default, have their own watches inhibitor in there even If someone's not that sensitive toe estrogen conversion then, too. Yeah. I mean, two. Fifty. You really shouldn't have to worry. Two fifty should not have to worry. But, you know, going up to three four hundred. Yeah. I would definitely start doing a half every other day every or three times a week. Pressure should be in that. Okay, Growth hormone, insulin in the off season. We've done so many videos on this, but can you just give a really quick I know it's hard for you because you are very detail oriented, but we explain another video. So just really quick example of offseason growth hormone insulin in conjunction with steroids. I would do how we talked about earlier the blasting method. More so focus on spending what you would in a month and baby seven to ten days, taking it all for the off season. And then as you get closer to a show, using it more for throughout the day, that'd be simplest answer he gives. So this is a hard topic to do because we could talk for hours about this. We try to split it up into bite size videos so that we can get really in more detail on specific elements of it. So this is the overview video. We'LL do follow up videos where we take each section of this video and go into a lot more details. You understand the science of it be swollen swole, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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Tom V Eijk

Great content however i have a litle confusion about the use of aromatase inhibitors.
Should you start taking them in the day after the first deca/test(E) injection or should you wait abit longer since it will take a time before your body to break up the compounts and an AI is fast responding?


Tom, you can always use google for such easy/normal/old/bodybuilding 101questions. Remember this website is mostly for the advanced guys like me.

Answer: I would take it a few days into the cycle. It does not really matter. That is the truth. What matters is you control the estrogen during the whole cycle. Too low estrogen for a few days wont give any problems. Too much estrogen for a few days just leads to water retention( bloat ). Killing the estrogen for weeks will lead to painful joints but this is not the case here 🙂