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It's time to rant about drugs being bad. I got to get this off my chest. Not this. This is an ingrown hair. This concept that drugs are bad as a blanket, judgmental statement. You see that bird right there? What is it? That's some sort of pigeon. The difference between us and that animal is that we can create our own evolution. We're not stuck with how we're born. We're not stuck with the circumstances that we were grown up with. We can change our bodies. We can change our minds. We can change our spirit with drugs for improved quality of life. I used to be one of these people that said that drugs were the devil. Drugs were evil. I wouldn't even take night with absolutely no drugs. I wouldn't drink coffee. I wouldn't drink alcohol. It wasn't a religious thing. It was my personal obsession with health because I thought it was healthier to be drug free. And now my mind has been opened. I've been enlightened by EMP. Quality of life has improved as a result of chemical enhancement. That doesn't mean I go out and do recreational drugs where the risks outweigh the benefits. In fact, whether the risks outweigh the benefits is my main form of analysis of whether or not I'm going to do a drug, but people overemphasize the risk. Speaking of drug addicts, there's day of an expert on new tropics for mind enhancement, one of the most brilliant men I've ever met. Partially as a result, from his chemical enhancement becoming conventionally superhuman, let's take some examples on how people are getting it wrong. That's really frustrating me. Number one potency of a drug, making it bad or more risky. Let's take Adderall versus caffeine, for example. Adderall is no more dangerous than caffeine. That difference is caffeine will give us a five percent boost in mental performance. For a five percent risk increase. Adderall will give us a twenty percent performance. Moves for a twenty percent side effect increase. You see how the risks are. The side effects correlate with the one the dosage, and they're also the effectiveness of the broad. So what's happening in the United States and other countries of the world is the most effective drugs they get band. We're stuck with all these crappy drugs, some of which have even more side effects because, let's say caffeine was five percent mental boost and ten percent risk increase. The government and people would let us keep that before they would let us keep. Adderall has a twenty percent mental performance increased with a fifteen percent risk factor. See, the risk versus benefit doesn't seem to come into the analysis on ly. The risk does well, most powerful drugs that work the best to enhance. Our mind and our body also have more side effects risks and the government feels like it needs to baby s. And there's a lot more to it than the government just babying us and protecting us from ourselves, which is completely contrary to my belief in freedom and responsibility, our ability to put in what we want in our bodies and medical freedom to make our own decisions and then being able to base that on the true facts. But instead you have government and the media and the drug companies misleading us as to which drugs are safe, which drugs are not safe. And I was a victim of all of these misconceptions before I opened my mind up and started traveling the world and learning from other experts that have used all of these drugs to enhance their quality of life. And I get to see in the real world the application of these drugs. I get to hear their stories about how they were before the drugs, how they were after, and I visually analyzed what side effects these people are experiencing. And I'm not talking about just starting new drugs. And a month later, I'm talking about long term use of specific drugs to chemically enhance themselves. There's an elite rising up around the world and elite superhuman performance and superhuman quality life people that you don't hear about. They don't go mainstream. You know why? Because a lot of the drugs they use are illegal. They can't broadcast it. They would love to broadcast. The only way you're gonna learn from these type of people the drugs that they figured out, have incredible benefits. Very little risk is to meet them in person, talk with them one on one, and you're not gonna dead in America because most of these people they've learned title chemically enhanced themselves so that there's a lot of risk with doing that in the United States, and they move out of the country to do so. If you're not already subscribed, and you don't want to miss out. Cutting edge content on the daily describe.

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dan lias

This is so true I have been banned and had listings removed 3 times from eBay selling sarms here in the UK every time I ring eBay they say I have done nothing wrong but there’s nothing they can do. So I just keep reposting over and over again