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Howdy. Carry nozzle here. Health and longevity researcher for in hand staff fleet today we're going to take a look att eggs and specifically ways to prepare eggs to make sure that you get the most nutrition also ways to look for the kinds of eggs you should buy on other kinds of tips that go along with this very, very versatile food. Obviously, there's a lot of different ways to cook eggs. I mean, you can scramble them. You have sunny side up, you can bacon boyle, um, soft boil, hard, boil, whatever it happens to be there, all nutritious. But there is one way of cooking an egg that does seem to make the protein mohr available. The utilization of protein becomes ah better, better fit for for the body on that is if we want to cook eggs by soft boiling them there's a book called zero belly breakfast and they looked at all kinds of studies that looked at cooking techniques that again maximized the health value of an egg. According to the studies, the best cooking method is when the eggs are soft boiled. Give you several reasons why the whole leg obviously has dropped. Into a pot of boiling water and it's cooked for roughly six minutes to put it into the hot water. Incidentally, you don't put it in and let the water come to a boil and one other thing. If it does have a thinner shell, you may want to add a little vinegar, some apple cider vinegar to the water while it comes to a boil that will help keep the eggshell from cracking anyway. You put it in there for roughly six minutes, and this is enough time for the white to solidify or congee eel, which is important because law egg white is not that readily digested there's, a substance called avedon, which is also when a kind of a nutrient depleted er so if the egg white can congealed that's going to be better. Most importantly, though, all the yoke and this is the real key. The yolk remains runny after the eggs cooked for six minutes. Then you want to, uh, shock the eggs by applying cold water to them as quickly as possible. That will stop the heating, and then you can peel them and eat them after that point. But the reason this is the best way to cook an egg again comes down to proteins, micro nutrients and in some ways ifyou're. Looking through blower j lose weight calories when you soft, boil an egg compared to poaching or any other way to prepare them. You absorb more of the eggs, protein, obviously more protein. You're looking at muscle mass metabolism and also displacing fat more efficiently. So when the yolk remains runny, when soft boiled now contains more of the heat sensitive vitamins. And this is why the whole idea in the past of, you know, using egg white and throwing away the yolks is really nuts. The whole research has changed. Thinking is that aid consumption does not materially raise blood cholesterol and, in fact, eating eggs. Whole eggs can actually increase your high density lipoprotein the good stuff, while reducing the particle size of the bad. Well, it's, not really bad, but it's, just another former cholesterol, the ldl. So it's, a soft, fluffy particle size instead of the small, dense particle size. So it turns out that eggs are not detrimental to your lipid overall lipid health, but actually can help improve it. S so that's, why the yolk ? Especially is so important. Yolk and the white both have about the same amount of protein, about three grams easter, you get about six grams of protein and an egg, but with the yolk now you're going to get nutrients like coleene ninety percent of the population in the u s apparently is a little on cooling, which is essential for brain function, the synapses in the brain to function properly so that you could even concentrate better on whatever you're doing. We're looking at selenium very, very important anti cancer nutrient, vitamin d not a great source of vitamin d, but nonetheless there's vitamin d in that egg yolk and also the b vitamins especially be too and be twelve study in the journal of agriculture agricultural food chemistry found that you could lose a cz muchas eighteen percent of an eggs free radical fight fighting antioxidants when you cook the yolk. So what i like to do is to use egg egg yolks actually in my smoothies, and if i'm going to have the whites that i cook them separately, finally, not everyone is concerned, obviously, about weight loss, but just a thought here if you when you cook an egg when you fry it, for example, well, you're going to have to add cooking fats, tablespoon of butter ads, about one hundred calories to your meal. You do that every day. Obviously it adds up it's not going to be the major factor, but it's still something to take into consideration. So three ways the soft boiled eggs help you they to protect the layers from oxidation. I should say that would be the water it's in the eggshell itself and the egg white, and that all protects that very valuable yoke now there's a whole bunch of considerations in terms of the kinds of eggs you buy very, very confusing. You know, if you don't have a lot of money, fine, just, you know, whatever it is you can buy will work. If you're looking for the best quality eggs, then you're going to look for something at least that says organic. And then the best is going to say something like one hundred percent organic pasture raised eggs. If it says cage free, that may or may not be any goods, eliza mean, they have much room to run around. You don't know the kinds. Of food that they have available to them as they would if they were in the wild, for example, and ways to tell the different colored pigments that the hen will eat will determine the the intensity of the egg yolk itself. The color it's, a bright orange, sometimes reddish orange that's indicative of mohr nutrients, especially the carrot teens and and vitamin a and so forth. So that would be the better deal in another little trick. Here is this's. What i found out the size of the egg depends on the age of the hen so when you have a small leg, these air blade by younger laying hens as they get bigger as they grow older than their age gets bigger, so large egg is with an older hen but what you find is with the larger eggs, the shell is going to be thinner, and sometimes the yoke even is in this good. So my best bet money wise, i think you look for smaller medium eggs. Really, if you're finding one hundred percent passed your type eggs, a couple of websites for you if you don't know where to find good eggs in your area. Www. Dot eat wild dot com or www. Local harvest dot orga. Those will help you find some good local eggs. Carry now, counselor. Health and longevity. Researcher for in hand, staff flee.

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