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Dr. Tony Huge wants to know from Dr. Tim what his PERSONAL protocol would be for himself in regards to diet, training, and supplements to make a huge transformation.

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I want to know what he would do to do his own transformation because she over there doing his transformation. But from the doctor himself. What would he do? Is faras diet training, hormonal adjustments? Let's start first with what type of diet would you do? Teo, change your body composition and for health based on my genetics. I have I'm Latino, so we've I have insulin resistance issues, so I have it in my family. Diabetes runs in the family. I checked my insulin levels and my fasting sugar and its present. I don't have diabetes, but I do have insulin resistance, so I would respond best to Akita genic diet to limit my carbohydrate intake. Not so much caloric restriction, but more of the composition of what is coming in as faras nutrients go. So that and then combine that with intermittent fasting because that there will cause some caloric restriction. But my concern, my main concern would not be how many calories that's B. What are the colors so that be the first thing exercise, why I have motivation to exercise. That's never been the issue. I liked exercise. I like to work out. I'd like to lift weights. Yeah, but I don't remember the exact same. You can outwork out a bad diet, you know, or whatever this thing is. So I'm the epitome of that. So I would have to Really? For me. I have no steep issues. Hormonally amant, amant sauce, replacement therapy. I keep my levels around nine hundred nine fifty. I've never used any other ancillary medicines. I've toyed with the idea of doing it, but I don't want to do it unless someone hundred percent committed to every aspect of the restoration transformation. So that's until I'm committed to that. I will not do it because in my mind, I'm subjecting my body to undue stress without getting the results. So when you do high doses of hormone or other additive hormones, you are subjecting your body to stress. So right now, mice, body stress is carrying extra weight and not being in the best cardio condition. So the first thing would be dyed. My sleep is OK. My hormone is okay. It's just diet and sticking to the diet. Um, and I don't have an excuse. Why? I mean, I could think of a lot of excuses, but I don't have a concrete reason why I'm not doing it. Alright, Doctor, Than cardio versus waits. Would you do both? Would you Would you do a lot of cardio? Would you limit the cardio? And I do? The way I work out now is my weight training is cardio. So for an hour and a half, it's a supersized s o. I take no rest. I go from one station to another to another to another so that you know, people look at me like you're a mad guy just going running around. So for an hour and a half, there is no rest, and I just go until I can't go any further. So that's my cardio were heart rate monitor. So I know my heart rate is always one forty one fifty, which at my age is pretty significant. So I maintain that on then, Some days when I have extra energy, I'll go for a brisk walk, keeping my heart rate at one. Forty one fifty. Maybe do that a couple times a week, so that is not the issue for me. It's just the food choices and just getting that, uh oh growth hormone to I've never used pi used gf wanna use for Moreland? Because I thought my idea when I tested it was low ninety, which is low. So now it's two thirty, which is the upper limits. So I'm not overstimulating and I feel much better since I started using the idea points to April more like someone used with C. J C twelve ninety five combination. So I use that that has been a positive. When that stops working, then I'LL go to girl for Okay, so there you have the summarize we covered the diet is the main thing Kato and intermittent fasting is what he would use for a transformation. The training, which is a high intensity circuit training and that replaces cardio for Emma's Girl. Uh, sleep is already good, and we covered the hormones in the supplementation. So now we'LL check back with you. But now the pressure's off. The clock is ticking. It's hard. Okay. On the one hand, it's really easy to diet, and Bangkok is your discipline because there's such good. Uh, there's some good clean body growing source of food. On the other hand, there is so much variety of good quality food here for it is. Okay, so I'm running to clinics right now. So I'm traveling back and forth, you know, from Tokyo to Bangkok on a regular basis. I'm always I don't really have a set time when I can eat. So by default, I have intermittent fasting because right when I want to eat, someone walks in or I get a phone call from the other clinic. Someone wants to talk to me. I get email. Lina, what's up? So my day is full so I can go all day. Intermittent fasting, sometimes twenty four hours, you know, And then at that point, I'm not very good at preparing food. So you just eat whatever's available, so you usually it's the wrong things. So I've identified what the problem is that the million dollar question is, how do you fix it? So Dr Tony will take care of that

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