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Yeah, i'm here us craft their clinic and tell them to get naked. So put on these sorts of that. I'm gonna do get it. Inside those socks, on over yours. Really ? Yeah, well, make sure that achilles is covered well, it's, something kind of told you can scrunch down and expose the calves, but we just want to make sure the bottom. And mass for you. Run down pre chamber, get body ready, get acclimated to cold. Call that white door open. Exhale as you step through a little bit of a temperature difference between the two rooms. It's gonna help keep breathing a little better. Relax that they move around, the more you move, the ability you're gonna get, you want to roll the shorts while you're in there, exposed this size, squats, that sort of thing. Just keep moving, how's your nipples are exposed, they might get a little sensitive. What ? Right ? That was so called lead. If i have to go like another two minutes, i don't know if i would even make. I think you broke ambition and i'm sitting here with general manager daniel at us. Cryotherapy just went through a serious of a crowd there. Treatment ? I want exactly from professional. Exactly what ? His cryotherapy and basic hamas benefit bodybuilders. Yeah, definitely. So i use crowd. They're here we sub zero temperatures don't reduce full body and localize information helps stimulate french blood flow throughout your entire body and into the tissue. Help you heal at a faster rate. What are the benefits ? Were body builders were athletes such himself so recovery's key in any sport, especially body building fast, you could recover the hard you train, the better you're gonna perform until a huge part of recovery is producing the information after the workout. Micro tears, structure, muscles that's why you're feeling sore so you're coming in right after a workout you could reduce that information. It's gonna improve your healing time, improve your recovery time. Incredibly, not to mention the fact that everything we do here is not just to reduce inflammation, but it's to help get fresh level low oxygen, nutrient rich blood flow into the soft tissues and so just like phone rolling, stretching anytime you get fresh blood flowing to injure tissue. They're going to speed up that process. I'm in treatment. Does it take before you actually start to see results when you're thinking about when you warm up for a workout, right, you're trying to get blood flow. You want more baskets, you can increase the blood circulation gets loose, right ? Get ready. So with our full body chamber, you're pulling your blood in your core. Your blood vessels constrict its basic constriction as you come out here, blud, this is dialling as you want backup. So you let mrs expansive all that fresh political now extends goes out to your extremities faster rate, but when you come out, we will think of ice that think of coal were not ice. We're cool therapy, you are going to be cool, but only your skin temperature, but what we're doing, you're actually getting more mobility, more range of motion you're gonna feel looser because we're increasing all that fresh blood flow. Well, awesome, i don't know if you guys actually craft sense for like greek word cry out means cold and therapy activities cure

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