Dr. Tony Huge | Adderall Experience

“Adderall contains a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Amphetamine and dextroamphetamine are central nervous system stimulants that affect chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control.”

– Adderall is used to treat narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

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Today's topic is adderall now i've got so much content that i want to publish, and i'm running out of time to publish it because i'm waiting for a good background or i'm waiting the interview, another professional on the topic, so i'm just going to start when i come up with the ideas i'm just going to start firing off videos like this, whether i'm on the treadmill or between sets at the gym get you more information faster, but then we'll use your comments when you quite comments below for follow up questions i'll use those for the more in depth, follow up videos if you have specific questions about what i cover. So today is gonna be a very general overview of my experience with adderall and everything i know about adderall on how i got started with adderall. I started law school when i was twenty years old, and how did the four year program ? So i finished it i was about twenty four, almost twenty five, and i had never experienced adderall until my last year of law school, when i started studying for the bar. Now what i the reason i got into adderall was because one of my friends was taking adderall all the time, and he was taking about fifty, sixty, seventy milligrams a day, which for anybody who knows dosages of lateral, is extremely high. In fact, he was taking so much adderall that one of the side effects of of methamphetamine or amphetamines that you can tell what people people take a lot of it is they get these, like little bubbles, not acne, but kind of like little tiny welts under the skin in the temple area. And he actually had that. But he had no other side effects from it. And so i wasn't really that afraid to take five milligrams because here's a guy taking seventy milligrams today. Now the body does desensitized to it. So he would give himself, like, a one month break twice a year, about to re sensitize. And then he would jump back into a lower dosage like, uh, twenty milligrams a day for a couple weeks. Thirty on step all the way up to homo. Seventy milligrams a day of some really high dosage. So i tried just five milligrams in my last year of law school, and i noticed it. Immediately, which is a huge difference in my reading speed and my reading comprehension. My focus. Most of all, though it made the work fun. I actually i actually looked forward to taking natural and then reading law. Now, my first three years of law school got through without hardly reading anything because i'm an extremely good test taker. You could put a test in front of me, and i could barely have looked into the topic and i could blow it away just because i can kind of deconstruct what's going on with the question and can't figure out kind of like a puzzle on the fly. Uh, and i'm really good at cramming. So you know, the night before the exam, i can study for twelve hours straight and remember everything i studied and take the exam, so i'm lucky to be blessed with, uh, like a brilliant mind to be able to do that. It was table to do that through college and high school, everything. I never took home work home in college or high school. I would do it in class and then i would ace. The exam had almost a four point oh, in high school had really good grades in in college by using these techniques. But law school is a little bit harder. Right ? There's ? A lot more. You have to cram in a short period time getting used to cram technique. So the final year of law school i used adderall and i went from my law school ranking went up to third in the class in the entire class in law school. Third that's, uh, on adderall on federal i was like, i was not very high up in the class. I was just trying to get through the exams. And then i passed the bar exam on the first time on adderall also. And it was fun. I like learning and i like reading my reading speed on adderall about doubles and my comprehension about doubles. So i do feel superhuman. Super smart. I have tried thee extended release and the one that only lasts like five hours. That's the normal one and i much prefer not using the extended release. I almost don't feel anything on the extended release. It's. So mild i might as well just drink a cup of coffee. So the non extended release one for me lasts about five hours, and then i crash afterwards. Same is like caffeine crash. Now, when i was on hatter, all that last lire a year of law school and, uh, through the bar exam, i lost about twenty pounds of fat and muscle. The reason why is admiral acts like a appetite suppressant so i could study for five hours straight, not get hungry. And, of course, i would take one adderall morning one in the afternoon so i could study for ten hours for the bar exam, and i wouldn't. I wouldn't eat, or i'd eat very little. But it also made me kind of weak, kind of like overdosing on caffeine over stimulates the central nervous system. It kind of makes you weaker, but a little caffeine makes you stronger. I felt that same effect now when i came off of adderall what i didn't really crash so let's say i matara while i was on adderall for a few months straight and then it came off, maybe i had a couple days where i felt a little foggy, but it wasn't. It wasn't too bad. Mainly the crash i would feel was amore immediately afterwards, so i took it uh, five or ten milligrams. Then about five or six hours later, that's what ? I would kind of crash for a couple hours, which is a perfect time to take a nap and then wake up and take another adderall. I would not recommend adderall for anything to do with weight lifting. I've had a lot of people talk to me about using adderall is like a pre workout thinking that that would be cool, and i think it is what adderall does is that makes your mind very focused. One on one thing to the point. Where you're almost and i don't think that that is what you want to be it with, with weight lifting and with exercise. And it also makes you feel a little bit weaker. So i think, it's, a terrible pre workout. I think things like caffeine. Actually, ephedrine is much more effective than caffeine for physical performance. So that's. My brief overview of my experience with adderall, i will talk much more about many different supplements, and i'm just going to hit you really fast with them. And then i'll follow up with more detailed in scientific data and more interviews of professionals and doctors on the topics.

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