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How do you carry counselor, health and longevity researcher for enhanced athlete. They want to talk about a study that was done at the university of iowa, published in the american journal of clinical nutrition. In the study, researchers had subjects eat a salad containing spinach, romaine, carrots and cherry tomatoes. Kind of a typical salad, obviously. They looked at the effect of either having no fat dressing, no oil dressing or different concentrations, oven oil dressing like one tablespoon, two tablespoons something like that, and they tested the blood to see how, if effectively the different preparations helped in terms of absorbing the nutrients from the food that they found that those who consumed a little more than two tablespoons of oil absorb the highest amount of nutrients from the food. Now that was the highest amount of oil that was tested in the study, the more they consumed the mohr nutrients they absorbed, in fact, taking the doubling with two tablespoons. They absorb twice as much of the nutrients from the food, the nutrients that they absorb that they found included something called alfa and baby carrot een our friend lutein, which we've talked about before, like a pean and vitamins a, b and k those are the fat soluble nutrients, and obviously, having something with fat or oil is going to help their absorption. You soybean oil in the study, but i would suggest using something much better. We've talked about it before, and that's the extra virgin olive oil macadamia nut oil is also a good choice. Avocado oil, or even perhaps, sesame seed oil. But the bottom line is. Don't worry about adding fat to your food and incident. We talked about the oil, but also you could take avocados. We could take olive's. We could take nuts and seeds, those air also good sources of oil, basic dressing, olive oil, a little apple cider vinegar or wine, vinegar or balsamic vinegar, few herbs and spices, and you've got it made. I'm terry nozzle, our health and longevity researcher for enhanced athlete.

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