Does Creatine Cause Water Retention?

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I want to know from Coach Trevor once and for all. Does creating caused water retention outside the muscle cells because a lot of us that are trying to look at shredded as possible. We don't want to risk using a supplement that could put a film of water between our muscle in our skin and ruin our definition, and especially before a bodybuilding competition, when everything matters and where we're considering using something like creating help water inside the muscle to make our muscles bigger. We certainly don't want to counter. Act that by having some of the water spill over under the skin and lose our definition. Let's get Coach Trevor's opinion. Think of what is creating doing and where is eighty *** in creating stories stored in your body? So when people say spill over, where is it going? How would you spill over or hold water elsewhere? What happens the excess a teepee or excess creating? There's a cycle. Your body. Basically, it re cycles these kinds of things, and it has. There's different things that are produced in order to create CP. Take it away and you have so much in your body at one time and same with possible creating stores. So by increasing class for preteen or creating stores in your body, if you have more than what it needs is going to get rid of it. Creating is best, I would say, best transported and stored with sodium, more importantly than it is from insolent. So those two together, you could see how you start holding more water and with sodium it together with it. Sure, that's extra cellular water. But create team. When creating stores are filled up or higher than normal by supplementation are creating. It changes the pressure of it. If that makes sense, osmotic pressure and what this does is it can hold water inside the cell, more water in the self, but has no change. And you can't deliver water outside of the cell memory or at least outside of the cell. So you'LL hold water Interstellar Lee intracellular Cellular lee and but not extra celery celery. So you hold it, you hold water, but inside the cell, so the whole term of spilling over is not really applicable to it. So is it okay to use creating during peak weet Yes or no. Uh, if you were using it during your whole prep. Yeah, but otherwise, don't add anything or change anything, cause any anything you're going to do for a change before a prep is going to be exacerbated in its effects. And that can go positive or negatively when you're going on stage. So you might. It might help my cause more cramping because those Monica pressure when it changes like that, you can't deliver that water won't go outside the cell and that he and every variants that those those variances you can cause more cramping things like that on stage, so I wouldn't do it. So generally speaking, creatinine does not cause water retention that blurs muscle definition. Instead, it does cause water attention inside the muscle that makes our muscles look bigger. And for my future competitions, I'm going to use creating during the prep, and I'm also going to use it the week of the competition. It's no magic drug. It's certainly nowhere near is powerful, its arms or steroids or peptides. But it's definitely an additional advantage that I have experienced no side effects from, and I can afford it, so why not run it so long as it's convenient? The swelling swore my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution

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