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Pulling off thirty pounds of water in four and a half days that's exactly what professional emma made fighter vinnie does. I've also got with me bodybuilder slim diesel, philip gero and he uses bodybuilder techniques to pull off water. So we're going to kind of relate the two. What are some of the techniques that body builders used ? Pull up water ? Then we're gonna hear from vinnie the extreme. Mm. A techniques for pulling off waterway ? No, what i usually do is i mean, i don't know how he does it, but i'm already rich knows i'm already i'm already at like, four percent body fat when i'm going full of water so there's very little bit all right, it was low water, about two dollars a day upto wayans and then cut water after wayans the ten o'clock tonight pop one little twenty five year diary and then be on my long and i want to drive. So water loading pulling the water back adding a diabetic, you standard doctor. You don't pull that simple. You cut the water. Very cynical body protocol. Now, let's, talk about extreme mm. A dropping water. Wait. What do you do, do ? You, first of all, let's talk about the the water loading in the direct use those two techniques a ce faras the diuretic goes, i would consider it a natural ironic date line root is something that they rely heavily on. Uh, yeah, we're loading huge water, then use, i think i think would be possible without tricking my body and releasing all that water, which is also the water loading is when you drink a ton of water, then your body thinks so. We've got lots of water. We can just get rid of water. And then you stopped taking in water and it takes your body sometime to adapt. So your body keeps ex treating the water, thinking that you're going to drink a lot of water is tricking the body. Okay. Bodybuilding name and it both to use that the diary ticks. The bodybuilder uses prescription diuretics, sometimes natural heretics. You use the natural diuretic. So with the expel seven. Fifty you take hey already told me how much he takes before. Do you have the bottle ? So they can show how how many he takes. So you take how much they use is only for four. Days. But how much do you take of of this bottle ? Uh, say go through about a half a bottle every two days. So half about oak. So a bottle last afforded. Yeah, roughly forty. You go through a whole bottle in four days. Awful water ? Yes. Okay. And then what else do you do to pull off the water ? Do you drink water during those four days ? Oh, yes. Alright. So starting out, i'd say sunday roughly. I'd have about two gallons, so i started. This is before anything any of this i start with the expel or anything. I would start the water process cut out. The sodium is probably one of bigger parts, right ? Your body has enough sodium minute it releases its own sodium so you don't want to put more in there. I would have to gallons come sunday monday, two gallons tuesday to two gallons and a half and then wednesday i'll have about three gallons. And then thursday, bob, roughly twenty four hours before i weigh ins, i'll have about a gallon of water i'd like to anyway. And i mean still pretty tough to put down, you know, the time limit that i have. So during those four days, starting one day, i would start with daniel in route. I take roughly fifteen hundred milligrams every three to four hours. Uh, yes. Oh, about four times a day. Just tons of that vitamin c is also considered somewhat of a national diabetic, too. So i'm also have another three three thousand milligrams of vitamin c every four times a day, too, along with a little caffeine there. Also another good natural diuretic that i use. They're definitely helps. Apple cider vinegar we use outside of vinegar sometimes. Little. Yeah. Yeah, it's not once, when suggested is being one of the key things. But i do. I'll have a shot in the morning and shot at night. Stuff like that in my system out right now. A lot of fighters use the sauna. They wrap themselves in plane. I've interviewed other images. Fighters. They wrapped the blankets of soaks up the sweat. Yeah, they go in the sauna for ten minutes. They come out for five and staying the blanket to go in for ten. That come out for five. Do that back and forth for hours if necessary. Tell me, do you ? Use this strategy in the past, i haven't come to found that there's easier ways to do less damage to my body as possible. I don't wantto put it through the least amount of stress, right ? And you're stressing the shit out of your body, just killing yourself in a song when i i like to do it in a hot tub, right ? My head's out of water, my mind doesn't even know that it's, you know, being distressed, really it's just my body. Once that sweat breaks, you're slowly pulling yourself out every five minutes. You're in there for roughly half hour, uh with every hour that rough, we lose close to eight pounds, right ? So anywhere i mean, less less. The more i've drawn out of my body, i'd say the least i've ever lost in the hours before at the very well kind of hot tub. Is this or somebody ? Have you got any most hot tubs ? Air set about one or three there's like a gym ? You talked up a gym or if you're travelling for a fight, you could do this in a hotel room use with a bath, which is a little difficult because the water has to start off really hot. And the more you use the bath water, the cooler it gets right and it's very, very hot the first time you get in there. And now it's like almost it's so hot if you move your hand, it burns right ? So try not to do it. And when i first started doing it, we used to do the absence salt bath to help with the cramping and the green alcohol with this. So we weren't pulling up in the water, out from the muscles and and stuff like that. And i've just come to find the green alcohol that's called a fire bath, i think. What is the fire bath ? You you put the green out call in the water. Yeah, i was always taught to pour it on the skin on yourself while you're in the water. Uh, that way, it's. Not just in there, but it's on you. Apple is another thing that we use. You know, i'm not a science. I don't really know all the the science behind it. But do you know that opens your pores ? It's a makeup remover ? It's. Very consumer. Too sweet sweat. So i always club myself up with a napoli, opens up my pores and just leaks out of you. You know that really, really think it makes a difference. Do i know the exact science behind it ? How it works, you know, but i do feel that it works wonders force just like any, uh, lotion that if you work out, you just start sweating and it really opens up your pores. So i relied heavily on that. I don't only use that by the last session on the last day, but, uh, yeah. So that's, mostly. How we d'oh. All right, so to recap, we've got the hot tub. We got the water loading, we got the vitamin c, we got the expel seven fifty basically on entire bottle just last four days when you're pulling this much water off this fast and then we got the apple cider vinegar, which is the second everything. Yes, that pretty much covers it. I mean, you can pull off anywhere from thirty pounds of water within those five days. Uh, now most people don't have to pull that much. So you know, the extremes you need don't you have to pull. Off more because your dad all pro body he's got the genetics toe where hey just even looks at food or weights and his muscles go it's hard for him to stay with in his weight class. He's gotta drop thirty pounds of water in order to fight in his own weight class as he is a little bit more muscle than most five hours and as wait hey sent. We're all working. There is one thing that i totally forgot to mention is we do pull soda too ? Yeah, before and we do craft sometime. Cramped. You know, we're on the bodybuilding stage sometimes fighting a cramp. How do you deal with you ? Rehydrating and re venera lies so rehydrating i've always been and actually looked itself there's. Not a lot of time behind the pickles. Pickle juice has always been huge for me, and it stops with cramps because i have a cramp before. But i do know a thing about, uh, when you do take diuretics, they do tend to making crap or i have been told me because because you're not taking the prescription diana's, you're not experiencing the cramping exactly. So he's far i know. That danny line root is more of a potassium spearing national heretic and my body's going to release its own salt. So i do know that, uh, it does help, i don't cramp very, you know, very hard, very much. And then, you know, as soon as my rehydration process is pretty, uh, probably i don't know, i don't know how much water you guys put back in, but me, i'm cutting thirty pounds almost got put, like roughly twenty three gallons of water back into me and, uh, under that water i haven't solved. So i'm sipping lots of people a throughout the night and the day. And, uh, like i said, i like pickle juice. Sure, the science behind it green was gary. Remember last year's nationals ? I started cramping. Really ? That leg's drink half again. Really ? I can wait. And, uh, and, uh, drink the baby drink yet he likes pdo. Get the advance care is that she and and at the most extreme bodybuilders and m m a fighters use saline drips. Ives, of course. I think that's now not okay to do it now they they actually check your veins for idea hooks in any may. Now so you guys can't do that. We can still do it. Swelling swole, my friends of freedom pioneers, human evolution. 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