Curing Toe Nail Fungus !

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Dr tony. Huge of unanswered athlete dot com here to tell you what cured my toenail fungus. L was a prescription medication called flew khanna's, all that i was given by a pharmacist in taiwan. As you know, i travel the world looking for solutions to becoming superhuman, and one of my weaknesses was that i acquired toenail fungus actually, at a younger age finally killed it through a different protocol earlier, and then it came back even stronger after i got a pedicure actually in the united states, that then i used all over the topical treatments and they weren't effective. I was using topical, true every topical treatment that you could imagine, and then when i was with this pharmacist, my pharmacist friend in taiwan, he said, the best protocol is to use both the oil treatment, the tablets. That way you kill the fungus from inside, along with the topical treatment. So i continued using the topical treatment as i did normally, and but i added in the tablet. Now he did warn me that the tablets or liver toxic, he said, i only had to take one tablet per week, but if it wanted to take more, i could take up to two tablets per week, so i went right in between i took up one tablet every five days or so. I kind of front kind of front loaded. I started with two tablets for a week and then kind of cut backto one every five days. I didn't take it exactly every five days, some days i took it like once that once a week, some days i took it once every three days, but it averaged about once every five days. It took me about three months to kill the tony all fungus. I did have the fungus on three of my toes, and i did apply twice a day the topical stuff, just like i had done before. I started the aural version, so i had my liver values tested on using the tablets because i was i was also taking steroids that were liver toxic. My liver values didn't go up too bad, so it didn't hurt my liver that much. And then i also, if i was taking the liver toxic steroids, then i would cut it back to taking one tablet per week, and if i wasn't, then i would kind of veer towards two tablets for weeks spread about three days apart now, the flu khanna's all was named i think eiffel can on the box with luke on is all i think is the generic name and eiffel can may be the brand name, and this is something that in the united states is a prescription medication. Uh, the doctors air hesitant to give this is a first line of attack. They'll usually give ah different a different medication first, but in my experience now i would just stick with the flu, khanna's all it does take a few months to take effect, so i did see the treatment through even though i didn't see immediate results. I mean, it really took like, a a month and a half until i really noticed like that fungus was really dying. I would also use a tool to clean out the fungus from under the tonio that way, when i put on the topical treatment that would penetrate that, didn't i've always done that ? I did that even when it when the treatment wasn't really working with just the topical treatments. I can't tell you exactly what topical treatment i would use because i just went to wal mart and about three different ones and i would put him like one in my travel bag, one at home and one of my closet and just wherever i wass at the time, i would just use whatever topical treatment that was from an outside version let's see what else i can't think of anything else, really ? I guess my recommendation is to use both the oral version and the topical version. Liver toxicity is a person dependent just like steroids side effects. Some people take steroids with zero side effects. Some people take stories and have a whole bunch of side effects, and you don't really know until you try, but it's something where you want to get your blood work done and see if you actually have some liver toxicity from it and then maybe back down on the dosage. Now the dosage i just have one tablet for every five days, which is what he said to take. I don't know how many milligrams tablets work think they're probably pretty standardized probably the same amount in america as they are in taiwan, i think that's what he told me to. So hopefully this information helps you guys. This is what i do. I travel the world trying to find solutions, too. Becoming superhuman, right. Row him in shanghai, china meeting with suppliers of research, chemicals and other types of substances that make humans become superhuman, you guys subscribe like and be slowing school. My friends freedom, fine here with human evolution.

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