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Dr john, you've enhance athlete dot com here with amy, who crashed her metabolism by dieting too hard four years ago. You guys have asked me so many questions about t three t for metabolism, hardcore dieting. We covered this topic many times, but this is a unique new situation, it's probably not as you need because i think it is. But she overheard our conversation on the next table over there and started telling us about how when she died it on eight hundred talents four years ago. Bring for national what division us bikini national competition in which you essays is vegas las vegas and you're training two hours a day. Andrew calories, no cards, just protein protein. My only heart was broadly, but you didn't. She didn't take any teeth three years before it's not like she burned out or thyroid by taking that money, i was a lot like cooking, sewing all straight when and how did you know that your metabolism crashed your thyroid ? About two weeks before my last show and talks over two thousand twelve. And her well, yeah, and i just my body started blow up right before my show ends up dropping water. And i talked my coach the time and i said, you know, what's going on and he tried to blame me thing i didn't follow my diet and that clearly i did something wrong and just kept pushing me up until the show. I got second call out. First time i had gotten first all out and, uh, for my off season. You put me down, teo, because he said i couldn't follow a diet twenty five grams of cars today with twenty seven technically with one half cup of o'neill and everything else is the same that you know, a hundred grams of protein and then that's about it. I have revenge tables and nothing else. So how long did you say you went on that extreme ? But on ? Well, the eight hundred calories was about two months. And then after that, another, uh, five six months. I was on anywhere between a toe, like maybe twelve hundred calories a day at the height of his keycard cycle. Still no fast. And now, as it stands today has your metabolism it's getting better still not near where it should be. As far as my clerk intake, i slowly got enoughto close to two thousand. But, you know, i still train six days a week and, you know, very athletic, competitive person i had i had to cut out cardio for a year because when i did any cardio, my body actually started blow up again because of my metabolism freaked out anytime. I did any extra work above and beyond those close to you. So i have be very careful about which sounds opposite of everyone. How much ? Cardio idea ? Howmuch hello. I got my calories because my body does the opposite exposed today. Have you been to a doctor ? Have the lab work done ? I've probably spent fifteen thousand dollars on doctors. Yeah, i'm not. I'm not because a lot of it's not covered by interns. So what is the lab results ? Say your fiery dragons alone ? I'm now low testosterone, progesterone, adrenal fatigue. So they have me on something for that plastics minds. Uh, but then every other doctor says it just doesn't make sense, but like, my h th is abnormally high, which typically would mean, you know, you lose weight easily, but nothing quite adds up. So i've gone to multiple specialist from hormone specialist in l a where they charge five dollars to see them. Tio, you know, integrative medicine doctors and every single time. Like we get, we fix one thing and then they find another problem. But, you know, and so it's just like that. Give and take. How many things do you want to take and try to hopefully get at least fifty percent better ? So what is that ? What is the main thing that the doctor has prescribed to you used to try and keep the metabolism artificially thyroid and also, like from, uh, recorded on for the tea. And unfortunately, i know people say that you could help overcome this. Every single blood test says that my body's super insulin resistant now, because i'm not having hearts. So for me, i have a very careful about carbs and do much higher fat in order to make sure i don't become pre diabetic. Then i do part. You had mentioned the supplement that your doctor prescribed. It was a combination of t three t for what's that called armor. Yeah, the main too. That is prescribing since right r r r and this is actually at the pharmacy and pick it up with the prescription is over there. Yeah. And you have anything else with just three, i believe. In just three before. Okay, we'll have to look into that too. That's interesting. We've been looking into desiccated thyroid and things like that as some natural eternity opens a contained two, three, two, four and he has to athlete actually sells t three t four and that's the main question i get is if i take it in my going crash on fire would have to say, of course, this is not medical advice, i'm not telling you what you make that mistake of taking coaches recommend them taking t three to boost weight loss, and they don't really talk about what it actually does long run, especially if you're doing over and above a very tiny dose of what the doctors give you, you know ? So what i haven't seen because i do review a lot of blood work, get blood work myself, but i haven't seen this someone taking tea, three or tea for and then crashing their own firewood levels. Yeah, which is constituted because you know that that can happen with a lot of other supplements and sidewalk is very sensitive. It does shut down if i were does shut down, but it bounces back. Very quickly. So it's interesting to hear that you're your crash diet, you're hard. Poor diet had more of an impact on your thyroid metabolism, negative long term impact than actually taking team three to four, right ? Yeah. I mean, you know, i also virtually an auto immune so there's a lot of things that playing the part of me that i think my body just doesn't can't take it as extremes a lot of other people. So and you think you're listening to somebody who knows what they're doing in industry and blindly follow them because they have, you know, national level competitors and i have to be pros you like ? All right, they know what they're doing. This is food, what it takes that never done it before. So as an experienced competitors. And now having been four years later and being in the fitness supplement industry yourself going back in time, how would you have dieted for that show instead of this crash tonight ? I wouldn't have trained coach started i trained with i mean, you know now looking into it, they're just there's several there's, two types of dieting there's either such extreme extreme, especially the bikini competitors were like, you know, you take out all your cars and you completely cut water, you completely cut everything right before you take the prescription diuretics, you do all these things that a body builder would d'oh, which i don't feel it's necessary. I think that, you know, that's what people have in store for between bikini no, you know it's like, yeah, i get it when you're getting more into, like a figure national competitive bodybuilder, even classic men's physique. But like when you're when you're at the low and you shouldn't have to diet that hard in order to step on stage, in my opinion, you should already have the muscle and you should be able to slowly go down and calories you should never go below, in my opinion, like fourteen hundred calorie diet, unless it was like the day two days before, because your body's gonna crash and that's when you know that name around metabolic damage is such a bad rap because so many girls are put on these twelve in color diet for six, eight, twelve weeks and, you know, then they just freak out after the show and just eat everything. In sight, and they claim that about damage. So, you know, nine out of ten girls that claim that are really just they don't know howto reverse diet or howto maintain a life sell that i was put on them that not making it in the first place. So what would your car protein fat intake have been like ? If you would if you're it would be different. Well, as it you know, if i would have known at the time that i'm more of a high part first junior, high fat type of dieter, i probably would have put my starting fatso there about one hundred twenty my protein that i get my footing a little lower as well, like one, ten, one fifteen and, um, not over one hundred grams of carbs, and i probably leading into the show from me with a card cycle, so doing high and low days or zero days feel like maybe two hundred grands, but i don't think i would ever drop my calories like fourteen, fifteen, fifteen hundred that might, uh, you know, just at rest is at fifteen, seventy calories. So you know, you want to go much below that. Especially when you're training so hard for that. So so, guys, this this story from amy here is very consistent with my understanding of bodybuilding guru amine and coach travers. Theories on cutting or mein are getting bodybuilder show our bikini physique show ready and that is not to crash diet, but the metabolism of very sensitive and what a mean had me do when i cut out all fats and carbs before last show, he had me put in small amounts of carbs throughout the day and my metabolism shot up and i've burned so many more calories i burn so much bad by body temperature went up, my energy went up, it was so much better. But you've also heard some video. We've interviewed vito, whose national level competitors who crashed i died for seven weeks, and it worked for him so it's another lesson and also potentially everybody's different everybody's different. But it seems like by default we don't want to crash down not more than a month tops, because, you know the longer you go, your body does not recover. Thank you very much. Amy has been a pleasure meeting here. We're gonna talk more with amy. In the future, we're never network on facebook. We have some mutual friends be swell in school, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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