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Until she's talking commingled video like best ladyboy like did you tell the trucking travel ? Tony used loving family staying true. And because of that, they'll stay condition. Stay on top of that game. Shredded up training from becoming that that welcoming these corners. Wait. Okay. Yeah. Two with badness. Nobody came out last way. Trevor and i were going to tell you about our history of creatinine use used to be just creating monta hydrate. Now you have all these different forms of creating out there. And in my experience, it doesn't make a hill beans worth of difference. Which type of creatinine that i use. They're all the same to me. S so we started out with creating marta hydrate at age fourteen when i started, weightlifting was one of the first supplements that i thought about gnc and the cylinder container about this big it probably custom cost about fifty bucks for, like two hundred fifty grams. So is extraordinarily expensive. That's come down ten fold in price now. But it was at the time, marketed as practically illegal steroid first. Nobody really knew what it wass. And then after it started catching on a little bit. Because i think i was one of the first people that probably use it first wave of people probably is that everybody was saying, oh, my god, it's going to kill you, it's going to cause liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease ? It could cause cancer. Doctors were doing articles about how this is the destruction of our youth performance enhancing drugs. Parents were all up in arms trying to get that creating band hockey, and i'm taking it and i'm looking at the science because at the time i was a very strange adolescent, i was reading things like the surgery guide what's a cold poker is that raising adam was reading gray's anatomy for fun, and i was reading a biology books and in addition to bodybuilding articles, and so i knew exactly how creating worked. I knew that it wasn't even remotely possible, teo, create any of these side effects that they were discussing just scientifically wasn't possible. I don't know where they got this from the white house doctor couldn't figure out how creating really works and, well, there were hypothesized how many side effects ? So i like this creating discussion as a way to illustrate how wrong the media is and scare tactics they use and how they sensationalize the bad things, just like they're doing with the supplements that actually work now. And yet the supplements that don't work that had complete sawdust slide under the radar as being promoted without anything bad being sent out and our total scam. So i started using creating i i think i noticed a pretty big important performance enhancement because back then i was pushing my body to the limit. I mean, i was working out so freaking hard, i think one thing about creating is if you're not working out that hard, really pushing yourself to limit, i don't think it makes that big of a difference, i think it's an extra fuel source for when you're pushing yourself beyond that limit. And so i did notice that difference, and not by age sixteen. I'm a junior in high school at the end of being sixteen virge of being seventeen jr high school bench, pressing three hundred fifteen pounds for five reps, strongest in the entire high school, doing it right in the gym in front of the entire football team just to show that i'm stronger than the whole football team and that's on creating does not. There is no steroids, no nothing not that creating made that strength. It was a matter of horrid training. Since then, i've used creating on and off for what is that ? Twenty, that's been twenty years i've been doing using creating and despite all of the claims during that entire time that it's going to cause kidney failure and organ failure on all the side effects i've had my liver, kidney ultrasound done off my blood work done currently as it stands, my kidney and liver are both app absolutely flawless, and i have an extensive testing done, so it just goes to show you how false all of that information on that doctors were actually saying, doctors and medical professionals were saying about the side effects of creating at that time, and it turns out that creating ends up being a cure for not a cure, but mitigates things like alzheimer's and all these huge health benefits that i didn't even know that time is a new tropic there's not almost practically no side effects of it. Now, i mean in relation to steroids, i mean, give me a break it's not going to even get close to steroids. So just to keep it relative, i mean, you've got, like, creating here and like glue to mean and all these other things, whatever protein powder, whatever you want, they're all here, they're all fine. And then you've got like, steroids up here and likes arms right there. I mean, and and other types of research chemicals right up in this category. So it's just not even a comparison that they actually can work together. There's no reason why someone on steroids would not benefit from creating just someone just much of someone who's not on steroids. What's your background creating you give the quicker you took a long time. I've done enough for a long time and what people need to remember the reason take creating is your body's ability to convert anything like a teepee in which haven't triphosphate, if you know how that system works. So you take it for basically energy function. It's like muscle function. Energy. You know you have glycogen, which is like rai energy movement. A teepee is lovely when you say a micro nutrient that's. Why it's so far different ? Than saying steroids because, like, almost like any other micro nutrient, you know, potassium this this you can't live without it almost or your muscle function without it, but the same time, taking access isn't going to give you much more better and what people tend to forget. And i learned this just, you know, using myself running, creating and getting absolutely nothing, no benefit whatsoever, and then times i've taken it and got it probably put another forty pounds over a few months on my bench press and things like that, and you have to look at it and how do you get preaching in your diet ? And that comes from red meat, you know, ready has creating in it has all the b vitamins as everything else in conjunction and also things like soda, sodium is a transporter of tp in creating so you know, when these things air laughter, if you have one without the other, they don't really work. And just like you said, if you're not pushing yourself in the gym, so create an environment where your body could use utilize that more it's using it more in your own body can actually requires it. Then you're not going to really get benefit from it same thing between you're done already and then if there's no sodium in your diet thing, all these things come into play, so you have to look it in terms of that take a create team. And another thing i was saying is that just like anything else, anything in excess can have a side effect. It's, pretty much safe when you talk about the breakdown of creating and creating and these things mean, looking at your kidney, what happens is if you were taking a lot of money hydrated and you look at the ph when you put it in the water, a lot of money hydrate gets wasted because it put into water. The ph is so vastly different from the two and what a stable. And so you're not taking a lot of creating, but save twenty grams of cretin, you're really getting maybe anywhere between three to seven grams of actual creating unusable in your body, caresses, you know, getting wasted so that as it filters through the kidney. So that's, when you start thinking you know anything in excess of side effect, well then you look at all the different preteens, and then you pick well, which one ? It would be better for me now. There's two things to this. Of what plumber has a good point. The only one with riel like anecdotal study like really good study. My creating has been just like the model hydrate and so that no matter what, creating forms are no model, hydrate works because it's been studied thousands of times, and it works. So if you ever question which one to take, you always know my hydrate will work. And then the other thing is and how i learned that myself was from taking it. But the one preoccupied and that's, a ph buffer creative, and this way you could take a gram and a half of creating and get four factors if you were taking almost ten grams of carbohydrates and it does work. So if you're worried about any side of things kidney, which like inside, that takes a lot to do something like that, you take a gram and a half of that versus ten grams, you'll get the same effect. I've used it every which way over the last twenty years, the current way that i use it is i don't bother taking it unless i'm taking insulin. And then when i take insulin, i pound like ten or fifteen grams of because if i take ten units of insulin, my muscles were like a sponge. They're going to take up all these things. That's. When i take all myself tell you right now, i can show you the study to two. We could even do a video on this is, uh, sodium and any so that something like derivative sodium is a better transport of insulin for creating well, one hundred percent. Well, would you feel knowing that you still need insulin ? You understand ? Yeah, of course. But it's, a better transporter if you took. If you loaded it with sodium creating, you'll get a much more effective if you were to greater effect if you were taken, so that creates it. But combining all three ? Yeah, because your force driving stuff, it was to work together. They find together back when creating first came out. They said you have to take five grams for two five times per day for a week to load up and then five grams pervade to maintain and then later studies were done. You could just take five grams per day, and eventually you'll you'll top off. You're creating storage of muscle anyways. There's. No reason. Really load up back then. I used to drink it with grape juice inside by the grape juice. Concentrate, pound some great. Choose. Pound some creatinine five times a day. Load up and then i do it. I probably took ten grams today. Just a beast, teo, just to take be on the safe side of taking too much creating. But then the studies now say that actually three grams of creating model hydrate with something that spike's insulin is justus effectiveness is ten grams because your body can only absorb so much. But it depends on how much muscle mass you could have. I would think for them. Think about it. The most logical way of taking it to a new city studies. Why not take it ? And when your body is in the environment for wanting more and more of this stuff so you could up take it and get into your system quicker rather than five grams in the morning. Well, why not do it after a training session when your depleted you can have the highest level of insulin in your body and then give it this, you could store a lot more of it and give a lot more quicker. So because i had so many haters on me in high school telling me i was going to die for taking creating, i've watched all the studies as they come out of the last twenty years, so i've read read more than one hundred full studies on creating over last twenty years, and there's been mohr studies that i've read, but as every study has come out and said good things about creating and a failure to be ableto find any actual side effects along the way, every time i'm like yes, yes, yes, i told you so, and i feel the same way about dnp and a whole bunch of other drugs, but it won't go there. I just like creating as an illustration that do we really have to take twenty years to find out that i was right about something you can you just believe me right now ? I just don't believe he always do your research. Be swollen small, my friends. Of freedom, pioneers of human evolution. Wait. They were becoming.

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