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Aaron, give us your interpretation of what Dorian Yates style trading ISS. Well during his style, training was created for men, not little boys. First post. I would start by saying that because it's just incredibly high intensity with extremely low volume, You know, the only way that you could make something like that work is that format, because the volume is so low that you're not in there that long. So you have to hit it really hard. You know, the best example is, how many tabs does it take to drive now? To dream about one. You hit that son of a hard enough. It only takes one end result is driving. So when it comes to you know his approach with muscle world trying to tear down muscle fibers. So why don't you just tear down as much as you can squeeze me? It's possible to be done. It's a really crazy approach. I don't notice any real drawbacks other than well, I guess there's a few. You know. Typically, you're putting yourself a little closer to being at risk of injury because little things you'LL feel issues because you're going so heavy and so hard you're trying to learn to be uncomfortable with failing. It's all about failing most most you guys out there, you train hard, but you're really not going to failure and then, like staying like usually you'LL go filling your dime. The whole idea with during its philosophies, failures your friend so you can't push any more orders. You know, uh, Bruce teaches a failure for range partial and static, and you want to go through all three of those. So you know there's that, but the other drawback is your diet has to be really on point. So you know, I have found that traveling. It's hard to have a low volume training for a couple reasons. No training. It requires you to go really hard, you know? And I could be difficult when you're traveling all the time. You're not eating right? You know you don't have your stuff, man. You're out of your routine. You know you can do it. Then if you do your if you manage, you'll go really hard, you know, then it's tough to recover from the workers because you're so taxed. So what happens is you're kind of not get the resources you need, So you're gonna probably carry a little bit more fat? No, but I still think you're stipulating colossal growth. You know, if you have things in line like, uh, you know, Charlie's high in protein high, you might have a lot more cars and fats in there. But, you know, I think with this style trick, you're still getting gross a muscle. But you're not gonna be able to maintain that, Really? Look, But you do know you're around, so there's a kind of drawbacks. Higher volume training will keep you looking contest ready. But I think that it's harder to grow more muscle with higher boarding train. That's just but you'LL stay a leaner. You see the kind of give and take between to cause I did highball in training for years. I loved going there. Just go so hard that you work hard. That's when I found a new way And you go so hard that nobody's going hard on this little volume where I just do allow you seen some of myself swallowing soul Friends of freedom Find years of human evolution, Right? Train hard stay focused. Got making getting son.

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