Does a Ripped Body Help Pick Up Chicks??

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Brad's doing a video here on a pick up. I'm gonna get close to you. Guys can hear some behind the scenes video before it gets published. Does a hot body help? Absolutely. There's two things in my eyes. There's value, and then there's pickup skill and their independent. So you'LL often see guys who look a little little little dicey. But they still get amazing results with game because they have the behaviors of an Alfa male, and they also know how to go through the structure of a cold approach pickup. But to say that it doesn't have any bearing on the effects that you get is ridiculous. You're going to be screamed out by some girls because you don't look good enough. Verses with Mohr hotter girls If you look better, so it's essentially you're out. You're allowing access to more doors and likely Mohr attractive doors that you would want to ***. Anyway, Guys like to focus on three idea of a first impression, right? And a lot of guys will put a lot of emphasis on the things that are very easy to control. You'LL have a very good firm handshake. You want to make a really good eye contact. Wanna smile? Guys will focus a lot on that, but they don't want to really take into account the fact that there is something that we refer to him pick up called the takeoff. And the takeoff is essentially the initial opening of the girl. So you go up and talk to the girl. Now, if you're not looking good, if your body isn't on point, if you don't have your clothes I used to dress like dog ***, these guys. And if I can talk to me about how I was dressing so I would like a good shirt. I mean, I was about one hundred and ten pounds heavier than I am now. And these girls who I now even get the opportunity to game for about two to three minutes before they made the decision about whether they're gonna hang out me longer. Not I wouldn't have even been grand to the opportunity in the past because the takeoff wasn't there. The closer off and the body really, really was off. I mean, I still gotta get I still got to get involved with this guy. Absolutely. I'm working on it. Brad holiday is getting me on a workout plan here soon. It's absolutely important again. Like I said for the takeoff, you could have good game all you want, But first impressions are so riel. And how willing the girl is actually give you the time of day is going to be dependent upon thee. He's more physical aspects. The body. You gotta have one of the other like I've seen fat guys definitely get girls. But if you're a fat guy and you have no confidence, you should probably work on your body to you. Don't you mean like and your clothes? And like just the way you present yourself to the world, but also in terms of retaining the girls? When she sees, you know, you take off the shirt, she's somewhat. She could see herself introducing you. If you have a hot body. You know, I always say, you know, you want to have a good amount of muscle and strength and flexibility and also lean this for one. Lena says. A lot of things it shows your abs, which is one of the sexier parts of the body makes your face look cleaner, makes your *** look bigger. Another thing, another plus. So if the girl sees that, you know, and you're really liking the way that you look, that's another thing, too, is you don't have to delude yourself as much. It's another bit of value that you truly have, you know? Especially for me. I didn't have Ah, good looking body. For a long time, I was very obese, so I earned this level of body, and now I'm very proud of myself for having it. So when I go up to a girl, it's part of my value system. I'm like, you know, like I look at these other schmucks they don't even *** lift, They don't even *** take steroids. Little ***. You *** shoot that ***. *** yourself. So, yeah, you know, I'm It's just another aspect of me that I feel proud of that. You know, if I see another guy talking to my girl, then I'm just like, look at this little *** as faras the value. I think girls see it as not just the hot body, but like, what did it take to get? It means you're healthy. Means you work out hard. You might be good to reproduce with. So there are. I mean, I'd also say, like getting yourself in shape is going to boost your mood. It's going to like, give you more. Testosterone is just gonna allow you're going to be out here for hours, like being physical anyways, writing around you're gonna probably lose a couple of pounds anyways. But, you know, it's just of course, girls think that having a nice bodies attractive, you know, like who doesn't want to *** a guy with six pack abs when you figure out what your goal is? If your goal is to get girls, then you don't want to overemphasize fitness. You want to stick on the most direct path to the goal, which is picking up. Girls probably should spend more time learning pickup than in the gym. If girls is your goal, I mean me, I take bodybuilding to the extreme. It's way beyond what would be ever necessary to pick up girls. I could work out one day a week and have a body that would be attractive enough to female, So it's really not for the females. I feel like a lot of my followers are working out because they want to get females that I don't think that's the most direct approach. Something that Joe Rogan talks about a lot is he talks about how fighters and then a fighter's us. You guys, they're some of the most chill *** dudes. He'LL ever mean your life because they go through hell. Pure physical hell, every *** day. Their workouts are insane when they're not getting punched in the face, and then they're getting their *** kicked our training all *** day. So they walk through the world and they're self from cellphone malfunctions on a car breaks down whatever it was like. Yeah, well, I got to take care of this now. So essentially, like, maybe maybe the extreme bodybuilding would actually help you in that aspect because you were in so much physical pain for hours that day that a girl saying, like, get away just like whatever. All right, So it could actually create that figures skin for the pain. I believe that girls can really read what you think about yourself, and they're reading that in orderto evaluate you. And when you think highly of yourself because you can perform well in the gym and you've been through that rigorous exercise. I think they can read that value on a mental level, not just physical. Maybe we want to make this a separate video, but I actually made this video the other day that super *** awesome. It's called, You know, what is the minimum amount of time, effort and supplements that to take to get a hot body as fast as possible in order to be like an elite level off attractiveness for the Girl Way should definitely do that because because because that's that's that's I'm sure you think the same thing. Like, what's the minimum amount of time I could spend second spend more time gaming. Second, spend more time *** the girls. Second, spend more time on the business because, let's face it, the gym is fun, but it's not the r a y. On it isn't as high as, say, taking the right supplements eating right and, you know, in terms of happiness, getting girls and money living a lifestyle like there's a lot of bodybuilders who claim to love the gym. But our *** anti social and miserable slow. My friends of freedom, my pioneers of human evolution

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