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Blasting in cruising. How long to cruise for? With the big determining factor was what was the cycle they did before that If they did a very, very large cycle, it obviously would take a little bit longer for them. If it was, it would take a little bit longer for them to what's to recover? Whether if you're talking about sensitivity to androgens and things like that, you do believe we desensitized energies to Well, let's say to an extent, let's say you're doing testosterone, ecca, poise and de ball. And you did this for eight weeks, maybe took the people out, but then remain on it for another eight twelve weeks. What's gonna happen? Obviously, yes, it's goingto cause some insensitivity because of that, and you have to go up. Maura. Change whatever you're doing. So that's the biggest factors, how much they took and then for how long and how long were they on it. And the more then the longer they're gonna have to stay on, let's say a tear. Tito's of testosterone, whatever it's going to be or there sar mes, and it would just be a low enough enough dose to have some stimulation to it. But again, the more you take the more even your cruise has to be in order to have any effect, it would be like the example I always give is with medications. When people start building intolerance and medications and get so high that when they take maybe this started with one pill a day. Then they start going up to ten pills a day. Whether it was a painkiller or not, they're taking ten a day. Well, what happens now when they take one? It's doing absolutely so. If we do a super hardcore bodybuilding cycle, cruising at one hundred fifty milligrams of testosterone isn't gonna maintain our or help us in any way. They would cruise it like three hundred or four hundred milligrams of test. I mean, I've even higher for some individuals, and you call that a cruise? But that's true. I've seen that a lot in pro bodybuilders. Yeah, a lot of pros. And then again, it's how much is being converted to and taking advantage of, you know, free testosterone. Not just taking testosterone thinking. Okay, I'm good, but maybe in a Roman, Hey bear seeing how much it's going elsewhere, So preventing that and that's another reason why I talk about growth hormone because you do growth hormone. And, yes, cell does shrink a little after growth hormone of stopping but again creating more cells and doing it this way. When you do come off of that, that won't go away. So let me just give you an example of an intermediate cycle. And then you tell me how long of a cruise would allow generally someone to re sensitize, not mean, because it depends on their genetics, too, and their previous cycle history. But if someone were to do six hundred milligrams of testosterone and four hundred milligrams of nandrolone Final probie innate, let's call that a intermediate cycle and I choose those and and I'm saying, Testosterone safety, Nader, Enemy State and Nandrolone Final appropriate because Angela's very fast acting. It's out of the system pretty quickly, and that way we know that when they stop the cycle on, then start cruising. That pretty much a week after that starts the actual cruise level dosage in the bloodstream, that versus a deca or something that you have to factor. The fact that it was in your system for so much longer after took the last shot, so I'm anyway. So, uh, Gramma Gear there on it for twelve weeks. And now they're going to cruise on, uh, see, if they were at a gram, maybe they're gonna cruise on two hundred fifty milligrams a week of tests. So they test us before that was six hundred. Yeah, and so two hundred to fifty two hundred a week would be fine. And as far as cruising, let's just talk about sensitivity to Andrews or steroids, not health, because health would be a little different. That would be based on the lab work. But faras cruising at that, those two hundred a week and depending if it's not healthy, a good eight weeks to ten weeks, I would say even twelve would probably better. But you can get away with eight to ten weeks, I would say less, but if you're going to be cruising on testosterone, I would definitely say I'm just a little bit longer. All right? So if I had to just throw and I know it's hard, Teo, it would be easier if Coach Trevor was analyzing a very specific situations, talking very generally. So what if they took, uh, would say sixty percent of the time on cycle forty percent off. Sixty, forty, sixty, forty all year long. Forty percent of the time, they were cruising sixty percent of the time they were blasting. It's that kind of sounds like That's the last thing you're doing. Blasting. LIke what? Because that last cycle when you blast you don't call that Grandma Gear's not considered blasting us? No, but it's effective. But you really can't say like sixty forty six, because if you're doing a super hard core cycle, you might need more time. But let me tell you, there's other theory. The other theory that a few other experts that I've talked to have is that you desensitize faster than you think, and you also re sensitize faster than you think. And so it might be best to do four weeks on two weeks off for weeks on two weeks off for weeks on two weeks off, and then maybe give yourself a longer break for health purposes. But as faras re sensitization, that would be the last cruise ratio when you think about, and that's been done since the nineties. They've been doing that since the nineties and playing with the one week two weeks, four weeks in six weeks. So that's been going on since the nineties and again, every which way is worth. And when you talk about sensitivity, the biggest debate is well in vitro. Or some studies, too. They during a cycle they'LL show during a cycle engine receptors being created and re sensitizing during a cycle, either via certain chemicals or because of the hormones itself. Exogenous hormones on mild Sentence Another factor. So it's not really just desensitization, but it could be to that exact compound. Yes, that exact compound yeses. Why you rotate compounds and then mile satin is the other factor. So you have to look at it in that respect. Since there's so many factors in our bodies are all different. Is there a way we can do it by field? Is there something that you feel when you start desensitizing or your myo Staten starts? Increasing thatyou would signal you that you could benefit from a break to re sensitizing? Decrease my off Staten And is there something that you feel after? You've been cruising for awhile that your bodies fresh myostatin has dropped and energon receptors re sensitized. If such a thing exists. Okay, Yes, yes and yes, The problem with the first one. The first example is you may feel like it's coming to a halt the progress to a cycle. But again, that comes The determining factor may not be. That could be because you're training your training too frequently you're seeing that's gets worn out because the symptoms of a worn out seeing us are also very similar to when you stopped responding to a cycle. Your pumps aren't as good. Get us get contractions so you're not growing, and people could mistake that a lot, so that has to be. That's a determining factor, you know, thrown out. Limited. Yeah, So once that is the biggest thing. When it strength is a determining factor to appoint early on and people cycles the longer down the road. Eventually, it really has nothing to do with it, however, and then when you're lean, that's another factor. And the pumps that you're getting even through the day. If it's not similar to your first month or so, then you know something's going on. But again, that's also from overtraining, diet problems, even insulin sensitivity. So it could be a number of those things and it's very hard. But again, if you have that done, then it's easy. But once that that's controlled, then you're fine.

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