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Fructose is almost always toxic. Fructose has to be metabolized by the liver. Fructose is neither good nor bad. It really depends on the person. It would still be better not to have sugar at all. We are way better off prioritizing glucose instead of fructose fat burning mode. Frutos is it toxic ? And is it going to make us fat and ruin our health and our physique ? Well, as a bodybuilder, i generally try to avoid fructose, which is really hard since i travel the world right now i'm in porta vallarta, mexico, and in all these tropical countries there's amazing fruit like it's, the number one thing i want to eat is fruit. But if i'm watching my physique, i'm avoiding it. The reason why is fructose has to be metabolized by the liver and most of the energy, the nutrients, the glycogen from the fruit toast. It stays in the liver and as a bodybuilder, i need the glucose. I need the glycogen in the muscles, not the liver. That's! What gives me the performance and that's what keeps my muscles full and that's ? What keeps him anabolic ? The only advantage teo filling the liver with glycogen is to have energy to burn throughout the days of the liver khun trickle out glycogen! Well, i don't want that because that prevents my body from going into fat burning mode. If my liver's full of glycogen that it's going to burn that glycogen before i could get a fat burning mode. The optimal situation would be to have my liver depleted of glycogen and be running just out of my muscles for all the movements of the muscles make and then body fat for any of my metabolic processes instead of liver glycogen. But there is a difference between athletes, bodybuilders and average people sedentary people metabolically damaged people. I now finally realize fructose is neither good nor bad. It really depends on the person. If a person is type two diabetic, they're metabolically damaged, their insulin insensitive or their body isn't producing enough insulin, then the advantage fructose has is it doesn't spike insulin it on spike blood sugar. And so for that very narrow type of demographic of person, i can see a benefit of fruit toes over other sugars, but it would still be better not to have sugar at all having too much fructose, which would be really hard to do if you were just eating fruit. But it would be really easy to have too much for toast and have it be extremely liver toxic through drinking sodas and a western diet where a lot of the foods have tons of high. Fructose corn syrup in it, the number one thing we can do is avoid things that have high fructose corn syrup or that have added fruit tose in it. The studies show that if you have more than fifty grams of fructose per day, it's likely to start becoming toxic most. The studies also say that if you have less than thirty grams of fructose per day it's not liver toxic at all, so it seems like the liver can assimilate about thirty to fifty grams per day before it starts let's call it getting clogged up, and once that happens, then the body produces a lot more. Tryg lyssarides crosses cardiovascular disease. It makes us insolent, desensitized and caused the whole host of problems that make us the opposite of an athlete or a body miller but it doesn't seem to happen as much with fruit, and i think the reason why is because anything in the body, if you overwhelm it all at once, it can't process it and the liver it is designed to be able to take in fructose in smaller amounts over a longer period of time and break it down. But it is not. Designed to have a rush. An instant rush of fruit does all at once, but the same is also true of glucose. If you had a drink of pure glucose, your body's not meant to handle that and so your insulin skyrockets. It sends all that sugar into fat. It desensitize you to insulin in the traditional bodybuilding diet, has very little fruit toast in it. It might have one apple or one banana a day or something like that. All of the rest of the carbohydrate sources our high and glucose, are broken down into glucose and be stored in the muscle, not in the liver. According to wikipedia, fructose is metabolized almost completely in the liver and humans where it is directed towards replenishment of liver glycogen and try glisten. Ride synthesis under one percent of ingested fructose is directly converted into plasma trig lyssarides twenty nine. Fifty four percent of fructose has converted and deliver to glucose, and about a quarter of the fruit toast is converted to lacked eight fifteen. Eighteen percent is converted to glycogen. Glucose and lactate are then used normally as energy to fuel cells all over the body. In reviewing all the studies on fruit toast that recently come out it appears that in a hyper caloric diet, which is where someone is eating, or usually a rat is eating way more calories than its burning per day. Fructose is almost always toxic, but some of the studies air misleading. One study claims that fructose is no worse than glucose for obesity. Based on, there was no difference in the weight game from the fructose and the glucose group. But we're not talking weight gain when we're talking about optimal performance or body composition, were talking about how much muscle we're putting on how much fat we're burning. And i theorized that if they looked in that study and did the body composition analysis, the one that had higher glucose and less fruit does would have a lot more muscle, given any amount of reasonable exercise. Frutos versus steroids on liver damage what do you think is were steroids or fructose for liver damage ? Most of the bodybuilders that i know that have been bodybuilding their whole life and taking steroids ? I don't have any permanent liver damage, and yet most of the average americans have some level of liver damage. Coconut water is the new craze in bodybuilding and sports is the healthy drink through flemish electrolytes. Give me lots of potassium problem is, coconut water is really i. And brooke of another misleading study on fruit toast, says that a small amount of fruit toast is actually healthy to take with glucose, but that's, because anything you take with glucose slows the insulin response to glucose and let your body have more time to assimilate it. So why wouldn't i choose protein or complex carbs or fiber or fat, or pretty much anything that slows down the digestion of glucose rather than just adding fruit ? Does you see how they isolated for dozen made fruit does sound better ? And if you look at a lot of the studies, i think a lot of the studies air trying to prove that fructose is okay because they're using small amounts of fructose and then a whole nother set of studies show that fructose can have performance enhancing benefits, but if you look closely, they injected the fructose so it bypassed the liver and fruit toe can actually be burned by muscle cells and organs in the body, so if you were to inject fruit dose, then would have a similar effect as eating glucose because the glucose bypasses liver and gets into the rest of the body. Will you inject the fruit toast ? You're also bypassing liver and getting rid of the body, but that would never happen if you eat the fructose and it's forced to go through the liver. The studies that make fructose look good, they're almost always in non athletic situations. They're almost always in calorie deficits. They're always in these specific situations where you could make fructose not good, but better than glucose. But if you look it the athlete, if you look at the body builder, you look at anybody who's training and burning off muscle glycogen. We are way better off prioritizing glucose instead of fructose, and there is no health benefit to having fruit dose and having, too. Much fruit dose is very toxic to our bodies and a possible cause of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Be swelling swole. My friends of freedom pioneers. Human evolution. If you're not already subscribed, and you don't want to miss out, cutting edge content on the daily, get this subscribe. Wow!

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