Cruise Ship Diet for Bodybuilders

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Buffet is open for dinner. Time to get our eaten on. Oh, my by years of human evolution, you had requested that i show you what i eat on a daily basis. Well, what better thing to show you than what i ate on a cruise ship ? I did two cruises back to back. So about two weeks on cruises one down the east coast of mexico, one with west side of mexico. This is what i ate on one of the crews. Is this was on the east coast of mexico and as you can see, it's still on the fairly healthy side usually, but it's a lot of food. Yeah, sometimes may amount to about five thousand calories per day. But if you look at what i'm eating, i do eat bread which that's, my that's. That's like the food that i crave. That i should have. Because that does blow me. It does cause more carb cravings. Those air that right there is coffee mixed with chocolate protein powder. That's. Why i drink every morning. So as you can see here, i do have a little bit of desert, but i had a lot of vegetables. I do have some bread with dinner, drink some wine each night, but only about one drink per night. That's what i usually drink just enough to get the girl to drink, get her a little bit drunk about skating so i also eat most of whatever girl i'm with meal because i'm usually with a female that is a small asian girl who never finishes or food, so whatever she ends up getting, end up finishing so i eat a lot of meets about six meals per day. I do indulge in deserts, but i try to get the sugar free desserts or deserts that are less fattening. That right there is gluten free bread to a sandwich. I do need some chips, lots of sandwiches because the room service sanchez for unlimited sandwiches to your room and there's the chocolate protein pattern and actually chocolate greens mixed with coffee. Lots of omelets boy, also a white on lets a little bit of sausage. I do keep to a minimum here is a perfect example of a healthy breakfast on a lot of eggs. Lots of these type of stir fry wherever it's available tacos heavy on the meats again. Lots of protein, more tacos at each destination. You stop that. I get whatever the authentic food area, shit and this's just to show how hard it is not to eat the suit of the cruise ship with beautiful displays and all the variety food that's fried is kind of hard to avoid. Although i do have waited to my best ability is there are certain foods that i try to avoid as much as possible. That's fried foods, high fruit toast, corn syrup i do try toe stay away from lunch means as much possible ever since i met trevor. Trevor thinks that lunch meats or the devil's heat's really a hamburger before lunch and i do drink a lot of t trying to get unsweetened tea. Drink the coffee, here's the sandwiches. I'll have about one whole sandwich and then i'll take the meat off the other two sandwiches. So i have three sandwiches. This is an example of room service order lots of hard boiled eggs. That's usually what's available travel. But now that i travel with this hottie alert right here, who's making a lot of my meals, i'm actually heating a lot better, not eating out six meals a day like usual here's an example, the type of deal that she makes me super healthy, with lots of eggs and vegetables, a little bit of fruit, and she has me drink apple cider vinegar every morning and she's really good about meal frequency, making sure that i eat frequently, which is great for body. So let's. See, over the next few weeks, if my improved diet improves, my physique and my health be swelling. Sworn my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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