Cpk-mb Testing for Heart Enzymes

Dr. Tony Huge and Dr. Tim discuss CPK-MB Tests for heart enzymes and how it is affected by the use of anabolic steroids. However it CPK-MB can also be affected by many other factors, especially for bodybuilders who go through intense training and diets.

CPK-MB Test: “is a cardiac marker used to assist diagnoses of an acute myocardial infarction. It measures the blood level of CK-MB, the bound combination of two variants of the enzyme phosphocreatine kinase” (Wikipedia)

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So we checked heart enzyme. Um, the first test we did is called C k M B, which is pretty much specific for the heart muscle, but it also has some non specific e. We still get some interference from, uh, skeletal muscle. So you're number came back at eight point To which scales here with five. It's elevated. Okay, Not terrible, but it's elevated. So I took another test called Proponent tea, which is one hundred percent specific for heart activity and heart muscle, So this rage is zero to one hundred. But most studies point and say that you should be less than fifteen if you're above fifteen year, probably on your way to some kind of heart disease, or you have some internal problem. So yours was thirteen point eight. So the upper end of normal, but still normal. So this rules out that. So if I were just to look at the C, K and B, you would say, Oh, there's some heart cabbage But if we look a troponin T, it's not. There is no underlying heart damage, and really, at this point, he should. He should always. When you're doing high dose steroids, he always incorporate EKGs, checked the S T waves and those type of things. Some hormone could have a more significant effect on those. Another testosterone in general, dozens but nandrolone there There's quite a few studies that show abnormalities in the the kg with use of that. So when I saw this eight point two on, this can't be again, I just kind of went back to my experience. Where did I see these kind of numbers before? And usually it's guy to reusing clenbuterol. So that's why when twenty first came in, it was one of first questions I asked them because he didn't have it on his list. I asked them, Are you taking Clem Butto? Because I looked also at his thyroid function, I saw some abnormality in his thyroid basically T S H, which is the thyroid similarly normally suppressed, which would show hyper thyroid. But he was not making enough keep for which is a negative feedback. So usually guys who take clam breeder are taking some form of thyroid teeth your teeth for So after discussing with Tony, he is you. He was using clenbuterol twenty micrograms and tea for two hundred micrograms. So what? I always say if if if you know the reason why something happens, you don't worry about it too much. It's when things happen and you don't know why they happen. Then it's time to worry. So we have an explanation for these abnormal results that he saw. So the high C k m B. Since it's not totally hard civic can also be caused by training hard. Seven. Exactly. Just just like a serum creatinine, right? Most guys who are working on the gym. It's normal to see a high serum created and one point three one point for most doctors will freak out if there's some kind of renal disease. But, you know, I just look at you, Okay, this guy's working out. Obviously, he's breaking down muscle, and it's going into intothe kidney. Also in this environment. Dehydration. Hot human here. You know, you may think you're drinking enough water, but you may not be drinking water, so there's there's a lot of things that you gotta put the equation where you are, who they are, and you know, what drugs are they using? That may cause problems going forward, but as they say, as long as there's a reason why things happened and don't worry about it, because we know why it happened

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